Habs Win Battle Of Brick Walls


The great Habs teams of the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s couldn’t do it, but the 2015-16 team just did. Five straight wins to open the season, never done in 106 years of Les Glorieux action until now.

My heart is soaring like a flock of pterodactyls.

Thursday night saw the gang shut out the visiting New York Rangers 3-0, with Carey Price standing on his head when needed and Henrik Lundqvist at the other end doing the same.

But Price was better. He got the shutout, not Lundqvist.

The Canadiens, in this history-making game, were aided by a second period goal by Tomas Fleischmann, a Dale Weise marker in the third frame, and an empty netter from Tomas Plekanec as the clock wore down.

Five straight wins, but now I need six of course, which means they have to take out the Detroit Red Wings on Saturday at the Bell. But they just handled a good Rangers team, so there’s no reason why they can’t do the same to the Wings.

I’m a tad concerned about the Wings. They don’t have the Babcockian One barking his arrogant orders at them anymore, so they’re probably looser than they’ve been in years. But we’ve got four solid lines, three excellent defence pairings, and Carey Price, so of course Detroit doesn’t stand a chance.

Not only did the boys win their fifth, but once again they scored the game’s first goal, something they’ve done every game so far. And equally important, they didn’t sit back in the third while nursing a slim lead. Also surprising? Michel Therrien hasn’t juggled lines yet.

Did God, who’s a solid Habs fan, put the hammer down on the coach?

Four lines contributing, with the best goalie in the world coming up big, and it makes for a team that’s already raising eyebrows in this young campaign.

An absolutely great start to the season, aside from a power play that shoots blanks. But they’ve won five, so what am I bitching about? Really though, the Canadiens with the man advantage have been brutal so far and went 0 for 5 tonight.

Random Notes:

Montreal outshot New York 32-25, and both goalies were unreal. Lundqvist’s glove hand shot out like lightning numerous times, and Price dazzled throughout, including a series of mind-boggling saves after his team had killed a 5 on 3 Rangers power play in the second frame.

Opening ceremonies saw  Guy Carbonneau, who captained the team from ’89-90 to ’93-94, hand the torch to new captain Max, with the torch then passed from player to player. The Habs’ last captain before Max was Brian Gionta, who I was never thrilled about wearing the C, but I’ve moved on.

Andrei Markov was a hoot when he came out and circled PK Subban before accepting the torch. Good for a hearty chuckle.

David Desharnais and Tomas Fleischmann both collected a pair of assists.

I’m hoping the parade route includes Marine Ave. in Powell River.


10 thoughts on “Habs Win Battle Of Brick Walls”

  1. Good and entertaining read as always! Never stop blogging Dennis. Carbonneau was the last Captain to win a cup, so it’s fitting and hopefully a sign that he hands the torch to Max.

  2. Saw that this morning, Mike. Nice clean hit on Kreider, and then Price stood over him like a boxer. Fantastic.

  3. Thanks, Moey. Feelin’ good about this team. They just have to stay healthy. And a few other things, of course.

  4. That was a classic game. One to add to the Habs all-time classics DVD box set. I loved seeing Markov the comedian in the opening ceremonies as he orbited around P.K. like a Sputnik in love. I also enjoyed Markov’s magic trick in the third period where he stunned the refs by pulling a puck out of his glove. But the best part of all was when that punk Kreider slammed into the Great Wall of Price. The new guys -Fleischmann (aka Butters), Semin – are looking good and Eller has picked it up a notch. Weisse is a beast and DD is on fire too.
    Patches, Price, PK and Gallagher are the top four, but there’s so much more.
    All we need is the power play to start clicking and then anything is possible.
    Next up Detroit, and more of the same please!

  5. You covered it perfectly, Danno. I too loved the Markov bit. I’ll bet behind that reserved persona is a really cool guy with a great sense of humour, like so many Russian guys. I love that the lines remain intact and everyone is contributing. And the defence is highly rated by the Sportsnet guys. Doug MacLean rates them 3rd best d in the league. We’ve seen this team get better and better over the last 24 months or so.

  6. does krieder need his skates sharpened or did he trip? By the look of Price,krieder was smart to stay down and not say too much!! Happy Blue Jays Night folks.

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