Habs Take Out Bruins


Milan Lucic, pictured above, screwed any chance of his team catching the Habs late in the game when he was sent off for mugging Alexei Emelin with just over a minute left and his team down a goal.

Lucic isn’t the smartest thug. Probably most gangsters aren’t. If this was Chicago of the 1930s, he’d be wasting away in Alcatraz instead of making millions as a boneheaded Bruins hothead.

Although he might be slightly brighter than teammate Brad Marchand. I’m just guessing. It’s hard to tell.

Shortly after Lucic’s temper tantrum against Emelin, who had leveled the thug early in the game with a juicy and clean hit,  the Canadiens on the power play saw P.A. Parenteau find the empty net, his second marker of the night, and the boys skate off with a solid 6-4 win over the Bruins.

It was a dandy night for Brendan Gallagher, who notched two goals and added an assist, and led his team in grit and points and heart and desire.

The team would end their power play woes, with two out of three chances bulging the twine.

Jiri Sekac finally scored his first NHL goal, with his family and girlfriend in the crowd, and you can’t much better than that. Dad was excited, and Jiri’s girlfriend is cute.

Tuukka Rask was chased from the Bruins net in the third period after Gally made it 5-3 good guys.

And as the season wears on, if Magilla Lucilla doesn’t seriously injure Emelin, I’ll be surprised. Bruins coach Claude Julien, if he has proper balls, should harness this thug. And while he’s at it, bench the despicable Brad Marchand, who at one point shoved his stick between P.K.’s legs.

That’s sounds rude in a couple of ways, doesn’t it?

On second thought, Julien should leave both alone. Their constant brain farts will sink this Bruins team.

A grand night at the Bell, the Canadiens home opener, with the scoring nicely spread around. Gally with two goals and an assist. Max – a goal and two assists. Parenteau with two goals. Pleks, DD, and Emelin all with two assists. And Chucky, Bourque, and Tinordi with an assist each.

Just one small concern, although I’m sure it’ll be ironed out in no time because we’ve learned before to chill out when this happens. Carey Price has allowed 14 goals in his not quite four games played.

Nothing to fret about. Price is starting slow and soon enough will pick up steam. I’m sure about that.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal, Boston 29, Montreal 26.

Next up – Saturday, when Colorado pays a visit.

23 thoughts on “Habs Take Out Bruins”

  1. Beautiful hit by Emelin on Lucic!!! And his other hits also. He played a good game. It’s nice to have someone in the other goalie’s space causing havoc BUT is Gally the only one who dares be there every shift, every chance he gets? I hear your birds chirping, Dennis.

  2. Dennis — its always sweet to see the Boston Blowboys get beaten. Even more sweet to see that dummy Lucic as the scapegoat for the loss. Gallagher was great last night, and Sekac looked great on his goal. I’m excited about Sekac, hopefully he can turn out to be something special. Not worried about Price. He’ll start dominating soon enough.

  3. The experts always seem to love the Bruins, eh Christopher. But I’m hoping in a big way that the Bruins are on a downslide and soon will be in rebuilding mode. Lucic and Marchand don’t help them.

  4. Juicy’s a fine word, Tyg. It describes all kinds of things without the hassle of having to use more words.

  5. Magilla Lucilla. Good one Dennis!

    But seriously, Lucic has some anger issues. I think he’s got a few loose screws.

  6. Peter, I think their unwillingness to go hard to the net is their biggest problem with the power play. But I’m still proud and I think they’ll adjust. I also think they’re a major contender.

  7. Travis, love that term – Boston Blowboys. Hope you don’t mind if I steal that from time to time. I saw Sekac several days in a row during training camp and he was so poised, so smart. He showed more than the other prospects and I’ve been hoping he’d make an impact. Hopefully this goal will get the ball rolling.

  8. He sure does, Danno. And talk about hurting his own team. I just hope he’s not so consumed with hurting Emelin that he actually will some day.

  9. It’s terrific, Leaf Fan. So great in fact, you should be a Habs fan so you can experience this sort of thing. 🙂

  10. Yes, Leaf Fan, become a Habs fan. It’s much better, you get to experience what winning feels like. Don’t worry about the Leafs, they have enough fans, the most of any team in the world. And with so many fans to take for granted, no wonder they’re the worst North American sports franchise.

    It also bugs me that I know many ex Hab fans that became Senator fans, but I don’t think I know any Leaf fans that switched.

  11. That’s always bugged me too, Christopher, about Habs fans becoming Sens fans. Like JW and others I know. Leaf fans would never consider it because their heart couldn’t take the excitement.

  12. Gally, GREAT Emelens hit awesome Lucic’s melt down all I could wish for along with PK giving Marchand another lung transplant hit to replicate his hit 2 years ago!
    FU Booins!!! 🙂 🙂 Hope Jake needed resucitation!

  13. You can Lucic’s obscene gesture more clearly in this clip. It’s what lonely mountain gorillas do to pleasure themselves…

  14. After spending all of last season in Montreal, Michael Bournival is a minor leaguer once again. He was sent down after the Tampa game. I guess Sekac jumped him on the depth chart. Bournival even had a more regular spot in the lineup than Moen during last season’s playoffs.

    In good somewhat news, Francis Bouillon got himself a Swiss league contract.

  15. Really like Bournival too. But what it really means is a ton of depth on this team. So as fans, it’s good I suppose. (Maybe not for Bournival though). But I heard he’ll be back up shortly.

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