Habs Tattoo Gallery Now Sits At Four

Mike Pelkonen is the latest to send me a tattoo pic. His is a beauty for sure, with the red Maple Leaf in behind the crest. A nice, tasteful, creative tattoo.

This brings the total to four, including mine, and I’m sure there’s a pile of great Habs tattoos out there. Please send them to dlkane@shaw.ca. I’d love to add them to this little gallery.

Below, Dustin Gustafson’s great ink.

Paul Dube, with his amazing “I bleed bleu, blanc, rouge artwork.

And my simple little tattoo that I just got done in Los Angeles. I look at the other three and see that maybe I could have added a little. But I like it anyway.

3 thoughts on “Habs Tattoo Gallery Now Sits At Four”

  1. Dennis, we have now come full circle.

    Blue Bayou’s little tin of LBMT syrup worked its magic last night.

    That same little tin had me worried — about bringing us bad luck instead of good — because of those little maple leaf symbols on it. But I was happily reassured by Blue Bayou that the leafs printed on the can are red, not blue — as some of us feared.

    And now this awesome tattoo comes to us from Mike Pelkonen. Whoever created it is the Rembrandt of all tattoo artists. On it, our beloved CH is framed by an equally handsome RED maple leaf.

    It all connects now, the 1910-13 jersey, the syrup tin, and now Mike’s tattoo.

    And last night’s win.

    The stars have aligned now and great things are in store for us this year.

  2. Danno, when I saw Mike’s Maple Leaf behind the crest, the same sort of thing went through my head. This tattoo is awesome. All three are. And mine too in a simpler way. I really hope more step forward with theirs’

  3. Mike’s tattoo is perfect. If I ever got a tattoo it would have been a CH like yours or a red maple leaf. I never thought about combining them. Too bad I’m not the tattoo type.

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