Team Wins And Eller Grins

It was a fine night at the old homestead, a very large monkey was ripped from a back, and the Habs rebound nicely after a lousy display in Philadelphia two days ago.

It only goes to show just how effective the Canadiens can be with everyone chipping in. And now, with a solid 4-1 win over the LA Kings, who are a nice young team in their own right, the boys in red are back in the good books and none should be sleeping on the couch tonight.

How great was it to see the smile on Lars Eller’s baby-face as he finally scored his first-ever goal in a Habs uniform? He was relieved all right. And proud. And gloriously happy. Finally that wretched ape is off his back, and although we shouldn’t expect huge things at this point from the young Dane, maybe we can expect his game to be raised a notch or two from here on in.

I’m sure that puck will go front and centre in the Eller trophy case.

And to see his teammates so happy for him. He’s probably still recovering from the affectionate face-washes.

He’ll be phoning his folks probably, which is about eight hours ahead in Denmark, but I’m sure they won’t mind if he wakes them up. Or maybe they were watching on satellite, in their housecoats, and their cheer shook the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen harbour.

A good night was had by many. Andrei Kostitsyn woke from his slumber and not only scored a goal and added an assist, but was also voted number one star? How’s that for a bonus to the Eller thing, who, by the way, was the number two star.

Scott Gomez had an assist and I’m considering this as big news. He now has two goals and five assists in 22 games, which is better than two goals and four assists.

Mike Cammalleri, PK, Brian Gionta, Alex Picard, Benoit Pouliot (who continues to be steady), and Roman Hamrlik also had points on this night. And the defence kept things to a minimum in the danger zone much of the time.

Just a good night in many ways.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – 33-25 Habs.

Carey Price once again was excellent. Geez I wish I would’ve taken him in my pool.

Tomas Plekanec bulged the twine and now has 21 points in 21 games. Kostitsyn is next in line with 16 points in 22 games.

I don’t know what Michel Bergeron, Mario Tremblay and the rest were saying on RDS’s ‘Antichambre’ after the game, but they sure were happy. One could tell absolutely that the Montreal Canadiens won, just from the party atmosphere in the TV studio.

Next up – Friday in Atlanta and then back home Saturday to meet and greet the Sabres.

One thought on “Team Wins And Eller Grins”

  1. Dennis it was a good solid victory after the lunchbag letdown on Monday against the Flyers.

    It looked a bit dicey going into the second period when the Kings narrowed the Habs lead to just 2-1 and I was thinking “Oh no. Here we go again.” But instead of repeating the same mistake as they did against the Flyers, the Habs kept the throttle fully open. Happily, they went on to win the game in a convincing manner.

    Alex Auld gets his second start of the season tomorrow when the Habs visit the Thrashers on Friday. Auld has written a book and it’s sure to be a best seller. It’s entitled “How to Become a Millionaire — by Watching Other People do (almost) all the Work.”

    The Thrashers are no pushovers. They have been playing decent some hockey lately and beat Detroit 5-1 last night.

    As Captain Gigantic (Gionta) said “There are no easy games in this league anymore. It’s going to be a tough one.”

    So it will be a good test for Auld and a well-deserved rest for Price.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends — as well as to Brian Gionta, Hall Gill, Scott Gomez and Jeff Halpern who had to travel to Atlanta today instead of enjoying the day with their families.

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