Habs Stunned By Cap Guns

The Canadiens came out Saturday night and bombarded Braden Holtby with big three shots.

But they weren’t finished there, as they continued in waves and fired another six blasts in the second.

Washington 5, Habs o.

Close, but no cigar. How did Holtby withstand such an onslaught?

The beat goes on, and the pathetic display tonight by the Canadiens was just an incredibly unacceptable effort.

They should be completely ashamed of themselves. How long do we have to put up with this nonsense?


33 thoughts on “Habs Stunned By Cap Guns”

  1. Till we get a coach who can motivate and adjust to situations as they unfold. AND bench some loafers so some kids from Hamilton can hit the big time and bring some energy. Great snow storm today though, and the sun will rise again.

  2. Quitters. They are bringing shame to the uniform. I don’t care if they are playing to get Therrien fired. Tonight was pathetic garbage.

  3. Hey Dennis, Enough is enough, sorry that’s what the saying says.I think Therrion will be done tomorow , if not then the Habs are done,sorry

  4. Disgusting display, Briere, Bourque and Therrien have got to go. We are so in trouble compared to how we were playing til mid December we now are in a losing mentality and changes need to be made because the system is failing and the players appear to have tuned out the coaching staff. What is hilarious in all this is watching 24 CH and listening to Therrien and his childish rants, he has never had the ability to make in game adjustments like a good coach would do, hope for better days soon because this doesn’t cut it in any measure.

  5. They have to be tanking on purpose to get rid of the coach. It’s the only thing that I can think of that would explain all of this. They’re not a super team but we know they can play much better than this. The Chicago game for example.

    This is just wretched stuff. They’re becoming a pain to watch. I want to be entertained and see some great games – not this. Last night was a farce. We went almost a full 20 minutes between shot number 3 and 4!

    I feel really bad for Carey. A possible Vezina winning season is going right out the window. I keep expecting him to demand a trade and I wouldn’t blame him. Guy is amazing yet they’re leaving him on his own. Pathetic.

    We should probably change our name to “The Montreal Has-Beens”. 20 years of drudgery and let-downs.

  6. That’s the guy I think, Peter – energy. They sure didn’t have any last night. It was like they weren’t trying.

  7. How many pathetic games have we seen lately, Ian? Way too many. One good game and about 20 pathetic ones. And some are more pathetic that others – this the one last night, and a few others like Ottawa for example. Just hate this. I can’t relate to a team like this.

  8. Hope you’re right, Derry, about the coach. The players have provably stopped playing for him and now it’s up to Bergevin to fix it.

  9. Hey Joe, absolutely, the system has failed. Only a handful seem to be giving 100% and it’s boring and terrible to watch. The rest coast and like you say, this doesn’t cut it. Habs fans deserve better.

  10. All I’m going to do Marjo, is keep watching the news and see if a major trade is made or the coach is fired.

  11. I watch almost all the games – but last night I tuned out after the second period when it became obvious the Habs weren’t even trying.

    Geoff Molson should issue an apology to the fans and refund all the hard-earned money they spent to watch this pathetic performance.

  12. Definitely not entertainment, Darth. Imagine getting 3 shots on goal on a team in our building who had lost seven in a row. This was right up with the most horrible to watch in the entire season, maybe the worst one yet which is amazing considering the stinkers we’ve seen, and I feel bad for Price too. He’s doing all he can, but the team in front of him, aside from a few guys like Plekanec, are getting paid big bucks for coasting. It pisses me off to no end.

  13. I don’t know if you or any of your readers went to the game, Dennis, but I sure hope not, because last night, those players (Price excluded) stole money. Worse yet, I read that the game was considered part of the Habs’ “premium package”. In other words, they jacked up the already-high prices for the tickets to the stratospheric level. People had to pay EXTRA to watch that team crap the bed (pardon my language).

    Look, I understand that the glory days of the 1960s and 1970s, etc., are gone and will never be back, but is it so much to ask of this team that it show up and compete every night? Last night, it was like there were 22 Rene Bourques out there. Instead of him taking his cue from the rest of the team and raising his game, they have all descended to his level of indifference. Obviously, I am making generalized statements, but honestly, outside of the Chicago game, which we can all agree was a fabulous game that highlighted all the Canadiens can do well when they play their best, when was the last time that we saw Montreal play well? In the past six or seven weeks, even in their wins, the Habs have looked bad.

  14. If as a few of you Habby fans are saying your team is in tank mode (only 6 points from 6th pick in the 2014 draft) than I think the possibility of a blockbuster trade involving Subban might be in the cards. Subban is going to demand Drew Doughty type money (7 million over at 5 or 6 years)…..
    For some reason I think PK is still not totally accepted by management and the dressing room. He would command a huge return in top prospects and high draft picks….
    The only problem is this would imply a form of rebuild mode (probably 2-3 years of misery seasons til the young fruit matures)….depending on if the young fruit was not rotten in which an endless cycle of Leaf type misery mode rebuild occurs …..I am an expert on misery mode rebuilds

  15. Danno, I should’ve tuned out too. And if we wait until the end of the season and nothing has changed, then we have to certainly question Bergevin, who says he learned in Chicago that one must be patient. Br patient. We’ve been patient for decades.We’re sick of being patient.

  16. PK is part of the Habs’ present and future, Leafs Fan. If they trade him, I will be very, very angry with the team.

  17. It’s not to much to ask, Ian, that they give as much of an effort as they can. For the money they make, for having faithful fans like us, it’s their duty to give their all. And we haven’t seen much of this for two months. Now we’ve got Carolina on Tuesday, Boston Thursday, and Tampa on Saturday. How interesting it will be to see what they give us.

  18. Leaf Fan, I just can’t see them moving Subban. He’s loved by too many, he’s too good, and they need to pay him and keep him. It’s about 15 others who are the problem.

  19. Does anyone remember Sam Pollock–tremendous player talent/attitude assesment ability! Coach Scotty- a stubborn mule; but how many Cups? Iknow they’re gone and that was yesteryear AND WE WERE SPOILED WITH SUCESS but not ALL winners have just talent– most have HEART and pride and a work ethic.Maybe if we knew what was defunct in the room, we’d wished we hadn’t known. I’m confuser and scared of manegment trading the good talent we do have

  20. Gionta ….36 next year and a UFA…do you resign him..his goals are way
    down…wearing out …sign him ?

    Bourque ….8 points this year an on the hook for 3.3 mil for 3 more years
    Dave Clarkson numbers on the Leafs ..5 mil over 6
    I think your just stuck with him…Why does the Montreal press
    not dump all over this guy and leave PK alone …strange

    Eller …… 20 points …RFA next year…is he the answer long term..

    Markov… sorry boys but he is finished …totally worn out

    Whats in your prospect pipeline on the Bulldogs or in the juniors ?

    Galchenyuk…I want him

    Pacioretty…I want him

  21. We don’t have much in Hamilton, Leaf Fan. I was looking at the team stats the other day and it’s all pretty mediocre stuff down there. And Gionta? I’ll be more than happy when he’s gone.

  22. It all boils down to this: No talent. You can fire MT and bring in Babcock and you would have the same result. With the exception of a few, the team doesn’t have talent.

  23. Darth you said that we aren’t a super team. That’s the problem. We’re not building to be a super team. We aren’t even building to be a Stanley Cup contender. This team has had the same philosophy for the last 20 years. We like ’em small. No superstars. No top 10 scorers. No 40 goal scorers. Do the fans in Montreal ever get riled with this. Every coach we have is a defensive specialist.


    WHEN IS THE OWNER GOING TO CATCH ON??????????????????????

    Once in a while i would like to see them sign a super star and see if we can keep him. Every team needs a combination of superstars, defensive players and gritty players. WE CANNOT COMPETE WITH THE ANAHEIMS, CHICAGOS AND THE SHARKS. We are way too small.

  24. The only way to get a superstar almost dead last to get the lottery pick…..Which means you have to be a crappy team…

    Maybe Galyenchuck in a few years ….big strong and skilled…

    Is PK a potential superstar or an impact player ??

  25. Yes Christopher, the good old days. When that old line, the EGGS, roamed the ice. When Michael Bournival was making an impact. When the team sucked and somehow won. Miss those days.

  26. Here’s a crazy thought, Gallagher seems to give a boost to whatever line he’s on; how about pairing him with Bourque and Briere? If his play can’t improve theirs nothing will. Just hope it doesn’t ruin him the way it has their other line mates.

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