Habs Take A Licking

Remember that intensity the Canadiens brought to game two?

The Senators borrowed it for game three.

6-1 Ottawa. &%$%#

The Habs lost the game and the ridiculous fights, and Carey Price waved at Ottawa’s third goal which woke up his critics throughout the land, and even though I hate to come up with excuses, the referee did a fine job of keeping the Habs from climbing back in when it seemed there was a grand possibility.

Sergei Gonchar was called for tripping when the score was still 3-1 and the Canadiens were making some serious noise, but for some reason, the zebra gave Bourque a tripping call also, even though Bourque didn’t do a thing. Replays don’t lie. It wasn’t even borderline.

No power play and no chance to make it 3-2. The best hockey in the world, with so many flaws involved. There must be a lot of booze involved when these officials attend officiating seminars in the off-season.

But no excuses, right?

It’s two games to one for Ottawa, with game four on Tuesday.

Random Notes:

Much was made of the Subban-Pacioretty heated exchange at the bench. I don’t mind this in the heat of the moment stuff. At least it was some intensity shown. And anyone who’s seen Subban in pregame warmups knows this guy is wound tighter than Adele’s girdle at a Sunday picnic.

I’d rather have hard-core intensity than the kind of thing we saw from Scott Gomez. But Glenn Healy was right – there’s a lot of cameras at the rink, and the scene was there for all to see.

The game ended with bad blood all round. Can’t wait for Tuesday.

25 thoughts on “Habs Take A Licking”

  1. Nice short and not-so-sweet summary Dennis, although you neglected to mention the ¨bulletin board material¨ time-out that the FBEW called with less than a minute to go in a 6-1 game.

    Like you, I can’ t wait until Tuesday… we’ve got ourselves a series!

    And, BTW, I hope that is the last game we hear called by Bob Cole. Great career but time to hang ’em up Bob…

  2. Thanks Northern Sooner. By that stage in the game my mind was on to wondering what was in the fridge. They should have kept that intensity going, but they took their foot off.
    Bob Cole does need to call it a day. So many flubs. I remember early on he got so excited at a great Save by Carey Price!!!!, but the puck never even reached Price. But he’s called some classics over the years and has been a big part of HNIC.
    C’mon Tuesday!

  3. Again it’s not that they lost but HOW they lost. All this chatter & raw-raw-raw about intensity, A-game battle in all areas skate, first on the puck ,finish your check yadda yadda to win the game– we knew we had to step up and we did– My question is this– did the Habs not WANT to win game 3??? I never seen too much of the hoopla “must-do” stuff tonight!! Something [or someone] rattled PK ‘s concentration and focus —by now you know of my high regard for PK—and I cringed after the boys lost the puck in Ottawa end & it goes to Price—AND I LIKE HIM TOO!! Just an all round stinker of a game. Do they expect a big fella like anderson to step aside so their shots DON’T hit him in the gut?? Where was the “net presence” in front of Anderson? I never played team sports so I’m a bit uninformed BUT I saw the losing te game NOT Ottawa winning the game. Just lacked the silver platter– okay maybe a bronze platter but a give away no less. Oh so tough in game 2 & got a royal butt-whooping tonite. Wonder whats the excuse in “no excuses” PS that’s supposed to say–I saw them losing the game NOT Ottawa winning the game— but I don’t know how to fix that either, so maybe I’m a loser in my own way.BUT I”M STILL A HABS FAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I was afraid of that. Too hard to maintain the level of emotion from game two. The reffing tonight was beyond absurd but a goal or two off the first period power plays would have helped. The team looked tired, 3 games in 4 nights having an effect? Galchenyuk isn’t ready to play centre but what choice do they have? Also didn’t like to see him shying away from hits like he did tonight. Patches and DD should both be traded to anyone who will take them, they were both totally ineffective out there. The Price haters will say he let in 6 goals but he made some huge saves and a team should score on a 5 on 3 for Pete’s sake. Gut check time on Tuesday.

  5. It’s just Ottawa folks and its the Habs being the Habs. When we lose we seem to get trounced but we’ve bounced back all year. I agree that DD, Max and Pleks have to get involved. Our leaders need to step up and we need to use speed. We simplyneed to get to the puck first. We need to want the puck more. We need a team of Gallaghers instead of the team we iced tonight. Our guys got off their game and couldn’t get back on. The fans got to them and the hitting got to them. They need to focus on speed and specialty teams. plain and simple. Its good when they hit and they should finish checks but they need to forecheck more and use the ice. We’re fucked if we don’t do that Tuesday. If we play average its a one goal game, either way.If we play good we win. It’s just Ottawa. We are playing to their level.

  6. Not my kind of hockey game. I hate the fights and the Habs should, too. They need to do what they’re best at: playing with speed, staying focused, staying out of the box…that’s when they win. This war of words is ridiculous and taking them off-track. It’s becoming emotional and that’s no good.

    It’s only one game, the series is still young.

  7. The Habs played like crap last night, and Carey Price, especially for (and after) the third Sens goal, turned into the shaky Price who played the last two weeks of the regular season. I didn’t like what I saw out of Montreal last night, including twice firing pucks at opposing players’ heads (a definite “no no” in the game). MacLean’s decision to call the timeout with a minute left in a 6-1 game was definitely designed to send a message, but when your team is up by five goals in a game it has clearly deserved to win, who are the Habs to complain?

    Here’s one, plain fact: Montreal has now played three games in the nation’s capital this season. It has lost all three, and two of them were of the blowout variety. That doesn’t exactly inspire a lot of confidence heading into Game Four.

  8. Well the truth hurts but we sucked on every level last night and got what we deserved .But for God sakes we are outshooting them badly thru 3 games and DD has NO SHOTS yet. What about NO EXCUSES? Well put that fiasco behind them and play guys who will play hard and fast and live and die with Habs style of hockey not the crap that went on last night. Put Gabriel Dumont on the 3rd line as he was counted on to score in Hamilton and we expect something else of him here which is wrong. We lost Palshuj for doing that and will do so with others we bring up unless we play them to their abilities. It looks like Ryder forgot he was playing for a new contract because he forgot how to score. I realize he won’t hit or get dirty but at least shot the puck and try and score more. We sucked bad last nite and unless we do better Tuesday we will be booking early tee times this spring.

  9. It’s amazing how the morning talk is huge on McLean calling a time-out. This has become, in my opinion, a subliminal fight for the Jack Adam’s trophy! His time-out was definitely pathetic. I also find it sad that Gionta and Pacioretty remarked that he called a time-out for the same reasons McLean mentioned. Way to go boys. Nice way to stick up for your coach.

  10. This Ottawa team is a team very high in character lead by Alfredson who is probably the best captains in the NHL who when he retires will not go back to Sweden but stay and contribute to the community.
    The beat Washington and Boston on the road in must games to secure their position…character again…

    Not saying Habs cannot beat them but they are in very tough with Sens

    Imagine if Spezza was healthy…………

  11. Peter Hab, they were out of sorts. Must have been all that nightlife in Kanata:-) I hope they learned a lesson from this. This is not how they’ll win in the playoffs. They have to use their speed and drive to the net. Pretty well everyone had a bad night, including P.K. And of course, Price has to be better and more consistent. Playing well only half the time is unacceptable. Also, I been holding off on Max and DD, but we need these two to pick it up and play much better. There’s no time left, and we’ve seen in the past they’re capable. It’s time boys.

  12. D-John, the only way they’re going to keep going is if they can maintain that emotion they had in game 2. I don’t think it’s too much to ask. Play like mad demons for three hours in a 24 hour day. Otherwise, it’s clean out their lockers and say see ya next fall. It’s too depressing. After all these years I still can’t get used to it.

  13. Mayo, everything you say I completely agree with. Get to the puck first, play more like Gallagher, want the puck, use their speed, and if they do all that on Tuesday, they’ll win. It’s only Ottawa.

  14. Marjo, I would’ve liked the fights more if we had fighters. I love what you say – it’s only one game, the series is still young. Tuesday will be so interesting.

  15. Ian, it’s true about the time out. So what that it happened. The team deserved anything at that point. Losing 6-1 in a crucial playoff game is ridiculous to say the least. Therrien needs to concentrate on getting Desharnais and Ryder and Max going, and not the crap the other coach is doing. MacLean knows he’s pushing all the right buttons now, and it’s time to get this all figured out. That was as horrible a three hours I’ve ever spent.

  16. dra58, absolutely. Change things up. Even put Kaberle in. Whatever. I can’t believe how ineffective Desharnais has become. He’s better than that. Did his contract change things? And Ryder…. it’s bullshit how he’s playing right now. So soft, so ineffective every shift. Maybe Cole wasn’t so bad after all. I still have faith in Max. Maybe he’s not 100% Whatever it is, he’s still slightly more effective than these other two. The problem is, we never know what kind of team we’re going to see from one night to another. Once again…it’s bullshit.

  17. Leaf Fan, they’re in tough but they outplayed Ottawa the first two games and have been outplayed just once. There’s no reason why the Habs can’t win this series. Ottawa’s not the better team.

  18. I have a family member who now lives in Ottawa and is a huge Senators fan. Believe me, I’ve been hearing from them the entire series, and quite a bit during last night’s game. And the thing is, I couldn’t say a word in response because they were right. Like you, Dennis, I’d like to think that the Habs will turn in a much better performance tomorrow night, but honestly, given what the team has done so far in Ottawa this season, there isn’t a lot of reason to be optimistic.

  19. Dennis, DD IS ineffective now. I think he well deserved his contract based on his past performance. Maybe some players sit back once they get a raise? Or maybe he played well and only well with Cole. In fact both Max and DD seem lost without Cole. I just don’t get it.

    We have a small team. Period. And now we have an injured team. Exclamation. Bergevin certainly will address the size during off season– he has to!

    Whatever the case, we won game 2 minus Eller, Gionta and Patches. With their absences for tomorrow nights game, we CAN do it again. So long as they play HOCKEY and stop all this war with their mouths. I hate that. I have to say though, as much as McLean is allowed to call a time out whenever the hell he wants, it most certainly was a dig to Therrein. What was it he said? He didn’t want to see his players getting hurt (my word not his) with 17 seconds to go? As if…

    WE are the one with the small team and they beat us up. He played with Thereien’s emotions and succeeded. Therrien needs to stop obsessing over McLean.

  20. Last night’s game was a little rough, but it was a tea party compared to this one:

  21. Danno if I remember correctly that sucker punch by Sleigher ended Hamel’s career. Pretty stupid stuff eh?

  22. D-John, I’ve never forgotten that Sleigher sucker punch. What a night that was. The Habs-Nordiques rivalry was as vicious as you can get, and maybe in a few years it’ll be back.

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