Habs Whup Wings


Carey Price stopped pucks when he had to, nailed down his second shutout of the year, and gave his team the confidence needed to blast the visiting Detroit Red Wings 5-0 into kingdom come.

Two straight games where the Canadiens have been full measure for their wins, making November a four straight, five of six wins month, and bringing the overall record to a lofty, thirst-quenching  13-1-1.

The boys even peppered the Wings net with 37 shots to Detroit’s 25, and were 2/3 on the power play (Weber and Shaw).

How sweet it is.

Scorers were Phillip Danault, Paul Byron, Shea Weber, Andrew Shaw, and Max Pacioretty. And a big shoutout to Alex Radulov, who was simply great.

This is all I can muster. I was talking to a guy in the bar who said he was a doctor and I believed him because I have faith in humanity and aside from the smell, he really knew a lot about prescriptions and needles, and well, he just seemed like a doctor who could use a shave and a bath, but that’s to be expected because these fellows often work round the clock. So when he said he needed another double rye and ginger because saving lives was hard but he had no money because it had all gone into research and could I buy him a drink because he could really use it, I did of course.

I did because doctors are healers and I appreciate that. He appreciated the double rye and ginger too, and was so thankful he gave me a pill to calm my crazy nerves that I’d been telling him about, and now I’m back home having watched the game and the walls are melting and giant tigers are on the roof and I don’t know what to do.

The Habs are in Chicago tomorrow to continue their stunning success. I should be alive to see it.



6 thoughts on “Habs Whup Wings”

  1. Dennis…looks like ‘les gars’ have their ‘sCHit’ together!..great game..lots of positive energy.
    One pill makes you larger
    And one pill makes you small
    And the ones that mother gives you
    Don’t do anything at all…unless you’re watching the Habs play….ask Alice.

  2. Hi Dennis….very interesting and enjoyable to read your awesome creative game recap/introduction.
    A great game last night indeed. I have ventured down another step on the side of hopeful on the fence I was on. It looked in the last two games that the team has built some confidence. Hoping it continues. They can’t win them all but it is good to see them working hard. I thought Max was better too the past little while. He will never be what he could have been as a power forward (because he could have been special ) but he is still top line guy with that powerful skating and elite shot. Still think Shaw is not looking all that great. Some see him as a Gally type but not in my eyes. Also scratch my head on Pateryn being sat out for Hanley. I must be regressing quite a bit in my perception these past years. I had thought Pateryn was playing really well this year. Solid I guess is the way I would describe him. Anyhow looks to be a good game tonight.

  3. The giant tigers left, Ed, but the pill didn’t help my nerves one bit. I wonder what med school that guy went to. And yes, a fine game. Weber and Radulov have really added a lot to the lineup. Now I’m on my way to ask Alice.

  4. Hi Cliff. That’s a good point about Pateryn. I also thought he was playing well. He uses his body, he’s tough, snd he’s got a great shot. He must be thinking what the heck does he have to do? He also might be thinking that a trade would be the best thing for his career. It is a head scratcher for sure. And Max has all the tools to be an elite power forward but it hasn’t really happened. The team does look good right now and I hope it continues because the thought of a bonfide Cup contender is exciting as can be, both for young fans who may have seen them win one or none, and for us older folk who saw them win a bunch.

  5. Is Raduulov the beginning of the END for dump and chase style system? I’m sure he’s not the only one who can carry and/or pass de puck over the blue line. He is a treat to watch in the corners though. Some creativity sure keeps me interested. Dennis…..make sure you swallow yer pills with water.

  6. He’s sure good with the puck, eh Peter? A great addition to the team. Byron’s a beauty too. I hate dump and chase too, but it works if guys bust their ass to get in there and fight for the puck. But to just give the puck up sucks.

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