9 thoughts on “Habs Track”

  1. Dennis, you always blow me away with your use of high-tech stuff. Let’s hope that paper has a lot of yellow on it by the end of the season and let’s hope there’s a Stanley Cup sticker at the bottom!

  2. Yes Darth, I’m right up to date with the latest technology. Very proud of myself. Next up – maybe a tablet or smart phone in a few years from now!

  3. Your high-tech solution is much better than a tablet or smart-phone. I tried to upgrade to a tablet, but the highlighter made the screen all messy and the pen left tiny scratches. Now I just rely on your updates.

  4. I got me a black desk-top dial phone on the dash of the Chevy van. Get quite a few looks & comments– especially when I’m yakking on it. Today has amazing technoligy–I’m way behind– BUT — I,M A HABS FAN & when I see Carey texting between shots– I,ll move forward a few gig-a-bites whatever that means. No suspension for Max Pac— they got it right!! Dennis thanks for your page P& your ability to type so fast!!

    i’m yakking a


  5. Danno, my sheet is pretty primitive, but I feel it gives an excellent overview of how the boys are doing. But yes, we need sunglasses to read it.Last night sucked though.

  6. Dennis, you inspired me to print the same page and keep my yellow highlighter handy. It will feel pretty good to add another yellow stripe on the sheet after we take care of the Leafs tomorrow night.

  7. Right on, Danno. I think it’s fun and I’ve been hoping others would do it too. But it’s pretty high-tech.

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