Habs Trim Leafs

image1Back in the saddle again, as the Canadiens edge the visiting Toronto Maple Leafs 2-1 and put a stop to the lousy three-game losing streak that had us all in a kerfuffle.

At least I was in one. I’m anti-slump. So winning, and against those Leafs, is basically a win-win situation. Does that sound right?

The good news – Alexander Radulov is back from sick bay and along with collecting two assists, banged and set up plays and skated miles and was all-round terrific.

The bad news – Toronto’s Nazem Kadri didn’t lose any teeth or get his nose plastered over his face. Not even one stick to the gonads. Really bad.

Red-hot Paul Byron scored his seventh of the season to open the scoring in the first period, while in the second, Alex Galchenyuk, also with his seventh, bulged the twine on the power play in what ultimately became the winner.

Shea Weber also racked up assists on both goals, and was much more of a force than he was on Friday in Carolina, when he looked fairly ordinary. But even then, not once did I pine for PK Subban.

As it stands now, Galchenyuk leads the team with 19 points in 19 games, while Radulov has 16 pts in 17 games, and Weber follows with 15 in 19 games.

New guys like Radulov and Weber are getting it done, but team vets like Max and Pleks and DD and Gallagher need to step it up. Although Gally continues to play his game and the points just aren’t happening for him right now. So he gets a pass. The other three don’t.

The Leafs played a decent game,  swarmed Montreal’s net far too often, and ended up outshooting the good guys 32-29.

But Carey Price was in nets, so swarming was the best they could do.

The boys now wait until Tuesday when the Ottawa Senators come a calling, and of course it’s a must win for the Habs. Another win gets the wheels rolling. A loss and we can say the gang sits at one win and four losses, which would be a bummer.

As for you folk, I hope the rest of your Saturday and all of Sunday is full of merriment. Just don’t get busted.

8 thoughts on “Habs Trim Leafs”

  1. Hey Dennis…an entertaining game last night for a change. I thought we battled quite fiercely but so did the Leafs. They are a very fast and upcoming team with high end skill in some of their players. I enjoyed the game and look for more of the same effort against the Sens. I find myself on and off the band wagon way too much this past 3 years and I guess many are similar to that based on what I read anyhow. Well for one night at least the team did work to their potential perhaps and deserved the win even though as you say Price played a huge role and as he should. Let’s not go the the subject on whether he will be able to play healthy all year. I worry about that but park it on occasion. It’s funny but I never really believed that he was good as he is until this year. He reminds me of the goalie in the hockey table game where you moved a lever to get him to slide back and forth to make saves. He glides back and forth the net and works at being in position that way. It is so simple (watching ) how he does it. Poetry in motion actually.

  2. Hi Cliff. yes, they played a decent game last night, inspired maybe by Radulov. And we get mad at them sometimes because we’re so damn hungry for a great team again. Being critical of them is okay because often they deserve it. Price is Price. If he has longevity, he’ll end up in the HOF.

  3. Nice hard fought game, Habs always play that “up tempo on top of you” structured game….my Leafs in the 1st year of a “true” rebuild held their own…

  4. Leaf Fan, your team did play well. They’ve got lots of nice young talent on the roster and should be good down the road. Nazem Kadri, however, is one of those guys I find fairly despicable. But whatever. The Leafs doing well is good for the league, and in that regard I hope they become a bit a contender. Imagine the Habs-Leafs rivalry then!

  5. I don’t know why everyone picks on DD? He does everything MT &MB ask of him. In the spring he fertilizes their lawns,summer he cuts their grass, fall he rakes their leaf litter and in the winter clears their driveways of snow. He’s just too valuable to cut loose! !!

  6. Everyone is nit picking Patches on other blogs but please people look at what he is carrying on his line as anchors. M/T has saddled him with anchors on his lines this year. I can only hope that somehow Captain Kirk can convince him to put Galley back with him and maybe Pleky as well so they can all get out of their slump.
    All I want for Christmas this year is for M/B to take away M/T DD toy so his temptation will go away. No care where he goes (St.John’s) but please separate the two of them.

  7. Hi Dan. Good to hear from you. Are you still getting to games at the Bell? I know you’re a harsh critic of Therrien and as the seasons go by I can understand why. This love affair between him and DD has gone on way too long. Throwing DD out there in key situations doesn’t make sense any more.mMaybe a few years back, but not now. Max sometimes seems lazy, and although he has nice size, he’s a bit timid.Have we ever seen him use his fists?

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