Habs Use Two Minutes And A Shootout To Shock Ducks

Holy shit.

For 58 minutes the Canadiens were dead ducks. Losing 3-1. Game over. Get the hell out of California and drag back two lousy points with you.

But a hockey game is 60 minutes, and in the end, we sit back and wonder what just happened, because when the dust had settled, the Canadiens were 4-3 shootout winners.

Holy shit.

With less than two minutes to go and me thinking how to write the funeral march, Brian Gionta sudddenly made it 3-2, and shortly after, Andrei Markov opened fading eyes by tieing it. Jonas Hiller had been solved and it became at least one more point on this California road trip. It was almost surreal.

And even more surreal was the fact that Montreal won it with a Tomas Plekanec goal in the shootout after overtime had solved nothing.

Holy shit.

I’m still kind of in shock. I had them going home with their tail between their legs, and now they’re going home laughing and singing. Yes indeed, a hockey game is 60 minutes.

Random Notes:

Carey Price allowed the Ducks’ three goals and was replaced in the second period by Jaroslav Halak. It’s too bad for Price but it all worked out.

Tampa Bay visits the Bell Centre on Tuesday. Then it’s the Oliers on Thursday and Bruins on Saturday. Montreal is certainly able to sweep these three games, and it’s entirely possible this magical comeback in Anaheim may be the springboard to hurdle them into the playoffs. The team has to feel mighty good after this.

The Canadiens are staying the night in LA. Look out, Pamela Anderson.

11 thoughts on “Habs Use Two Minutes And A Shootout To Shock Ducks”

  1. Good things happen with a few good bounces. It’s about time some went our way. I’d add a holy shit for Hiller putting the puck in his own net to keep the shoot-out alive.

    I can’t believe Perry didn’t get penalties for his slashes and high-stick/cross-check to Markov. It would have been fitting if Markov had scored in the shoot-out, but I didn’t think putting him first was a good choice.

  2. Chris, I also wondered about Markov going first. Heck, I wondered about using Gomez too. But it all worked out and an excellent way to finish the road trip. I hope good things come from this.

  3. That was amazing.
    It was a pain though, ’cause I was watching the game at school and the teacher caught me. So i missed the damn shootout.


  4. I had to go to bed early last night and after the third period it was lights out for me – and the Habs too or so I thought. I was pleasantly surprised to find out what happened this morning.

    Montreal’s chances to make the playoffs jumped from 44 to 58 per cent with this win: http://www.sportsclubstats.com/NHL/Eastern.html

  5. Phil you’re just going to have to decide between school and hockey. And you know the answer to that one.

  6. 58 % Danno. Not bad but still not good enough. What’s the percentage if they win the next couple?

  7. Dennis, the stat chart doesn’t have that feature – or I can’t find it. Anyways, if we beat Tampa Bay and then Edmonton we should be hovering in the 80 per cent zone. Not a bad post-Olympic record so far.

  8. That 14% bump was also the result of Boston and Atlanta losing and the Rangers only getting 1 point. Our odds go up by about 8-9% for every game we win, plus 2-3% when the competition loses. Unfortunately if we lose we go down by about 12% and about 1-2% when the other teams win.

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