9 thoughts on “Habs Suffer Capital Punishment”

  1. Two Canadian teams playing in prime time on a Saturday night. What was the CBC’s reasoning this time for not showing the game? Is it the Leafs or nothing?

  2. @Christopher I’m guessing “yes” it’s the Leafs or nothing. Their reasoning is obviously critically flawed. Then again it’s the CBC so they’re nothing if not consistent in their stupidity.

  3. In reading the Gazette’s observation, the team “squandered power play opportunities” and “lost the battle of special teams” so I wonder where the blame should lie.

  4. And Beatnik, that’s the way we should be looking at it. No one gets off scot free. Special teams are crucial.

  5. Dennis – agreed. This team has 5 on 5 scoring issues. If they can’t get their highly ranked PP going, it’s going to be a long year even if Price morphs into the greatest Habs goalie of all time. He can’t put the pucks in the net for them. The Habs blew more than one 2 man advantage. What more do they need – an empty net?

    My 88 year old grandmother can score on an empty net. OK, maybe not but I’d love to see her dressed in the bleu, blanc et rouge. She’d have more fun than some of the guys I saw dressed for our side tonight. Shots of the Habs bench looked to not be much fun, but then again neither you nor I were there.

  6. Tyg, if we would’ve been there, it would’ve been a fun place. Smiles everywhere. This is why you’re on the management team (golfing etc.) and I’m owner/stick boy.
    Price said he played a little better tonight and I’ll take that. Little by little is fine with me. Still four preseason games to go to improve little by little.

  7. Dennis, I agree the CBC is overdoing it by airing Toronto games every year. They should hold off for now and wait until 2017.
    Then the CBC could have a Golden Anniversary special to celebrate the last time the Leafs won the Cup in 1967.
    People can pick up 3D glasses as they watch it on TV.
    It will make those ancient images seem more lifelike and modern.

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