Habs Whacked By Wild

It was almost a heroic road game. Down 2-1 in Minnesota after two periods. Down 3-1 in the third. Then they tied it up.

And then they lost 4-3.

Damn. A point or two down the drain because Jason Pominville was left wide open near Carey Price with five and half minutes left. Which was enough to send 20 Habs dads, who were there on their annual road trip, to find the nearest watering hole to drown their sorrows.

Drown their sorrows? I don’t think so. Their kid plays for the Montreal Canadiens. They’re happy. It’s the rest of us who think the game sucked.

The Egg Line was pesky for much of the evening, and although Eller, Galchenyuk and Gallagher once said that they’re not crazy about the name “EGG”, what else can it be? Kids?

Maybe they’re not crazy about that either. Anyway, it’s not their call. We decide on the name, not them.

Carey Price wasn’t sensational but not terrible either. At least better than the Steve Mason/Ray Emery duo who combined to allow seven goals in the Washington Capitals’ 7-0 slaughter of the Flyers Friday night.

Brendan Gallagher tied the game at one against those Wild, in the third P.K. blasted one home on the power play to close the gap to 3-2, and not long after, Brian Gionta tied it up and the dads and Habs fans of the world were happy.

But soon after, it all went down the proverbial toilet.

Can’t win ’em all. Wish they could but of course it’s asking too much. Just win on Saturday, several more in a row after that, and all’s forgiven.

Random Notes:

Habs outshot the Wild 31-25.

Andrei Markov assisted on all three goals, P.K. had a goal and assist, and Alex Galchenyuk assisted on Gallagher’s opener.

George Parros returned from injury with his mustache shaved off. Maybe he should grow it back after being minus-3 in his almost five minutes of ice time.

David Desharnais remains frozen with just one assist so far this year.

Next up – Saturday evening in Denver to take on Patrick Roy’s red-hot Avs. How great it would be to see the bleu, blanc et rouge stick it to Patrick’s pupils.

Apparently Max will be suiting up, once again coming back from injury sooner than expected. Maybe he can help pull DD out of his ridiculous slump.

5 thoughts on “Habs Whacked By Wild”

  1. I unfortunately didn’t see any of the game, but given everything I read, the fourth line was simply horrendous, Therrien was outcoached and nothing more need be said.

    I hate to “hijack” this thread, and forgive me for raising a non-Habs-related subject, Dennis, but did you or any of your readers see any of the Flyers-Capitals game last night? Let’s leave aside the “good” (the Flyers getting humiliated 7-0 on their home ice by a Capitals team that was missing Alex Ovechkin); I was amazed by the brawl in the third period (entirely instigated by Philadelphia, of course, and cheered on wildly by the idiot Flyers fans–redundant, I know), which included a despicable dash down the ice by Flyers goalie Ray Emery so that he could pound Braden Holtby into the ground (let’s not forget, Emery has trained as a boxer, so this was not exactly a fair fight). Worse yet, the moronic referee just stood there and let him do it. Emery should receive a nice long suspension, and frankly, so should the ref who let him do it. Emery is the Flyers backup goalie, and he was going after the Capitals’ starting goalie. What if Holtby had been hurt in the fight? That would have been incredibly unfair to Washington.

  2. Ian, anytime someone raises a non-Habs issue it’s absolutely fine. I just appreciate that you’re here. Heck, I’m ready to read and talk about anything under the sun. During the game they showed clips of Emery fighting Holtby fighting, and a few other fights as well. But I wasn’t able to ascertain why it happened. But Emery has had his share of controversy in the past. He’s been difficult for different coaches and managers (and maybe teammates), and I think was quite a partier. At one point he had to take employment in the KHL because he’d worn out his welcome here. But then I read that all that was behind him, he’d matured, and ready to settle down and be a good team player. I’m hoping to find out more about this fight on the sports news. The Flyers are a joke, their fans are nasty, and I absolutely love the fact that they can’t seem to fix their goaltending problems every year. I’m hoping they finish the season in 30th place.

  3. Do you know what bugs me most? The refs certainly showed that they can break up/prevent a fight fast enough (re: Moen and other player wanting to fight without helmets and being stopped). What a joke it is for a goalie to skate to the other end to start that nonsense. I agree, kick the bums out.

    As for our game last night, the first two lines were awesome. The third showed some sparks and it looked like we had a penalty kill for the whole game. It’s very disappointing that we lost.

  4. Thanks for that Ian. Yes, that’s a Flyers fan. I’d also like to know what the league thinks about Emery being given third star. What was that? I think Bettman’s troops should at least give a stern warning. It was a joke.

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