Habs Wiped In Windy City

I’ll make this short and sweet. I have no energy to go on and on about the sorry state of the Montreal Canadiens.

Again a loss, 5-1 in Chicago, the team’s fourth straight defeat, their 9th in 13 games and Randy Cunneyworth still hasn’t won in three tries as Habs bench boss, thus creating more fuel for the language fire. Times are hard for Habs fans, and in the words of the late, great John Candy, the team is poised to blow up, blow up real good.

The boys were fine in the first, allowed two goals in 21 seconds in the second, gave up and showed no zip or drive after that, PK Subban continues to go in reverse, Max Pacioretty can’t hit wide-open nets, Mike Cammalleri couldn’t make the Byer’s Bulldozers Orillia bantam team, and no, I’m not upset. I guess I’m apathetic, And that’s pathetic.

Random Notes:

Onward to Winnipeg tomorrow night. Yippee-ki-yay. Yawn.

Remember about a month ago when a few people here and there had the nerve to suggest that PK should be traded for a young quality player, and many of us, including myself, suggested that Pierre Gauthier would be out of his mind to entertain such a thought? I said Gauthier would be tarred and feathered if he made such a move.

But for most of this season, PK has blundered far too often, given pucks away, made horrible mistakes that have cost his club, and has done very little offensively except miss the net with his big wind-up slapshot. Is he such an untouchable now? All I know is, I miss the PK we knew and loved.

Whoever stole Rocket’s star, I’ll give you Cammalleri and Scott Gomez if you give it back. Maybe they can play on your beer league team. It’s not a fair trade? Okay, you can have Weber, Diaz, Darche, Kaberle, the injured Brian Gionta, and the bus driver who brought everyone to the rink.

Cole and Price and maybe a couple of trainers stay.

Peter Budaj was okay, not great, in nets.

Shots on goal, Hawks 28, Habs 21. Montreal managed all of three shots in the third period.






27 thoughts on “Habs Wiped In Windy City”

  1. pk does not appear to be a very intelligent hockey player…………. there is a reason campoli had no contract before montreal signed him. they need emelin in the line up, as if any of this matters when you can’t score.

  2. Send PK back to Hamilton. Or maybe put PK on the wing? He seems uninspired offensively on the blue line and his defensive contributions have been inconsistent. Maybe he could make like Byfgulien and rattle some goaltenders up. He’s a quick skater, I bet he could get up the boards pretty quickly. If we need him on the Blue Line let him get back to basic defending: protecting the puck and getting it into the neutral zone. He can’t be trusted in his own end with the puck which is pretty sad.

    Give Cole lots of ice time, he made a beautiful little move to deke between two defneders tonight, it was spectacular. Mix up the lines more once we get a healthy core back. We need to excite guys like Plekky and Cammy, I think Cole is the guy to do it. Maybe Cole-Plekky-Pacioretti? I always liked the combo.

    Focus on controlling the puck in our end and making simple plays up the boards. The Habs seem to have only a few systems in use to move the puck forward, which is either to circle around in the defensive zone and try to sneak around forecheckers, or else to pass to the middle and try to break out there. There are great if you’re quick, confident with the puck, and and make smart passes. That is not us. Push it through the boards then start moving to the center around the offending teams blue. The middle of the ice in the neutral zone is a bad place for this sorry team.

    I’ve said it before, I’ve said it again: accuracy drills. Missing big shots isn’t a problem if you can create your own scoring chances. The Habs can’t, so they’ve got to capitalize on the ones we have.

    The whole “small and fast” approach to arranging a team isn’t great. Maybe we could be sharp shooters. Cammy was known as one once. I am confidant he could be again.

    Liked some of Eller’s work tonight. He could do a lot for us maybe a year or two from now along with Price, Cole, Pacioretti and a highly unfamiliar looking team to the one we have now.

    I think that is what I would do. But it doesn’t say Cunneyworth, Gauthier or Molson on my ID!

  3. Some of those careless passes by Subban seems like a sign of frustration on his part … he is still very young and this is the first real adversity he has faced since being with the Habs playing the way they have…

  4. I missed all of the game except for the last three minutes. Lucky me. I see I didn’t miss a damn thing.

    Who would have thought the season would go like this? I figured we’d have a few growing pains for the first month but this is bad on an epic scale. Florida and Minnesota are tearing it up for crying out loud and we’re in the basement and it’s only a miracle we’re not 30th. Or are we? I haven’t checked the stats tonight.

    We will miss the playoffs, Boston will probably win the Cup and what if there’s a lockout next season? Depressing.

    At least the Juniors are starting soon. We can see our future play wonderfully (and pray they don’t get traded) and dream of a time when the Habs are an exciting team to watch again.

    I’m tired of watching other games and getting more of a thrill out of that than the same tired crap we’ve been seeing for years now.

  5. Watch the juniors ,,I think your Habs have 3 guys on the team




    Three great prospects….My Leafs have none ..sob ..sob

  6. Cunnyworth should really put Subban in the press box for a game or two or three. IT should serve as a wake up call for Subban as he kept repeating the same mistakes and serving up goals for the opposing team. To me, Subban is merely a puck-carrying rather than a puck-moving D-man because he lacks vision like Markov.
    He also needs to improve on his shots. His slap shots went high and wide far too often. Also, it does not hurt to use wrist shots once in a while. His play on PP was simply too predictable.

  7. Maybe you’re on to something, Hobo. Maybe PK isn’t the most intelligent player. Maybe he’s more of a pond hockey player. I don’t know. And yes, put Emelin back in.

  8. Good stuff, David. The idea of PK as a forward is intriguing. Maybe it would work and it wouldn’t hurt to at least try. Shipping him to Hamilton might wake him up but might also screw him up more than he already is. I don’t know the answer. But he’s hurt his club far too often and it has to stop.
    Cole’s the best player, there’s no question. Absoutely, play him lots. He creates chances and can he ever skate. Eller’s showing some good stuff but really hasn’t been overly dangerous yet. Another year, like you say.
    I’m so sick of what we’re seeing. I’ve been sick of Gomez for some time now, and now Cammalleri too. I don’t like at all the way he plays, he’s soft, and on most nights is a non-factor. I want both of these guys out of town as soon as possible.

  9. Leaf Fan, I think Jacques Martin reined him in and it isn’t his style to be reined in. I know we need some conservative defence with the injuries, but I believe PK should’ve been left out of the changes and allowed to be himself. He’s not nearly the player he was or what we expected him to become this year.

  10. Maybe that’s the answer, EDML. I don’t know. All I know is, PK’s been hurting the team almost every night now. And his shots, the big wind up and such, are usually a non-factor as they miss the net as you say. Maybe Hobo’s right – he’s just not an intelligent player.

  11. It’s funny that we rarely hear a thing about Gomez. It’s like he’s vanished off the face of the Earth. I know he’s still “injured” but it’s like no one is even talking about the guy.

    I’m really bummed about Cammalleri. He really did like it here at first but he’s just completely fizzled out. Rumor has it that he’s a problem in the room and seeing him on the ice is painful.

    I’d go out on a limb tonight and bench Cammy and PK. At this stage Randy can’t do anything right anyways so go for it. Bench them in hopes of waking them up. It won’t happen but it’s nice to think about it.

    They’re planning a protest in front of the BC when we come back. One of the issues is that we play too many English songs during games. Unbelievable.

    Yet if we say something like “the coach doesn’t have to be English” we’re accused of racism and tyranny.

    One guy is pushing for Damphousse to be GM now. It’s his buddy on AC.

    Dennis, if you were in Montreal right now I think you’d be going mad.

  12. The Subban situation mirrors Luke Schenn in Toronto… Both the same age ..both defenseman with high expectations. Schenn’s first year was very promising but in his second year his play really nosedived with this year showing improvement but still with noticeable lapses in play. The Leafs signed him last month for 5 yrs at 3.5 per year thereby putting big faith in him still.
    Patience patience is what is required for young promising defenseman at time wondering if it was a big mistake.
    It is also very difficult when the world around the team is in disarray as with the Habs now, Subban’s head probably swirling without good direction…..

    p.s What kind of bonehead would hire a unilingual interim coach..Gauthier cannot be that stupid to not realize the vultures in the separtiste french media who would “explode” all over this…

    Guys do you think this was all played as a strategy to deflect from the drop in play that Gauthier knew would happen after JM was let go…..????

    Now you know why I like your site Denis…It’s like a soap opera all the time in Montreal….. In Toronto they whine and complain but in Montreal things go “nuclear”….

  13. I think you’re right, Darth. It would be all-consuming in Montreal. I feel lucky to be removed, at least physically, from things there. But having said that, it would be so great to live there and go to the Bell.
    This language thing is really snowballing. I’m a little concerned.I don’t want it to take front and centre. Right now we need to have this team turn things around. That’s the main thing. These politicians should worry about others things, for the time being at least, and let this ship get righted. Which they can. It’s not too late. I’ve seen teams do it before, beginning in the new year, and I’m still hoping it happens here.

  14. Hobo, don’t they understand that a stick boy can get the sticks out fast whether he speaks one language or two?

  15. Here’s a little joke I got in an email about the Habs and the Leafs:

    On a tour of Florida, the Pope took a couple of days off to visit the coast for some sightseeing.

    He was cruising along the beach in the Pope mobile when there was a frantic commotion just off shore. A helpless man, wearing a Toronto Maple Leaf jersey, and was struggling frantically to free himself from the jaws of a 25-foot shark.

    As the Pope watched, horrified, a speedboat came racing up with three men wearing Montreal Canadian jerseys aboard. One quickly fired a harpoon into the shark’s side. The other two reached out and pulled the bleeding, semiconscious Leaf fan from the water. Then using baseball bats, the three heroes in Red and White beat the shark to death and hauled it into the boat also.

    Immediately the Pope shouted and summoned them to the beach.
    “I give you my blessing for your brave actions,” he told them. I heard that there was some bitter hatred between Leafs and Canadiens’ fans, but now I have seen with my own eyes that this is not the truth.”

    As the Pope drove off, the harpooner asked his buddies “Who was that?”

    “It was the Pope, ” one replied. “He is in direct contact with God and has access to all of God’s wisdom.”

    “Well,” the harpooner said, “he may have access to God’s wisdom, but he doesn’t know a thing about shark fishing… how’s the bait holding up?”

  16. Ah yes ..the slings and arrows directed toward Leaf Nation in the form of another feeble joke…The skin of Leaf Nation is rhinoceros thick…

    Go Leafs Go

  17. Leaf Fan, I’m almost like Darth. I hate the Bruins more. But I must admit, I really hate seeing the Leafs beat the Habs. Just can’t get used to the idea.I’m also not crazy about the idea of the Leafs having more points.

  18. Dennis, this might be what you need:

    A beer so powerful just one gulp would push you over the drink-drive limit has gone on sale.
    Sink The Bismarck is believed to be the strongest beer in the world with a 41 per cent alcohol content. Brewed by Scottish firm BrewDog it costs £55 for a 330ml bottle.
    The drink, which works out as £95 per pint, has four times as many hops than ordinary beers, say its makers.
    The beer is supposed to be drunk in small quantities and comes with a replaceable screw cap.

  19. Beatnik, where can I find one? And can you lend me the money? I just wonder if it’s better than most. I dunno, maybe it’s worth it.

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