Habs Unreal (In A Bad Way)

Not much to chat about here.

Not after the Habs sucked more than the septic truck that used to come on the Island Sky ferry and suck the gook out of the tanks.

They don’t want home ice advantage and I don’t blame them. It’s an extra night of not having to endure the blaring techno music the Bell Centre pipes out.

The Canadiens played what was basically an AHL team on Thursday night, the New York Islanders with 11 or 12 raw rookies in the lineup, including 3 AHL defensemen. But it didn’t look like it.

The home team couldn’t score even once. They were bottled up all night. They were confused and uninspired and hopefully the wives make them sleep on the couch tonight.

Blanked 2-0 by the Islanders, who played a great game. The Habs played like the septic truck on the ferry.

But I’m not concerned. They were skating well just 24 hours prior in Chicago. And we’ve seen them flat like this before. Not even Didier Pitre knows why.

Random Notes:

Tampa Bay beat the Flyers 4-2, so they’re doing the right things on the verge of the playoffs, as opposed to what the Canadiens are doing.

They’re saving their motivation for next week.

Douglas Murray slammed Johan Sundstrom head first into the boards, got tossed, and a suspension is a distinct possibility, coming just after he sat for three games for an elbow to the head of Tampa’s Michael Kostka on April 1st.

George Parros was in another scrap, and once again it was nothing to write home about. When we got this guy, I thought we were getting a brute. Instead, we got a paler-skinned Georges Laraque with a mustache.

Both Islanders goals came on the power play.

Shots on goal – Islanders 30, Habs 19.

Luci and I are heading to Quebec City for the weekend. Hopefully there’s a good sports bar near our hotel on the edge of the Plains of Abraham to watch the Canadiens smash the Rangers and Max notch his 40th.



14 thoughts on “Habs Unreal (In A Bad Way)”

  1. I just got home from the game about twenty minutes back. Was there with my sister, her son, who’s young,& my brother-in-law; I am used to the Habs blowing it, and it’s not the first time I had to sit there and watch them give it away. But my nephew he’s young and boy was there a dark cloud over his head as we all left. Even Max who everyone was hoping would get the big 40 didn’t show. I think there was maybe 30 seconds somewhere way back in the first? and a few moments near the end.Somewhere near the end of the second I felt like I was watching them on t.v. and I could have left the room without missing anything important. Too much analysis and not enough play: I hope Therrien boxes their ears between here anbd Samedi, or else it’s a bad omen going into playoffs with 3 losses. Enjoy Quebec city there’s great sports bars up there….

  2. I’ve given tonight’s blow out more thought and I say Shame on the Hab; Hubris brought them down! Pride and laziness!Ps. To me Douglas Murray is a asshole. what he did was useless and injuring another player for no reason (it didn’t change the game at all) is bad sportmanship.They ought to get rid him; that side of hockey is ugly; twice in one week he’s bad news. I hope Sundstrom is okay, Habs deserved to lose. People talk about plans in hockey, well where was the plan tonight? there was none it was just stupidty. I really hope they get back to be ing a good team playing with respect and true sportsmanship.

  3. I would say that it was a poor effort on the Habs’ part, but that would suggest that there was some type of effort. Montreal was completely dominated at home by an AHL team, less than a week before the playoffs begin, when home ice in the first round is at stake. This was the worst Canadiens game since that 5-0 home loss to Washington. We’ll see what happens on Saturday night against the Rangers, but I’m thinking that that game won’t mean much at this point…………….

  4. A lot of people are starting to make a big deal out of the home advantage thing. I say HURRAY that we made the playoffs this year! And let’s count our lucky stars that MM acquired Vanek; that we have the BEST goalie, that Max has more goals than Crosby and that PK is (still) on our team. We lost against the Islanders, yes, but we played a back-to-back out-of-towner against the Hawks where emotions were high after a near win. In my books, last night was a write-off, onward we go! Go Habs GO!

  5. That’s the worst part about it William, that you guys, and especially your nephew, didn’t see a thriller. We go to games hoping for an awesome night and sometimes it doesn’t happen. Other than that, I just feel we’ve seen this before, we’ve gotten upset, and then they play like gangbusters and their flatness was cause for overreaction. I know I’m guilty of coming down hard on them and very soon after they make me proud and I had wished I hadn’t reacted that way in the first place.
    Now we’re off to Quebec City. It’s been many years since I was there and I’m looking forward to showing Luci.

  6. You bet, William, Those head first slams into the boards are terrible. I saw the same thing in Powell River in a junior game there and the young fellow, about 18, is now paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of his life. Last night’s game was atrocious for sure. It’s hard to understand how and why it happens.

  7. Ian, I just feel we’ve seen this before on several occasions and they also come out and surprise after that. But for sure, if they suck on Saturday, it’s cause for concern. It’s not the way to begin the postseason. I’m taking it one game at a time.

  8. I very much agree, Marjo. It’s not like the first time we’ve seen this. And no one knows better than them that they sucked and if they’re a real team, they’ll rebound. We’ve also seen before over the years that teams sometime have letdowns after nailing down a playoff spot. It’s up to them and their coach to kick themselves in the ass.

  9. DK, I watched the game on Canadiens Express before work & even on FF they looked slow! The night before both teams had after burners on, a dandy & then this display—-SHAME. As for Murray if that’s going to be his style of play sit his ass along with Bourque!!

  10. Absolutely, Marjo. That’s what I mentioned to William. I was at a Habs game in Toronto when I was a teenager and Montreal lost about 6-1 that night.

  11. The stick boys need to take better care of the wives so that they’ll make sure the team plays up to scratch.

    I assume Parros only played because of the injuries to Prust, Moen, Galchenyuk and Eller being sick. At least he fights, Laraque decided to only be an MMA fighter as soon as he signed with Montreal. Hopefully Parros won’t be needed again until it’s time for a pathetically staged, symbolic fight with Chara and/or Lucic. But with Therrien deciding who knows. There’s no rational explanation for Murray dressing while Tinordi and Beaulieu sit, hell even Bouillon is an improvement.

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