Habs To Crush Canucks – Hopefully

Aside from the Price/Luongo Olympics-related storyline, the Diaz/Weise swap, and the game being huge for both teams, this is a night when the Canadiens really have to win on top of all that.

I just spent the last 17 years among smug Canucks fans. I don’t know why they’re smug, but I suspect it has something to do with their team being better during the regular season than the Habs over the past couple of decades.

Not that the Canucks have been any good in the playoffs, but that’s beside the point. Canucks fans I know never failed to remind me of the superiority of their team.

Yes, I know, Habs fans have been accused of being the same thing at times. But the accusers have been wrong. We’re misunderstood salt of the earth fans.

If we were a tad smug, it was years ago. It doesn’t count

And one last thing to mention. I miss many of these smug Canucks fans. Great people, great friends. I’ll be thinking of you when the game’s on.





9 thoughts on “Habs To Crush Canucks – Hopefully”

  1. Canucks fans are a strange breed. Yes, they tend to be smug, but given that their team has won exactly nothing in its history, and its most recent Stanley Cup Finals appearance (and where I was cheering vociferously for the Canuckleheads to win, seeing as they were playing the Bruins), the team looked gutless and overmatched for most of the series. So, I don’t understand the smugness.

    On an unrelated note, TSN radio is now being blocked in the U.S., where I now live, so I can no longer listen to the Habs talk on TSN’s station in Montreal. I am upset about this! Hopefully, it has something to do with the Olympics and broadcast rights, and the audio stream will be restarted once the events in Sochi are over.

  2. By the way, go, Martin St-Louis, go. I hope to God they pick him. So many people were surprised that he didn’t make it initially, how can Izerman not pick him now.

  3. Marjo, I think that it will be St. Louis, though I personally would prefer Claude Giroux (younger, a bit faster, and he’s been on fire the past six to eight weeks).

  4. Ian, yup, Claude Giroux has been on fire so he’s another good pick. However, I think it would be cool to see Marty in the Olympics not only for his talent but because it’ll probably the last time he has a chance to participate.

  5. I agree with you Marjo, it would be a fitting reward for a great career & from what I hear an even greater person. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Imagine the kick in the gut if St. Louis was turned down again. But he’s on the team now and that’s good. When we were at the Lightning/ Habs game last Saturday, it was the first time I’d seen him live, and he was incredibly dangerous. Every time he got the puck something happened. Great player, St. Louis. Would’ve made an excellent Hab.

  7. They couldn’t go wrong with either, Ian. And Eric Staal and James Neal were considered too. But Stamkos is a big loss regardless.

  8. I know how you feel Dennis. I’m surrounded by good friends who cheer for the Senators or Leafs. Thankfully they’re not very smug since their teams have achieved even less than the Canucks, but they do seem to obtain more pleasure in Canadien losses than their own teams wins.

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