Habs Win But Shooters’ Guns Remain Quiet

A quiet, uneventful, slightly boring 2-0 shutout by the Habs and Jarry Halak over the Florida Panthers is a nice thing. A good thing. A great thing. Two points.

But the fact that the scorers have stopped scoring is a bad thing. (And Brian Gionta’s empty-netter doesn’t enter into the scheme of things.)

Let’s face it – Tomas Plekanec and Mike Cammalleri have cooled off. Brian Gionta has yet to find his pre-injury legs, and Andrei Markov can’t be expected to carry an offensive load all the time when he’s a defenceman. Andrei Kostitsyn, who’s also been hot lately, is injured. Scott Gomez plays a steady game and gets his points, including two assists tonight, but isn’t one to usually pull the big trigger.

And the plumbers have unfortunately stayed plumbers – Lapierre, Moen, Laraque, D’Agostini, Pacioretty, and sadly, Glen Metropolit, who made a huge impact earlier in the season and was counted on to be a consistent go-to guy but hasn’t lately. On many nights, the only difference between the plumbers on the team and the plumber who changed the pipes under my sink is the Habs plumbers keep their pants pulled up.

All in all, we’re just not getting our money’s worth from much of the lineup.

Goaltending, whether it’s Halak or Carey Price, has been good lately, both contribute nicely when called upon, and Tuesday’s shutout is a beautiful thing for all concerned. Pierre McGuire may be completely in left field when he insists that the Habs are obliged to trade Halak. What’s wrong with two good goaltenders? Toronto won their last Cup in 1967 because of the work of both Johnny Bower and Terry Sawchuk. Without both playing like they did, the Habs would’ve won that year.

And Bob Gainey says he’s willing to look at extending Halak’s contract. It’s an ongoing saga.

Random Notes:

Devils in town on Saturday. This, of course, will be a real test for the Habs. The Devils are sitting first over-all in the east and they have the added plus of having a goalie named Martin Brodeur who historically brings his A-game to Montreal. Win this game, boys, and we’ll all be mighty proud.

Montreal outshot Florida 39-38. but it seemed like a 21-20 game to me. Or am I still coming down off the magnificent World Juniors?

7 thoughts on “Habs Win But Shooters’ Guns Remain Quiet”

  1. Hey Dennis;Not in left field,Pierre has left the park.I don’t take anything that Pierre McGuire says,its all for selling his personality on the show.He didnt make it as a coach,so he is trying to stick it out as an analyst.Halak played a great game,so Pierre is trying to start a story that can get some play and get him on some show so he will get paid more money,thats all.I wouldn’t get to down on the guys not scoring,patience is worth showing in this team,they are slowly coming around,who needs to wind up in first place all beat up so you can a lower draft pick and get ousted from the playoffs cause you lost your stars to injury.

  2. 39 shots by the good guys, 9 by Cammalleri, if they keep it up the goals will come again. A shut-out win to boot, I’m happy.

  3. Wasn’t able to see it today, but i’m proud mostly of Halak, who has been standing on his head non stop.

    We’ve got to get the slumoing plyers back on track.
    Benoit Pouliot is at a lower caliber than Lapierre, but still Lapierre is looking like a ghost out there.
    Pouliot is an honorable mention for sheer determination.

  4. What I noticed was how well the forwards were playing defensive hockey. Hey nearly 40 shots against is better than 50, is the Martin system starting to take hold?

  5. Dennis, I would give credit to Tomas Vokoun who played a solid match. The offense was in possession of the puck much of the time but was either unable to finish or stymied by the Florida netminder. I was pleased to see that we were in the Panthers zone for the majority of the second period – and most of the game – or so it seemed to me. And even though we did not score, there were moments of brilliance for a few of the plumbers (like the setup from Laraque to Metropolit was a beauty).
    I found myself both cursing and cheering D’Agostini who seemed to improve as the game progressed.
    But that last minute was a nail-biter – the kind of excitement we can do without.
    I expect and would hope to see Halak in nets against the Devils. Keep on playing the hot hand…

  6. Thanks, Danno. It seems that Halak should be the guy but you never know. But a shutout is a shutout. Montreal’s played worse games but I’d just like to see about five goals instead of two or none. And now A. Kostitsyn is gone for a long time and it’s a big loss, The guy was one of our main guys lately. Have to get by those Devils next.

  7. Dennis, I think we can count on one hand (and still have some fingers left) the number of games we had nice comfortable leads. That guy from La Cage aux Sports must be saving tons of cash on his free wings promo.
    For those who don’t know, La Cage aux Sports is a Montreal area Sports Bar that treats its customers to eight free chicken wings whenever the Habs score five goals or more.
    I agree with you that we hunger for those juicy big-lead games. Imagine how it must feel like for Carey when they lose a match after only letting in one goal…
    I didn’t know Andrei Kostitsyn would be out for a long time. That is bad news because his absence has really been felt ever since we lost to Buffalo.

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