Habs Top Of The Heap

The Pittsburgh Penguins may have had their way with the Canadiens back on November 18th when they blanked the boys 4-0, but Saturday night in Pittsburgh was a different story.

4-1 Habs. A well-deserved win.

Montreal punched the clock and played a solid, hardworking, hard checking, all round fine game as they bottled up the Pens in impressive fashion, found themselves with meaningful scoring chances sprinkled throughout, and now sit in the Eastern Conference penthouse with 54 points, one ahead of both the Pens and Islanders, and two in front of Tampa Bay, the team they face on Tuesday evening in Montreal.

Max would slam one home in the first period to open the scoring, then a Desharnais slapshot made it 2-0, Tom Gilbert was wide open in the second frame and it was 3-1, and Alexei Emelin blasted a laser through a crowd in the third to put the thing out of reach.

A nice little run Les Glorieux have going now, winning 6 straight and 9 of their last 10. No wonder they’re king of the hill.

I’m back watching and typing in our little house in Powell River, after a year and a half of living in Montreal. It feels unusual, with the game coming on a 4 pm instead of 7, and in a completely different place than the one I was in just over a week ago.

I also hadn’t seen the team play the previous three games because we were in the process of driving across the country.

It’s great to be back, but I also loved Montreal. It was a grand adventure, and now returning to PR is strange and also fresh and  comfortable. The old couch, the  bigger TV, the kitchen table where I am now. The fence in the back yard that blew over during a recent storm.

And the Canadiens ruling the roost. All they gotta do now is take out the Lightning at the Bell on Tuesday. Widen the gap a touch.

Random Notes:

Canadiens outshot Pittsburgh 33-31.

They also went 0-4 on the power play,  which puts them in 27th place in the man-advantage category. But they’re on a serious run so now’s not the time to complain.

Carey Price was in the nets for back to back games, only the second time this year that Toker didn’t play in one of them. Price was between the pipes on Dec. 5th against the Hawks and the 6th against the Stars, losing both. But that was then, this is now.


10 thoughts on “Habs Top Of The Heap”

  1. Hey Dennis, I’m sure your happy to be home.Yes the Habs played a great game.I was very impressed with the game.I hope they can carry on.Welcome back buddy.

  2. Thanks Derry. Yes, it’s good to be here but it was good in Montreal too. I like both. Go Habs!

  3. The banana trees are gone now, Danno, but we have about six beautiful Mexican fan palm trees alive and well and growing nicely. They just need some trimming.

  4. Glad you made it home safely. Still find it cool to have met another Hab fan with such passion and knowledge of their history. Til we meet again I will stop by your blog daily and respond from time to time. Go Habs Go!

  5. There’s no place like home, or the Good Guys in 1st place!

    It was a great day of televised hockey with the Habs shutting down Pittsburgh. I even watched some dirty TV, the Snes and B’s. It seems the hockey writers are missing out on a key point. Boston isn’t very good. And when did Hal Gill take on Chara’s body? He’s a pylon now! Maybe he could take lessons from Gilbert on how use your size for good!

    So having disposed of NBC’s darlings, it’s now time to stop CBC’s darling Stevie!!! 13 GAA in the pass 10! Amazing!

  6. Thanks a lot, Dan. It was also cool for me to meet you after only knowing you through this blog. So face to face was great and I hope we stay in touch. Canadiens are on a serious roll. Just keeping fingers crossed that injuries remain minimal.

  7. Mike, 13 GAA in 10 is definitely incredible. Price is the best and I don’t care what anyone says about Lundqvist or Quick or any of the others. And yes, Boston isn’t what they were. Chara’s a bum. Lucic’s a bum. Their defence sucks. It makes my heart soar like an eagle.

  8. It was so much fun Dennis and it was a real treat spending some quality time with such a fantastic Habs fan. Hope all goes well for you, Luci and Teesha in your new/old home!

  9. Danno, I had a sensational time with you and your dad and brother in Montreal last year. Thanks for the ticket, thanks for being a friend.

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