Habs Sunk In St. Louis

A little flat, a little sloppy, as if the events of the past few days took some of the wind out of the Habs’ sails.

Which was to be expected, I guess. I suppose a psychologist could explain it properly.

The lights are dim right now for the Canadiens as they lose 4-1 to the St. Louis Blues, and the team played much like they did in the third period of the Boston Black Night. There was little fire, and mistakes by Benoit Pouliot who was stripped of the puck leading to the Blues second goal, and then a bad pass by PK Subban making it a 3-1 score for the Blues, translated into a night to forget.

An empty-netter salted it away for the Blues, and Habs haters everywhere rejoice.

Random Notes:

Since Mike Cammalleri returned from a shoulder injury nine games ago, he’s been but a shell of himself. Gone is the explosiveness we’ve seen in the past from this guy, especially in last year’s playoffs. And Tomas Plekanec isn’t exactly setting the world on fire either.

Is it just me who detests Scott Gomez patting opposing goalies on the top of the mask or tapping their pads after a great save? I can’t stand this gentlemanly gesture. Even the man who invented class, Jean Beliveau, meant business and understood that the enemy is the enemy in an important game. C’mon Scott, lose the Mister Nice Guy routine. Please.

Jeff Halpern was the lone Montreal marksman.

Shots on goal – 28-27 Montreal.

A five-game winning streak has ended and now it’s time to start another.

Next up – Habs visit Pittsburgh on Saturday, where the new streak begins.

27 thoughts on “Habs Sunk In St. Louis”

  1. Hey Dennis, Well I thought the Habs had a good start,what did Bettman tell the refs what to do tonite.I’m not crying sour grapes,but Cammelleri”s breakaway,stopped by an interfernce call was tottaly bullshit.He never even touched the guy ,but it negated a sure goal.Then we have to witness betmann’s challenge to Air Canada,little puke I hope he gets sick and cant talk anymore.He deserves to be put out to pasture.Gary Bettman is worse then George Bush when considering Canada’s own identity.He is a chalenging little fuck,sorry Dennis,had to say it.

  2. This may show up twice or at another post, I don’t know where it went the first time but anyway…. For probably the first time ever I have to disagree with you Dennis. I don’t have a problem with acknowledging a good play by your opponent. Especially when that guy is a former teammate who played such a huge role in taking your team far into the playoffs and then in a rather unprecedented move gets traded. Maybe if we had a little more sportsmanship towards our opponents we wouldn’t have a young man wondering if his career is over.

  3. I’m just very old school, DJ. I want Gomez to be upset the puck didn’t go in, not congratulatory about a goalie making a nice stop. I agree, Halak is a former teammate and did a lot and all that, but Gomez does this sort of thing with many different goalies. It’s not often you see players doing this, and I’ll bet Gretzky didn’t, or Lemieux etc. I know the Rocket would never have considered it. But like I say, I’m old school, and your point about a little more sportsmanship is a good point and very valid.

  4. Gomez is just a chicken-shit who doesn’t like the scrums in front of the net. He does what he does so the big D-men don’t pummel him. He’s scared to go into the corners or near the boards. He shys away and we’re paying shy-boy 2-3x what he’s worth. Halak played well and I hope he does well because we owe him tons. It is so much easier to be objective with a team like St. Louis than some other teams.

  5. Not sure what y’all saying here. You can complain all day about one player doing this or that but in the end the Canadiens were sloppy as a team, didn’t look like they wanted to play, they didn’t shoot for the win and that’s all. They did have a good but really short beginning but soon enough it got pathetic and was that way till the end. I live in MO now but I’m Canadian and I’m looking forward to this game every 2 years; they won 2 years ago and 4 years ago as well. They played with much more intensity and determination! It was like watching a movie played in s l o w m o t i o n… Not good for a fan like me! If only they would have lost to a great game skillfully played… I swear… MAJOR disapointment!

  6. MJ Brown, I did mention that the team played a sloppy game and they just weren’t in it, just like you said, and I called out not just Gomez but also Pouliot, Plekanec, Subban, Cammelleri, and Pouliot, and in general, the entire team.
    But don’t you think it might have a little to do with has happened in the past 48 hours? Up until tonight, (and the third period of the Boston game), they’ve played with intensity and fire, at least for a handful of games. Too bad you saw them not up to scratch. I’d be disappointed too.

  7. MJ Brown, further to your comment – I really do feel your pain. I live on the west coast and the Habs only play in Vancouver once a year or once every two years, and I remember I went about ten years ago to see them down there, was excited, and they lost about 5-1. I also went on a bit of a hockey road trip back east years ago and saw Montreal lose 5-0 in Washington. So it’s really too bad they didn’t put on a better show. Very disappointing for you especially.

  8. It seems like everything has changed since that Black Boston Night Dennis.

    It’s bad enough we lost our beloved #67, but the idiotic reaction from the NHL’s big-wigs and mucky-mucks is just sickening. And to add insult to injury those dick-head sports journalists who stooped so low as to put the blame on Patches as if he deserved what he got. Absolutely disgusting.

    I know it made me feel down so you can just imagine how Max’s team-mates feel. It’s just got to take something out of you.

    And I think Derry is quite right about Bettman sending a message to the refs to tilt the game in favour of ABC – Anyone But Canadiens.

    Just look at his flippant reaction to the news Air Canada may pull out its sponsorship with the NHL.

    He’s a petty and vindictive little weasel and the refs jobbed us again last night.

    This just in…

    The NHL has reconsidered its decision on the Chara/Pacioretty incident.

    NHL President Gary Bettman issued the following statement…

    “After a careful reconsideration of all the facts, the NHL has decided to issue a five-game suspension to the glass partition.”

  9. I suspect that in the weeks ahead we will see the impact of loosing Patch has on the team. The psychological impact was evident last night but that will soon be gone and what will really be obvious is how good a player Max was. His determination lit up that team and I honestly missed his presence last night.

  10. True enough, Marjo. He’s about the only power forward-type on the team and any team can’t get enough of guys like that. And I sure hope you’re right about the psychological impact going away soon. They sure looked preoccupied last night. We need the team that won five straight back quickly.
    And thanks for the quote of the day, Marjo.

  11. Hey there again. Don’t get me wrong, I have lots of compassion for Max and his family and my prayers go to them. But here’s where I come from; these guys are PROFESSIONAL hockey players. They are trained and very well paid to rise in times like this. Here’s an example; some parents have a little girl right now in a hospital that just got diagnosed with Leukemia and somehow they still have to go to work and perform(if not, they just don’t get paid, you know). Of course we can explain that they are feeling down because their teammate got hurt but isn’t that a bit of psychological babble? They lost to a team that wasn’t that good, you know. If they can’t play a game in honor of their injured hero, we got a problem here that needs attention. I’m just happy these guys aren’t in the army! They wouldn’t last a day!

  12. Damn Danno. You got me as I fell for it and then had a great laugh because that’s pretty funny. Am sure it crossed Butthead’s mind. I hope PG makes a motion to terminate Butthead’s contract. The boys did look good early. I think even without Patches, they can still compete. Again, we’re devastasted by injuries, this year more than any. Maybe this goes a long way to maturing the young bucks. Fear can do wonderful things at times. This is the worse of the worse and maybe Eller, AK, Weber, Picard will raise their game a notch. I am really looking forward to next season as we will have a new look.

  13. I agree with you, MJ. For the money they make, and with it about being a professional, it’s absolutely their duty to do their job to the fullest. But they’ve been rattled by an ugly incident and I’m cutting them some slack for this one game. But I want to see a much better effort from now on. Thanks again. Good comments.

  14. Mayo, I think they can compete too. Right now, I just want to know if he’s gone for the season.

  15. Dennis,

    It’ll take a very deep hole for him to disappear down but Zdeno is demonstrating some awesome ability with the shovel.

    From the Montreal Gazette:
    – In Boston, Chara said, “I had no idea (Pacioretty) was on the ice . I had no idea it was him.”

    He’s asking us to believe that despite all the evidence to the contrary one of the world’s best and most “lovable” defencemen suffers from either poor eyesight or a rare condition that precludes the ability for facial recognition.

    It is a truly staggering feat that a player can reach this level without the ability to recognise who he is up against. Somewhere in Boston, bitter tears are being cried by the person who compiles the vids and player dossiers for Chara. They just lost their job.

    You add that to the excuseniks, who assure us that he suffers level of spatial disorientation that mean he has no idea where he is on the rink (unlike the majority of his peers, if the likes of Gomez and Sedin are to be believed) and you’re left wondering how he gets from the bed to the bathromm to piss without fatally injuring himself or someone else.

    I don’t know if it’s a comfort for his fellow professionals to know that he’ll put anyone’s head into a stanchion just for trying to skate by, rather than as part of a payback to a particular individual. I sense some of them had already worked that out for themselves.

    Sorry to see the boys lost last night. Like many I hoped they’d come out and make a big statement, but it is entirely understandable. And maybe statements are a little over-rated (cf Habs 6 v Boston 8 possibly the shortest lived statement in hockey or indeed any, history).

    Difficult to know how much is down to line adjustments to try and cover a key player. I think there’s certain lines that have worked and shouldn’t be broken up. But it’s a worry (though not as big as the worry we’re having about a young man’s recovery).

  16. Has anyone read a report that mentions Jaro and Chara being teamates for Slovakia? I assume JH would be mighty relieved not to be asked too many questions about his team mate. And he should always be welcome in Montreal.

    I undertand that it’s all about the match up with his old team and with Price, but in a media usually obsessed with coincidences and fresh angles, they seem to have let that one slide by.

  17. CBC reporting Chara wants to talk to Patches. Smartest thing he’s done so far. Maybe he is human afterall. That would help a lot. Someone smart must be coaching him.

  18. Good points MJ. They are better than the Blues on paper. They reverted back to their bad ways before the 5 game winning streak. Keep in mind that these guys are barely out of their teens so are still immature mentally and I can’t remember what goes through their minds. They are affected much more deeply than someone cynical than me. Hope they recover in time to get two points from Pittsburgh.

  19. Now hold the mayo, Mayo. I wouldn’t give Chara that much credit. I think even Chara wasn’t prepared for the degree of this backlash from the rest of the world. Having that many people call you out, especially fellow players, high end players at that, I think he’s looking for some damage control. It follows his other statements where he claims not to know where the stantions are and not knowing who he was trying to kill. How does a guy this dumb win the Norris?

    Has anyone thought about an obvious replacement for Patches for the rest of this year? There isn’t anyone in the system obviously so how about a recently retired player who brought the same kind of game? Bill Guerin. There were a lot of valid reasons given to not sign him earlier in the year but the loss of Patches changes the reasons for making such a move.

  20. I would be very suspicious of Zdeno Chara’s motivation behind his supposed desire to talk to Max Pacioretty.

    This is the same guy who dismissed his actions as just “a hockey play” and who also would have us believe that he “had no idea” who he was hitting.

    Come on Zdena. If you are truly serious about reconciling, begin by doing the honourable thing and admit what you did publicly.

    Before you bother Max with your head games, you have some serious unfinished business to take care of. Leave him alone while he heals from the brutal assault you are 100 per cent responsible for.

    Make a public statement of apology first and stop trying to put the blame on everything else but yourself. Fully confess.Then and only then will any kind of apology begin to sound sincere.

    You’re a big man as everyone can see. Now start acting like one.

    Until you do this, your offer to talk to the man you almost murdered just sounds like a cheap PR move.

    Who knows? Maybe it will do you some good and you’ll sleep better at night.

    Think about it Zdena.

  21. Fresh out of their teens, I get. It’s tough out there…they all and everyone here too must know that concussions are very likely to happen in all contact sports. Not sure how much of it is on purpose though. Again, being fresh out of their teens, they might have not learned the skill to purposely injure anyone to that extend or prevent it. It’s a fast game and it does come with serious risks. Not sure about the whole “he purposely tried to injure/kill Max” idea. Down boy, down! 😉

  22. the real point of this whole exercise is accountability not whether chara purposely tried to kill max or if it was just a hockey play yada yada. there have certainly been more blatant situations, bertuzzi, cooke etc…………. with the instigator rule the nhl effectively took all responsibility and accountability away from the players. these are the rules you play by and we will take it from here boys making it suitable and not too violent for the u.s. market arguably the most violent society in the western world. but they didn’t take it from there. the regime under mr. badman refuse to be accountable for the state of todays game and the safety of its great players claiming the game is better than ever and pussy footing around issues with party catch words like intent and hockey play to qualify all their inconsistent moronic decisions. what is happening now is far more dangerous than a pidily hockey fight. i’m not condoning fighting but somebody has to run with the ball. everyone says, someone is going to die some time. i thank the great spirit it wasn’t max this time.

  23. Hobo, with the Butt Man signed for five more years at 7 million a year, the NHL should certainly get worse. I’m looking forward to teams in Acapulco, Panama, and Rio. Now’s the time, with the Max thing, to really make some change. Players causing serious injuries must be dealt with harshly, way more harshly than a few games suspension. With the uproar now, maybe a 30 game suspension, or kicked out for the playoffs the way the Rocket was that caused the Richard Riot. One player going over the line could mean disaster for his team and his wallet. And the thing about the Bertuzzi incident, as ugly as it was, is that I think most of the damage was done not with the punch but with all the players who fell on top of Moore. But that’s neither here nor there. It was still brutal.

  24. i don’t mean to single out any one incident and there are to many to go down the list. there are a lot of things wrong. equipment or should i say armour, the size of the ice surface, the stiff boards but mostly accountability. the max incident is not the exception but the rule. the nhl needs to totally reboot……. i don’t know how it is where u live but at the center of the universe, toronto, lol the hab haters are having a field day as are most of the illiterate sports media siding of course with the nhl………………….. assholes

  25. Hobo, I’m not hearing too much from locals here, but the internet has gone crazy. I find the media is against any suspension but of course the NHL is their bread and butter and they’re afraid to rock the boat or bite the hand that feeds them. A bunch of pussies.

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