Habs – Who’s Really Fine, Fine, Sort Of Fine, And Not Fine At All? (At Least In My Book)


TSN reported yesterday, if you missed it, that the Canadiens players who weren’t playing in game three had a practice, and when Carey Price came off the ice sweating and tired, he saw a fresh Sergei Kostitsyn walking by. “Why weren’t you on the ice?” yelled Price. “Too good?” And Kostitsyn just mumbled something and kept on walking.

With Sergei and brother Andrei, it just seems like such a waste. Andrei is playing but has been almost invisible on most playoff nights. Sergei isn’t playing and can’t make a practice.

What’s going on with these two?

But time to move on. Time to give a report card using the meticulous method of ‘really fine, fine, sort of fine, and not fine at all.

Jaroslav Halak – really, really, really fine. Thank you, Jaro. Notice he gets two extra “really’s?”

Carey Price – Has only seen action in less than three games, and has been just fine. I believe in Price. I just don’t think he’s quite ready yet.

Mike Cammalleri – really fine. Jordy said when the Canadiens signed Cammalleri that we’d be pleased with this guy.

Scott Gomez – fine. Although he has just one goal. Gomez is more a playmaker than a sniper. Whatever. As long as the puck goes in. It would’ve been nice if he had decked Crosby in their little scuffle in game three, but at least he gave the whiner a face wash.

Tomas Plekanec – sort of fine. For some mysterious reason, Plekanec isn’t as dangerous as he was in the regular season. We need him to pick it up a notch. Maybe several notches. How come you’re not playing better, Tomas?

Brian Gionta – fine. Pretty darn fine. An important Hab. One of our best guys. Geez, if only he was slightly bigger.

Andrei Kostitsyn – not fine at all. The guy makes over three million bucks a year. We’ve seen him play like an all-star. Now we’re seeing him play like a bum. Poop.

Andre Markov – He’s hurt and we hurt too. It’s a heartbreaker. He was fine, really fine. Come back, Andrei.

Marc-Andre Bergeron – sort of fine. If only he could just blast away and not touch the puck any other time.

Roman Hamrlik – fine. Has done yeoman’s service with Jaroslav Spacek out. He may be slow and getting slower by the minute, but he adds experience to a somewhat desperate defence. Who cares if Theo Fleury isn’t a fan.

PK Subban – really fine. Has added oomph to the defence for sure. Most of our D-men can’t take the puck and go with it but PK sure can. Dick Irvin compares him to Guy Lapointe. I’ve got huge hopes for the young buck. But then again, I thought the Kostitsyn’s were going to be perennial all-stars.

Jaroslav Spacek – was really fine in the opening games against Washington and was driving Alex Ovechkin to drink. But Spacek has come down with something that has kept him out of the lineup for the last seven games. What is it – mono?

Dominic Moore – fine. Is doing everything asked of him. Except maybe get a few more points. (two goals, no assists.)

Benoit Pouliot – sort of fine. Pouliot is supposed to be one of the Canadiens’ big guns. But he’s not at all, with a lousy two assists so far. Now he’s more like a pea shooter than a bazooka.

Hal Gill – really fine. Sure he’s a big, lumbering guy. But the Habs would probably be on the golf course right now without him.

Glen Metropolit – not fine at all. One assist in seven playoff games. The scoring can’t be just from the first two lines. We need guys like Metropolit to contribute too. And he’s not.

Travis Moen – just sort of fine. He gets his nose dirty and the Habs need more guys like him. But on the score sheet, it’s not happening with this good prairie boy. (one goal and no assists.)

Josh Gorges – really fine. Gorges is a leader. And although he doesn’t remind anyone of Bobby Orr or Doug Harvey in the talent department, he’s as important as just about anybody on the team.

Maxim Lapierre – fine. Working hard, crashing the net. I’d give him almost a ‘really fine’ if he had more than one goal and no assists.

Mathieu Darche – not fine at all. Just a non-factor in the four games he’s been involved with. But he could be fine. We’ve seen it in him. C’mon Matt. Show the hockey world you’re not a career minor-leaguer as Pierre McGuire has dubbed you.

Ryan O’Byrne – sort of fine. Players on Washington and Pittsburgh haven’t messed with him. He’s too big and strong. But his puck-handling reminds me a little of Bergeron’s – slightly more than scary.

Tom Pyatt – sort of fine. Doing the job, working hard, isn’t expected to be a game-breaker like Pouliot, but again, no goals, no assists, and minus three.

Sergei Kostitsyn – Carey Price gives him a ‘not fine at all.’

13 thoughts on “Habs – Who’s Really Fine, Fine, Sort Of Fine, And Not Fine At All? (At Least In My Book)”

  1. Not a chance, Hobo. Just pointing out who needs to pick it up so we can win this thing.

  2. Dennis, Jaroslav Spacek has something called labyrinthitis. It’s no fun:


    I think I agree with most of your report card but would point out that Tomas Plekanec is being given the difficult role of covering Crosby which he’s done an excellent job of. It’s not the kind of work that gives you the glory of goal scoring but it is really important work.

    I think Metro must still be hurting. He may have returned too early from his injury. I think Martin has reduced his ice time. You can’t score from the bench. I think Metro plays with lots of heart, so I can’t believe he’s not trying.

    Moore – I would give a really fine simply because he is so tough and persistent. That, and scoring the game winner against Washington in game seven. He’s another guy who plays with lots of heart.

  3. Hey Dennis, A great way to report on the Habs,I agree,well mostly.Although AK46 is having some problems,he does have a hatrick going for him.Im thinking that when his bro is left off the lineup he sulks and doesn’t try to hard.Ryan O’byrne is a good defensman but has had some problems with the speed of the Pens,hoopefully he can overcome this.I am truly impressed with the shot blocking by all of these guys,I like to block shots myself and watching these guys do it just makes me want to smile.Remember the last time they won the cup,everyone was blocking shots.This is a great way to defend against the power shot rom the point,the less shots directed at your goaltender,the les goals are scored.I too belive in CareyPrice, he is great goalie who will be even greater in the future.

  4. Here are my 2¢ worth to your reviews

    For the playoffs, Price has only been sort of fine, he could have been better in his start. On the other hand, had he played better, maybe he would have continued starting and we could have had a different result, but I won’t give him credit for that.

    Gomez has been fine, but only sort of fine for $8M. For that money I expect more. More cap space allows for better depth elsewhere.

    I’m with Danno that Plekanec has been fine. My only complaint would be his face-offs, especially against Washington.

    Moen and Pyatt have been fine, I don’t expect as much from 3rd and 4th lines. Moen is +1 and even Pyatt’s -3 isn’t too bad considering most of the team is -ve.

    My biggest uncertainty is how to rate Martin, overall he’s been fine. His strategy has been great. He’s took a time-out at the right time a couple games ago, but not earlier. He’s made good starting goalie choses, but failed to pull Halak when the goals started going in. He didn’t shorten the bench enough in some games, but too much in others (I know, damned if you do, damned if you don’t). And despite Sergei’s attitude, I think he should be playing even ahead of Andrei.

  5. I forgot about the interview with Dick Irvin (shame on me), wasn’t it great to hear him report on the Habs again. Imagine if it were him doing the play-by-play rather than Bob Cole. We’d actually get fair commentary.

  6. I have what Spacek has (labyrinthitis) and it’s not very fine at all. It’s very very not good. It’s absolute hell.

    And it doesn’t go away, it just quiets… (Mine gets triggered mostly by allergies and weather pressure changes).

  7. Dennis, I guess Maxim Lapierre gets elevated to really fine after the beautiful wrap-around he put through Fleury to tie the game last night.

    He is showing plenty of hustle lately.

    I wasn’t big on him throughout the regular season, but something’s happened to him in the playoffs…

  8. Absolutely, Danno. He’s playing the way he should play, and he’s now really fine.

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