Habs Visit That Patrick Fellow

Habs vs. Patrick Roy and his Colorado Avalanche in what should be a great night if Montreal can beat those Denver dudes.

I’m hoping Patrick gets so upset he loses his mind, jumps on the ice, and reinforces the widely-held fact that there’s a serious streak of craziness in him. He’s a loose cannon, but I still hear on talk radio and such that down the road Patrick will be behind the Canadiens’ bench.

I hope he never is, although a lot of people feel differently and my opinion isn’t overly popular with some. I’m just not a big fan of the guy. And he’ll probably be on his best behaviour tonight because I’m sure he’d love to coach the Habs in the near future.

I wonder if Michel Therrien feels that too.

I bought Patrick’s 12″ figurine when it was in Walmart several years, and I paid almost $30. Now I see that it’s in the $250 range. This I like about Patrick.


7 thoughts on “Habs Visit That Patrick Fellow”

  1. I’m surprised Budaj is in tonight. Is it typical to not have your #1 play two consecutive nights? Or does Therrien think we can easily beat the Avs or is he playing a mind game with Roy in letting them think we can easily beat them?

  2. Agree, Marjo. I hope they aren’t getting carried away with Budaj’s good record. A backup is a backup. We need this game. The only thing I can come up with is that they play a bunch of good teams in the next while and maybe now’s as good a time as any for Budaj. Who knows, maybe he’ll be great. Sure hope so.

  3. I’m a fan of Price! But he drives me NUTS!!!!!He’s so methodical and shows not much emotion in his game , yet they say his technich {whatever} is good & he faces the shooter etc. But other goalies flip- flop jump dance and seem to stop the puck. I’m not looking for a “clown” for a goalie— just some peace of mind when other guys come close to our end.. Oh and lots of speculation about P.K. and Coach. If they gonna try to subdue him into a emotional-less broken spirited robot; I hope Coach gets canned SOON!!!Some other “high-risk”players could be benched or dumped too. Big bucks and no pop to show. Sure am glad I don’t attend games at the Bell. I’d want my $$ back. Watching at home causes enough agony. But I WON”T SWITCH TEAMS in the hope of a parade before my time is up.

  4. Nice comment, Peter. There’s been talk about PK for sure. I’m with you, they shouldn’t try and break this guy. At least not completely. And he won the Norris last year. Therrien gave him shit on the 24CH show recently and PK said later that he was fine with the fact the public saw it. I honestly don’t know what they plan with PK. I’ve noticed that he’s a different player from the first few games of the season. Then he was going coast to coast, but he’s not doing much of that now.

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