Habs Wax Leafs

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Two huge goals in the third period by the captain, and great work throughout by the new guy and the big young guy, and the Canadiens top the visiting Toronto Maple Leafs 4-1.

This gives the boys two straight wins, or three of their last four, and although their season still sucks, they’ve played better lately. It kind of makes my heart soar like a kite with holes in it.

And no, the team’s not tanking, it’s not the proud or right way of doing things. It’s management who would do the tanking anyway, not the players, and the Montreal Canadiens aren’t the 1919 Chicago White Sox.

The first period saw the Leafs strike first, but a great wrist shot from Alex Galchenyuk would even things, while the second period featured a couple of noteworthy events:

Brendan Gallagher batted the puck in, but it was decided his stick was too high, although maybe by just a whisker. Personally, I thought it was legal but I’m biased.

The goal that did count soon after was one that began with 6’6″ Michael McCarron ramming an enemy body into the end boards, with the puck nicely kept in for Devante Smith-Pelly to get his stick on.

This would mark big McCarron’s first point in his three games with the club, and with his size, if the veterans try to make this rookie buy the dinners, all he has to do is look down at them and say no.

In the third frame, when the score was tense at 2-1, Max Pacioretty finally came alive, scoring his 22nd of the year after taking a great cross-ice pass from Andrei Markov, and then notching his 23rd from a rebound off the back boards.

Maybe this will light a fire under Max’s arse. There’s 20 games left, and the team is clinging to life. If Max hasn’t exactly been great leadership material in the past, maybe as the season winds down he can show us some. A slew of goals would help.

Michael McCarron needs to win a regular spot in a big way. Imagine people calling the Habs a big team instead of what we’ve heard for years now?

A hulking forward like him, crashing the net, having his way with smaller opponents, contributing on the scoresheet, maybe winning most of his fights. Damn.

Twenty-three year old Quebecer Phillip Danault, over from Chicago in the Weise-Fleischmann trade, looked completely at home, winning his share of faceoffs, in on several scoring chances, and doing some bumping.

He might not a big point-getter, at least not yet, but Danault was impressive. And set to become UFAs anyway, Weise had come back to earth after his early season Dutch Gretzky act, and Fleischmann may have started the year in fine style, but sure wasn’t ending it like that.

Random Notes:

Habs outshot the Leafs 36-32.

Mike Condon, in his fourth straight start, once again played well.

That’s twelve games played in February, with one remaining, and the team has won 6 of these 12. Not fantastic, but better.

Next up – Canadiens begin their three-game series in California, beginning with the Sharks in San Jose on Monday night. (10:30 ET).





10 thoughts on “Habs Wax Leafs”

  1. We beat the Leafs
    And now for more musical shenanigans …enjoy !

    We beat the Leafs
    We beat the Leafs
    But that’s not hard to do .

    They really suck
    They really suck
    It reeks through and through .

    We have a fine win
    We have a fine win
    I can’t believe it but its true .

    They made me smile
    They made me smile
    And now I dont feel so blue .

    Like Youppi said
    I’m dressed in red
    So let the games begin .

    And maybe instead
    We rise from the dead
    There is a Stanley cup to win .

  2. Despite a good return for Weise and Fleischmann and the win, somehow the big loser on the day is Bergevin. The Leafs traded Reimer for a measely fourth round draft pick. I wouldn’t have mortgaged our future for him, but it thats all would have taken. Obviously, he’s no Price, but unlike Scrivens, he’s a legitimate NHL goalie. With him in net I’m convinced we would have a playoff spot. And if the reports are true that Price is close to returning, we could still be planning our Stanley Cup parade.

  3. Not used to seeing CH logos in front of opposing net [other then #11]. Heard some hitting too…….is this a new trend or will Thornbush put a stop to such foolishness?

  4. Yes Habbie fans there is that glimmer of hope……I personally am looking forward to watching golf this afternoon….my annual pattern is being set in motion again….Fore !!!!!!!

  5. Leaf Fan, your Leafs weren’t quite the menacing force they usually are when they play the Habs. How come?

  6. How bout big McCarron, Peter. So nice to see a big forward making an impact and giving us hope for the future. Unless, like you say, Thornbush ruins him.

  7. Condon’s plsying pretty well though, Christopher. I laughed the other day when I read somewhere that the Leafs are doing everything right in their rebuilding process. Except they got rid of Phaneuf, which was a good thing I guess.

  8. Excellent once again, Joe. I like the line “We beat the Leafs, but that’s not hard to do. They really suck, it reeks through and through.”

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