Habs Sunk By Sens

If there’s one thing to brag about in this unmentionable Habs season, it’s their penalty killing. That nice little box (and no, this isn’t Penthouse Forum), with Josh Gorges putting himself in the line of fire and Carey Price holding the fort, and voila, sharpshooters around the league are left shaking their heads and swearing like crazy.

Ottawa went 0-9 on the power play on Friday, and yes, they still managed to beat the Habs 2-1 in overtime, but that’s fine. Montreal’s got a great penalty kill. That’s what we’re bragging about. That and the Desharnais, Cole, Pacioretty triumvirate. And Josh Gorges. And Chris Campoli’s girlfriend.

At this stage of the game, it’s time to look at what they do best. Play shorthanded. And as a bonus in this Kanata Kontest, Tomas Plekanec ripped a nice shot past Ben Bishop while killing a penalty. If only they could get things done with the man-advantage. And even-strength too, come to think of it.

It was a game without much flow, mainly because of the parade to the penalty box, and overall, Ottawa outplayed the Canadiens, outshot them 33-14, but couldn’t solve Price, and all that’s fine. I’m as loose as the Habs players shown at the bench going into overtime. Smiles throughout. The first time in six months that the boys can relax and enjoy.

A few fights would be fought – Greening/Subban, Neil/Staubitz, and Alexei Emelin would take a puck in the back ribs that sent him in pain to the room, but he would come back and carry on. Emelin seemed to get in front of almost as many shots as Gorges.

Not the most interesting game report you’ve ever read. But you can linger on the penalty killing if you want.

Random Notes:

Next game, Saturday in Montreal, when the New York Islanders pay a visit. An epic meeting of two teams battling for the coveted 15th spot in the eastern division.

13 thoughts on “Habs Sunk By Sens”

  1. Habs were controlling the play early. Up 1-0. Then Staubitz got into a fight. Neil won the bout, and the Sens took control.

    I’ve said it before, Staubitz is getting into fights at the wrong time, and it’s sparking the other team.

  2. It’s what happened for sure, Tom. Everything changed when Neil got them fired up. Staubitz needs some sound advice.

  3. Chris, 3 in the second, 3 in the third. How mediocre is that? You’re right – Price and Gorges didn’t get the memo.

  4. If anything untoward should ever happen to Price, just stick Gorges in net……… I they are going to lose, I would prefer they lost in regulation.

  5. Can someone tell that stiff Bourque to please, just go to the net. MR. GOAT apparently acquired him because he goes to and scores from the dirty areas. It would appear the only dirty area he has scored from in Montreal is a strip on rue St. Catherine.

  6. I like hobo’s idea.

    I’ll bet you Josh Gorges has stopped more shots than Peter Budaj.

    If he keeps this up, Josh will be in the running for the Vezina trophy.

  7. DK, the headline for your post should read* Habs Sunk By Chris Lee * !! That guy should be strip searched and checked for a I Hate The Habs tattoo. It’s always the same when this turd refs a game in which les Canadiens are playing! Yes we needed to get more shots but when your team is short handed as often as we were thats not an easy thing to do.

  8. Mike’s right.

    There’s something fishy about Chris Lee. He’s a rat-faced, game-fixing, Hab-hating weasel.

  9. Hobo, Bourque’s this big body who has shown in the past he can be mean, but the guy’s been playing like Pierre Turgeon. We were hoping for so much more.

  10. Danno, Gorges was so awesome last night. He was my choice for captain in the beginning and I haven’t changed my mind.

  11. Mike, it seems like 100% of the time this guy referees, it goes against the Canadiens. Guys like him don’t get to do the Stanley Cup finals. It’s reserved for the best.

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