Habs Win, Max Hurt

It started slowly for the Canadiens in Raleigh, half the game in fact, but they got it together to win 4-1 and now go into the Olympic break on a three-game winning streak.

The Hurricanes had opened the scoring in the second period when Carey Price was completely screened and had no chance, although he would’ve if P.K. Subban had decided to remove the player he was standing beside.

But no matter, four answered goals buried the home team, and that was that. But PK might want to get a bit more truculent with guys in front of the net once the playoffs start.

Price was excellent as usual, and there’s no reason to think he won’t be the starter in Sochi. He’s deserved it.

A fine win. Not the most exciting (how often have I said that), but a win nonetheless. Three in a row, and a surprising five wins in seven games from a team I thought was sliding somewhat.

And although they’ve been keeping the puck out of the net, they also haven’t been scoring. Until they buried nine goals in the last two games, that is.

They continue the march, somehow, some way. What a crazy team this is. Amazing. I’d love to see them shake off the Leafs, though, who continue to be blazing hot.

But as hot as Toronto is, the Canadiens are right there, sitting just above them. Both have 70 points but the Habs have played one less game.

So take that, Cabbagetownonians.

David Desharnais scored twice, Ryan White, who was selected the third star for the third straight game, and Brian Gionta in the open net were the Habs’ marksmen.

But aside from all that, Max Pacioretty crashed into the net, was helped to the room, and never returned. On the eve of him getting on a plane and heading to Sochi.

A horrible situation, and we wait to hear. But there is a silver lining. Max and his wife have a brand new baby, Lorenzo, and if an injury prevents a trip to Sochi, imagine the quality time he’ll have with his wife and son.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – Carolina 32, Habs 24.

Rene Bourque played another solid game. He’s been a new man lately.

It’s Olympic time now, with the Canadiens resuming play on Feb. 26 when the Detroit Red Wings come to town. And maybe we’ll have Alex Galchenyuk back at this time!

I’m here every day regardless of the Habs break. Olympics, summer, Christmas. Like a stray dog you can’t get rid of.

Good luck to all the Habs playing in Sochi. Especially to Price and Subban. Bring it home, boys.


8 thoughts on “Habs Win, Max Hurt”

  1. A good road win for the Habs, and MaxPac apparently was held out of the game for precautionary reasons–he expects to play in Sochi, so I assume that he’s going to be fine. Very good game for DD’s line, and what’s with Rene Bourque finding the fountain of intensity?

  2. Peter , he was good but not as much impact as before. But with Bournival out, and then Max, the lines were mixed.

  3. To be honest I was pessimistic about the outcome of this game after Carolina scored their goal. The Habs hadn’t shown me anything to think they could pull out a win. My intention was to watch the rest of the second period and then skip the third. Needless to say I watched the whole game! And Dennis I hung up my Habs Legends poster yesterday so that is probably why they won!

  4. Hey Dennis, I thought it was a boring game for the first 30 minutes but it opened up after that, great to see a guy like Ryan White score another one, I haven’t seen him tussling with anyone for awhile but just working hard, great to see. I hope dishonest John won’t have to be honest with us anymore, kinda takes it away from his name.

  5. Sorry about that Derry, it must be the 2 months of -30 temps finally causing brain damage! I am also happy to see White doing well, after all he’s the one who knows my niece and got me the t-shirt with all the team signatures. I think he was a bit of a party animal and maybe he’s growing up.

  6. Good luck to “all” of the Canadians regardless of which league franchise is paying your salary. You’re all on the same team now-the GOLD TEAM.

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