Habs Underwhelming In Loss To Blues

You know that 60% of games the Habs need to maybe make the playoffs? The game against the St. Louis Blues on Tuesday night at the Bell was part of the 40% they’re allowed to lose.

3-0 St. Louis. And things were going so well too.

I watched it late at night, when most of you were snuggled in your beds, and now that it’s over and I’m typing this, I realize there isn’t much to write about and I might as well hit the sack too. The Canadiens were rarely dangerous, although it started out with potential after seeing Tomas Plekanec race in on a short-handed breakaway, only to be foiled by Jaroslav Halak.

Maybe they’ll be flying, I thought.

Was I wrong.

The Canadiens provided very little on this night. There just wasn’t much oomph. From time to time someone would test Halak or miss the net in sensational fashion, but excitement was at a minimum, ticket buyers really didn’t get their money’s worth, and Jaro Halak, who had so many fine moments at the Bell as a Montreal Canadien, added a shutout to the script.

This was one of the losses in the 40% the team is allowed, and we’ll leave it at that. Now it’s onward to Boston for a Thursday night meeting with the arch-rival Bruins. How great would it be to come back strong after this non-threatening effort we saw tonight.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal St. Louis 25, Habs 19

Brian Gionta, obviously upset. threw his stick like a spear as he went to the room late in the game. Is he injured?

That’s it. No more random notes, no going on about players, no nothing. Good night.


10 thoughts on “Habs Underwhelming In Loss To Blues”

  1. Get a load of this stat: according to Mike Boone, we had 21 giveaways. We had more giveaways than shots on net! This was absolutely terrible. We have 3 tough games coming up: Boston, Ottawa and the Rangers. I really don’t know what to expect but I can’t see them winning those three games. Maybe Ottawa, but even then I have my doubts. This should have been an a fairly easy one and they should have won this for Price. He must be so discouraged.

    One piece of good news: Gomez will be back on Saturday. YES!!! Our troubles are over!

    What a lousy season. For every moment of joy we get, we get it back tenfold in misery.

  2. It’s all getting so, so hard to watch. I really feel I’m wasting my time in front of TV now.

    Darth, I checked YouTube and I was referring to the body hit Subban did on Marchand. I was wrong, it was nothing like what happened to Dalo. Not sure what made that hit make me think of PK’s.

  3. Gomez is coming back???

    That’s it then.



    And I know why Marjo was confused into believing the PK hit on Marchand was the same kind of hit as the dirty hit Marchand did on Salo. It’s because Bruins fans have been repeating that lie over and over again on various blog sites. Here it it:


    It’s obviously a clean hit. Hard but clean and even the announcer says so. It’s like that old saying: If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth…

    So either the Bruins fans are intentionally lying or else they have a completely different vision than any other human beings possess. This is possible and it would also explain how they viewed Chara’s dirty hit on Pacioretty as being just a “hockey play.”

  4. Yeah, that’s the one, Danno. After I viewed it again, I could see it was not like the Salo hit. However, I gotta say — and maybe because I’m so Miss. non-violence — the PK hit was ugly. When it happened, I thought for sure Subban was gonna get thrown out of the game.

  5. Marjo – that’s two minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct. 🙂

    Dennis, I agree. This is beyond pathetic. I think most of them have already given up and are just taking it easy until the season is over. It’s a shame because there are people there on the team willing to work.

    Absolutely disgusting season.

  6. Darth, when you and I and the others are running things, it’ll all be different. There will be no more bullshit.And the team will be bigger and stronger, and DKRFSB will be sold at the rink.

  7. Missed the game again, but looking at the score I’m guessing most of our measly 19 shots were from a long distance with no one anywhere near Halak. How do I know? Because most of our forwards don’t fight for position. If we had gone to the net, no way we would have been shut out. Did no players, coaches or scouts remember how easily flustered Halak became with a little bit of incursion into his crease?

  8. Christopher, the players, coaches and scouts forgot about this. It must have been pay week so they had money on their mind.

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