Habs Win Big With Budaj

It was a fine night in Boston, a spirited affair between two teams who like to have spirited affairs, and in the end, the Montreal Canadiens rally and beat the Boston Bruins 4-3, and back to the head of the class they go. And they did it with Peter Budaj between the pipes.

It was never-say-die for the Canadiens, who held their ground on the scoreboard and with the gloves dropped, and they clawed back in the third to win it. This team is for real, and with just two games to go before reaching halfway in the season, they just keep on proving it.

But it wasn’t easy, of course. It was the hot Bruins on home ice. It was Peter Budaj replacing Carey Price, which for me anyway, always causes slight anxiety. It was the night after losing a 7-6 crazy bummer to Pittsburgh. Last year there might have been less drive on a night like this and a scampering back home to regroup. But the Habs showed great character. They showed they can shake it off, re-focus and battle, and this was two huge points to make a genuine statement.

The boys are a force to be reckoned with. It’s like the sun has come up.

Boston tied it in the first after a Tomas Plekanec power play goal, but just sixteen seconds after the Bruins marker, David Desharnais put his team in front again. And when the Bruins went ahead 3-2 with the second period ending, the Canadiens again showed what they’re made of, what coach Therrien is instilling in them, and what they must certainly believe. Max tied it in the third, and finally, D.D., with his second, put his team ahead, they held on, and skated away feeling mighty good about themselves I’m sure.

Three points out of four this back-to-back weekend. It reminds me of a little story the bartender at the Shark Club told me yesterday. His brother had been in South America for a year, and when he came home he asked how things were going in hockey. His brother said, you’re not going to believe this but the Habs are in first place in the East. It made my heart soar like a Turquoise-throated Puffleg.

If I haven’t agreed with a couple of past decisions regarding starting Budaj this season, I sure did this time, even though it was such an important game. Carey Price needs to rest and regroup after some slightly shoddy play lately, and Budaj, in his last two starts, allowed just one goal against Philly and shut out Carolina two nights later. He’s performing yeoman’s service, has one three in a row, and although much of the night when pucks were around him it was time to hold our breath, he somehow got it done and lately he’s been the perfect backup, coming in when called upon and playing well.

Of course with this being a Montreal-Boston battle, fights broke out with Brandon Prust and Milan Lucic tangling and then Alexei Emelin and Zdeno Chara getting into it. Emelin had bone surgery performed on his face while playing in the KHL, and although he plays a hard-nosed game, he can’t be blamed for not fighting on a regular basis. Broken bones in the face must really suck, so imagine when he and the monstrous Chara dropped their gloves and started flailing away. If there’s one guy in the league Emelin shouldn’t be fighting, it would be Chara. But he held his own, he’s a strong bugger in his own right, and his gutsy display shows even more character for a team with tons already.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – Boston 34, Montreal 26. But Budaj got it done and what a bonus it is.

The Bruins seemed upset with Lars Eller all evening. Eller’s got a choir boy face but I’m thinking he’s got some devil in him. I love that he has an edge, and he’s an active part of the above mentioned team character.

The team really misses Rene Bourque and Raphael Diaz, especially on the power play.

Next up – The Habs pay a visit to the Nassau Coliseum on Tuesday. The last time these two teams met, the Islanders skated away with a 4-3 OT win.




14 thoughts on “Habs Win Big With Budaj”

  1. Reading some of the posts I guess Julien was laying it on pretty thick about Mtl embellishing and how disrespectful it is to the game, particularly Suban. How does this man look himself in the mirror? I guess there must be something in the water down in Boston that makes anyone associated with that team into an asshole. How would he explain the push by Horton that sent Suban into and dislodging the net and narrowly missing Budaj? Dirty would seem appropriate. Man I really hate that team! You know Prust is good but could we reincarnate Shayne Corson?

  2. D-John, I sure hate them too. I hate even to see someone walking down the street wearing a Boston sweater. I don’t know what Julien’s talking about either. Like you say, it must have something to do with water. His team lost fair and square and he’d be a better man to give the Habs some credit.

  3. WHAT A WEEKEND!!!!Saturday’sback & forth goal-fest[wrong team won though] then last nite my son hooks me up to the live game on the Google thing. I GOT TO SEE THEM SEND THE GOONS TO BED CRYING FOUL! My Russian Train Wreck stood up to Chara.I,m okay with him just throwing clean bone crunchers but this was a bonous. Still think he’s a wimp Boston? Gallegar got some spunk too. Kinda missed White, Moen
    & Armstrong getting involved. Trusty Prusty can’t do it alone. Good for Budaj, getting a chance to share the the hugs of contribution. Maybe Carey can get some rest at times, and observe the game from a different perspective. I’d think you’d see things you would’t see from the crease. Looking forward to your tidbits this week Dennis!!

  4. Oh my, oh my!!! Beating the Bruins in their barn. I can’t think of anything sweeter. Revenge is victory! What a team we have. They didn’t quit, they got pissed. Notice how when the other team scores they turn it up a notch? High scoring games is what this team is capable of producing from here on end.

  5. Dennis, I had such a crazy dream last night. The Habs came from behind to beat Boston in their barn and take possession of first place. Afterwards, a big fat pig dressed in a suit called Julien whined about their loss to the Habs.

  6. Dennis,

    Can you pass on this advice to motorists.

    If your car suddenly makes a high pitched whining sound, don’t panic, it’s been identified as a simple “transmission” problem that’s affecting a lot of vehicles today.

    All you need to do is lean over and turn off the radio ’til the latest Claude Julien interview is finished.

    This is a public service announcement.

    I thank you.

  7. How can the Habs go from tank city just 10 months ago, grab the pick my Leafs coveted (stud centre Alex G to play with Kessel) in the draft lottery and now be the 2nd best team in hockey….Please don’t say its the glory of the crest on the sweater as it didn’t do magic last year…or was it a planned tank last year …genius!!!!

    I am truly jealous…

  8. Eller may LOOK like a choirboy, but he’s not–and I’m fine with that! He clearly got the Bruins aggravated, and that threw them off their game (slightly). The constant whining by Boston’s fans after the game, and especially by Claude Julien, is laughable. There is a reason why the Bruins are “The Big, Bad Bruins”–the team plays that still of game, and feeds off of it. Don’t get me wrong, it works for the team, as evidenced by the regular-season success of the last few seasons and the Stanley Cup title in 2011, but for Julien or anyone else to complain about the reffing is just plain silly.

    The players who REALLY impressed me last night? Brendan Gallagher and Brandon Prust. Gallagher is such a gamer, and he is NOT afraid to do the dirty work, whether Lurch–I mean, Chara–is on the ice or not. That type of attitude has been missing on this team for many seasons. Brandon Prust too deserves special mention. Taking on Lucic, who (while I may despise him) is one of the toughest customers in the league, that takes guts.

    Turning to the Bruins, well, as I said above, they are who they are. They play on the edge, and frequently cross over it. A few thoughts on some of their players: Brad Marchand? Talented, but dirty. He’s a modern-day answer to Ken “The Rat” Linsemann. Chara? A thug, but an incredibly talented one. Tell me that there isn’t one Habs fan that wouldn’t love to see him patrolling the Habs’ blueline. Gregory Campbell? The human equivalent of chalk screeching on a blackboard.

  9. Thanks Peter Hab. As always, I really enjoy what you say. You should sign up for RDS at about five bucks a month get all the Habs games on French. You’d never miss another one.

  10. Thanks for the tip, Blue Bayou. I was wondering what that was last night. Sounded like the maternity ward at the hospital. And then I find out it’s only Julien and a bunch of others. Whew, glad it was only that. It could’ve been something important. Have you ever heard such whining? Wow, Bostonians are looking pretty silly right now.

  11. Leaf Fan, they’ve made us proud and excited. It’s a great feeling. And I think they got away a bit from the glory of the crest and have now got it back with the help of Therrien and Bergevin and a bunch of other reasons. I don’t think Pierre Gauthier helped the crest one bit. It’s good times for us right now.

  12. Danno, great link and thanks a lot. I can’t believe the whining from the guy in the middle.

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