Habs Wake Up In The Third. And A Whole Lot Of Other Stories

Talk about doing it the hard way. Sleepwalk through most of the game, fall behind 4-1, then storm back in the third period and shock everyone in the building by coming alive and winning the darn thing 5-4 by scoring four goals in seven plus minutes at the end of the game.


I was hoping for Alex Kovalev and Tomas Plekanec to have break-out games, and both guys produced two goals and two assists and basically pulled it out for the good guys.


The Habs won………even though they played lousy. This game must really piss off the Islanders.


Must have been a good Halloween party the boys were at the night before. Hangovers can really suck.


Moving on:


David Robinson of the Chilliwack Bruins of the Western Hockey league took a puck in the teeth Oct. 18th while playing against the Kootenay Ice.

A dentist in Cranbrook yanked his teeth back into position, then Robinson rode the team bus home for seven hours with his mouthguard in his mouth to hold everything together.


Is that impressive or what?


Rick DiPietro is in some people’s bad books, including the New York media. The Islanders goalie signed a 15 year, 67.5 million dollar contract in 2006, and since then, keeps getting hurt. Now he’s on the shelf again and he’s only got 13 years left on his contract.


Apparently, Rick DiPietro is no David Robinson. Geez, the media is hard on their players in New York. I’m sure glad the Montreal media isn’t like that.


Important thing to know about Habs defenceman Andrei Markov. “Markov” translated into english means “stamp”, as in stamp on an envelope.

So you can now call him Andy Stamp if you feel so inclined.


The Toronto Maple Leafs are doing so well I’m kind of embarrassed I called them dog excretement a while back.


My old hometown, Orillia, is famous for many things. Gordon Lightfoot and Rick Ley come from Orillia. Stephen Leacock spent most of his life there and wrote a book about it, titled ‘Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town.’

A Toronto TV show in the 1960’s, Perry’s Probe, did some research and decided Orillia had more drug users per capita than any other place in Canada.


But most of all, Orillia has the following, documented in this video. I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am.

7 thoughts on “Habs Wake Up In The Third. And A Whole Lot Of Other Stories”

  1. Yay!! What a come-from-behind win!

    Nice to know you’re from Ontario! I’m from Ontario too. Never been to Orillia, but when I visit I’ll think of you!

    “Markov” means stamp? Hmm..let’s hope he mails away the wins for opposing teams. (lol that’s a bit cheesy, sorry)

    15 years is so long! Longer than Ovechkin’s contract..and I thought that was long! He’d better get back in net soon.

    Wonder if they have any vids from that party? I’d love to see them.

  2. Can’t help feeling that our guys are like a `trompe l’oeil’ painting – what you see is not what you get. Backing into what seems like an impressive opening record is not very encouraging. However, I must confess I am somewhat titillated by the Leafs’ performance. Perhaps this year it will be possible to once again hate the miserable twinkies rather than merely pity them. Also note that the reason for their popularity despite their sad and sorry record is patently obvious: 58% is owned by the Ontario Teacher’s Pension Fund … hmmm, guess what the profession has been doing to the malleable little minds of their captive audiences? Yeah, imprinting on a massive scale … oughtta be an inquiry, eh?

  3. I dunno, the Leafs “rally” back from 2-0 and beat the Rags backup 5 times while the rest of the Rags were absolutely asleep. Not that hard to do, not exactly the Historic Comeback of last season’s Rags/Habs game. Frankly I’m hoping the Leafs do well enough to reach the playoffs. If only to mess up their draft choice, piss off their fans, and give us an old time LEAFS VS HABS playoff series. Oh man that would be lovely… (And mostly ’cause I’m SICK of seeing Boston every year. C’mon!) Also because they said they won’t budget for the playoffs, which automatically means by the Law of Murphy that they will be in the series.

    Islanders were so stunned and nervous it was great. They did play well, for the first two, and Danis barely faced anything until the end. But they just couldn’t handle a team that knew how to blitz for a winning finish. Like RDS said: Good teams know how to pull out a win. Carbo’s smirk was priceless. Apparently he said something after the 2nd, and I’m dying to know what it was… But maybe they should have planned the Halloween party after the game.

  4. NO WAY! We had this lady come in from Orillia tours and we had to write a business letter planning out a bus trip from Orillia to the Buffalo-Niagara region. Crazy! I wonder if she took any of my ideas… haha! I actually included Rick Rey in my letter.

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