Habs Take out Detroit. This Is Good, Even Though It’s Only Pre-Season

Good 2-1 shootout win tonight (Tuesday) against the Detroit Red Wings. However, pre-season is pre-season so I’m not going to go into great detail.


Highlights included Carey Price swatting the puck behind him to save a goal, and 19 year old Max Pacioretty notching the lone Habs goal, plus another in the shootout. He played really well and if this continues, he’ll be tough to send down.


TSN announcers Gord Miller and Pierre McGuire were hard to understand at times because they mumbled as they told their little ditties. They almost make me miss Bob Cole.


Sergei Kostitsyn played, but older brother Andrei didn’t.


Robert Lang didn’t look overly impressive, but I’m a patient man.


I wonder if the hot dogs are as good at the Bell Centre as they were at the Forum.


Detroit didn’t play Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg. The Wings were probably concerned that I may have put the injury hex on them so they took no chances.

3 thoughts on “Habs Take out Detroit. This Is Good, Even Though It’s Only Pre-Season”

  1. This game was increadible. Preseason may be meaningless, but at least it’s fun.

    Hmm… I don’t eat when I go to the Bell Center. I never leave my seat actually, so I can’t say how those hotdogs taste.

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