Habs Strangle Sens

A Shea Weber blast in the first period, two rockets  from Andrei Markov in the second, and the Canadiens, with their 3-1 win, down the Ottawa Senators for the third time in a week.

Montreal’s pathetic showings against Detroit and Carolina earlier this week is now ancient history. The Canadiens win a big one, they once again widen the gap to three points in the Atlantic Division fight for first, and they looked decent doing it.

They’re back in our good books, thanks to Markov with his pair of goals and a helper, Carey Price coming up big when called upon, and a clock-punching, hardworking, hard-skating  effort by everyone.

They make me proud when they play well and win when it really counts. This is a team we can’t always predict. Sometimes they play like fat reefers were handed around at the morning meeting.

But when they’re angry, focused, and determined, they play as a team. Like a contender. Like tonight.

And through it all, through both good and bad, even when I’m mad at them for sometimes playing like they’re still trying to remember the grocery list, I love them.

I love them like me and my buddy loved hula dancers.

Random Notes:

Ottawa outshot the Canadiens 32-24 and were 2/4 on the power play.

A fine example of looking good: In the first period, Ottawa’s feisty Alex Burrows high-sticked Alex Galchenyuk in the face, and a few seconds later, Andrew Shaw tuned Burrows up. I thought it was a fine moment. Teammate helping teammate. Far too often in the past this wouldn’t happen, and it was always embarrassing. Seeing a tougher team is pure joy.

Next up – Tuesday, when the Dallas Stars pay a visit to beautiful downtown Montreal.




20 thoughts on “Habs Strangle Sens”

  1. How can a team go from being beer league pluggers to The Red Army in just 48 hours? The elder skatesman Andrei Markov was a thing of beauty – strength, speed and skill combined with a high hockey IQ. I hope Markov keeps on firing his Russian Howitzer during the playoffs. He has a terrific shot and needs to blast away when he gets the chance.

  2. Markov was excellent, Danno. The whole team worked hard and it was a mighty fine win for sure. Yeah, they can be maddening and I love what you said, “beer league pluggers to Red Army”. We sure don’t need beer league pluggers, starting in a couple of weeks.

  3. Thanks Dennis!
    A couple of other things stood out for me.
    Eric Karlsson should be a shoe-in not for the Norris trophy but for Best Actor at the Oscars. He sure fooled the refs with more than a few dramatic performances of a hockey player being viciously hit with a stick.
    Also, the Sens are not only a bunch of whinners and fakers but they are also a bunch of sore losers. Right after he sent out his goons, did you see how Guy Boucher marched off the ice with two seconds still remaining on the clock? I have never seen that before but it is a poor sportsmanship and a bad example to set for the kids. Gee, I wonder if Don Cherry will make a point of upbraiding the Sens for that? The NHL should fine the coach – but I wouldn’t bet on that either. It’s just more cheap, no-class stunts we’ve all come to expect from this rinky-dink franchise. Will Don Cherry unequivocally condemn the Senators for not honouring the game of hockey? Stay tuned for that!

  4. I have said for years that Therrien lacked the intellect to adjust his strategy mid-game because of his cultural heritage and upbringing in Quebec. As well he is an insecure bully with an inferiority complex as are most French Canadians. I was excoriated and branded a racist but I was right and I am not a racist. Julien is French Canadian but was born and raised in Ontario. He is a great coach with a quick mind. He is not hampered by the mental shortcomings and lack of an education that Therrien and Bergevin are hampered by. I believe that given the constraints put on the coaching position by Molson, Julien is the best coach for the Habs and is definitely IMO in the top 5 coaches in the NHL unlike Therrien who was in the bottom 2 along with Roy.

  5. I’d never seen that before either, Danno. Never once, and it was weird. Looks like Boucher was pouting. Karlsson’s a good defenceman, but listening to the announcers last night you’d think he wAs Bobby Orr. I honestly can’t stand the Sens, even though I love the city of Ottawa and have really fond memories. But that hockey team….ugh.

  6. I don’t know how you can say Therrien and most French-Canadians have inferiority complexes. I disagree completely and don’t know how you can generalize like that. Although I do agree that Julien is a better fit than Therrien.

  7. By the way, I would be remiss if I did not compliment the artist on her latest masterpiece.

    Bravo Lyla!

  8. Born and raised in Montreal but not Francophone. I left for uni and never returned after 1970 and the FLQ and PQ mess. My opinions are based on experience, observation and interaction. I grew up with sharp-thinking Anglo coaches and GMs bringing multiple championships to the city. The beloved Claude Ruel who was as loyal and honest a Hab employee as you could get did get a championship as a French Canadian coach. The ’86 and 93 Cups were total flukes and not theresult of great coaching or GMing. We can thank Steve Smith of the Oilers in ’86 and the weird Hockey Gods for ‘knocking’ (injuring) all the contenders out in ’93. I want the best coach and GM for the Habs . We definitely have the best coach now in CJ and Molson needs to fire Bergevin so we can get a GM along the lines of Yzerman who has won multiple Cups and was an important contributor. He can identify talent and is willing to make bold moves not just safe bargain hunting and dumpster diving moves. If not a former Cup winner, then someone like Lou Lamoriello in TO. This guy is bold and has built a great team here, Even Jim Rutherford made some bold moves in firing Bylsma at the right time and acquiring Kessel .And Lou L was bold enough to eat $2M per year of Kessel’s salary because he knew Kessel and Phaneuf were just not a good fit in order to change the culture of that organization. That’s what educated and confident GMs do. Bergevin is not smart and believes in fantasy. He honestly thinks you can get something for nothing. NEVER EVER!!! 5 years in and still the Habs do not even have a viable #2 centreman. Price alone cannot win you a Cup. Mark my words that Price will not stay in Montreal. Ideally Babcock will pressure Lou to get him as a UFA in 2018 or trade for him earlier. The Habs will then realize just how useless Bergevin has been.

  9. Fair enough, Zig. And great comments. In the beginning I thought Bergevin was as good as any GM out there. I said a bunch of times that I trusted his moves. But because I’m an impatient bastard, I’m not that trusting anymore. Even the way many of the call-ups were handled. I think Price could be gone in a couple of years, I agree, and his wife is an American who probably wouldn’t mind being down there again. I think Galchenyuk wants out too.
    I recently lived in Montreal for a couple of years, and I’m not sure what you mean by inferiority complex. Unless you’re talking about those that want to leave. I think they do.

  10. Dennis…Inferiority complex is having a chip on your shoulder and being pissed off at the world when you’re really just pissed off at yourself because you hate yourself for whatever reasons. You believe you are inferior to the Anglos, the Greeks, the East Indians and Chinese because their kids are scoring As and getting into Med school and engineering programs etc…and growing their wealth. You’re always looking to blame someone else for your failures and instead of rolling up your sleeves and working harder at education and life, you work at creating unreasonable rules that allow only Francophone groups and businesses to succeed. Like the black community in the US who always want the equal opportunity bump of 20% into professional schools, they are tacitly admitting they are inferior and need that academic bump. Similarly, Francophones are admitting that without these ridiculous draconian rules on language and quotas, French culture would die. The admission is really that French culture is worthless and can’t compete with English culture so you need unreasonable rules to quash everyone else. When Pauline Marois holds a press conference to denounce the hiring of Randy Cunneyworth because he is monolingual and thereby pressures the Habs into firing him…that’s an example of the French inferiority complex. When the same Mme. Marois holds another presser to denounce the female Muslim population in Quebec for wearing niqabs because “they could be concealing automatic weapons under that garb for the purpose of mass murder” she is quietly calling on the Andre Bissonettes of this world to get their own automatic weapons and open fire on innocent worshipers praying at a mosque. Six innocent family men were murdered most likely because she put that thought into the head of that deranged killer. Francophones have a perpetual inferiority complex because they truly are inferior and they believe it to be true more than any one else.

  11. Hey Zig, it’s not an inferiority complex as much as it’s revenge against the English power structure that, for decades, kept Francophones down in their own province. Does it have any place in modern Quebec? No. But that never stopped narrow minded individuals from trying. A blanket statement that all Francophones are inferior is ignorant at best.

    Hey Dennis, those drawings you post remind me of the one I did of Tony Esposito in grade 4. All the guys thought he was the second coming of J.C. (the deity not Tremblay). I’d post it if I could.

  12. For every Pauline Marois there is a Don Cherry and a Donald Trump. That does not make every Quebecois, Ontarian or American a xenophobic idiot.

  13. Danno…listen to talk radio in Ontario, the US and especially Quebec. Hatred for foreigners as a threat to indigenous white culture is everywhere. Trump was smart and tapped into it and won the White House, the PQ won power in Quebec in the past on fueling xenophobia and Don Cherry and Ontarians are scared of being overrun by foreigners who have more wealth and education and are outbidding them on home purchases and out hustling them on jobs. When the vast majority think one way the rest will be painted with the same brush. There is a drive to curtail the advances of foreigners in home and business purchases and soon we’ll see quotas in med schools etc. The Habs need to stand up to these Pequisite xenophobes and hire an Anglo GM and the best coach (who we already have). I guarantee that the Habs will NEVER win a Cup with a Quebec born and raised French Canadian GM. They truly lack the IQ needed to build a winner. Bergevin is riding the old vets he inherited from the Gainey/Gauthier regime. He has accomplished nothing as a GM…no prospects, no coaching talent for 5 years in the minors or the big club till Valentine’s Day… And like a lot of uneducated money grubbing Francophones, he has lined his and Therrien’s and JJD’s and Lefebvre’s pockets with millions and millions of guaranteed dollars of Molson’s money. These guys care nothing about winning a Cup. They’re here to stuff their pockets like the majority of Francophones who feed at the public trough.

  14. I think Zig suffers from a superiority complex, making blanket statements like his are the cause for much of the problems with Franco-Anglo relatons!

  15. Mike W…Yes I know I’m superior compared to French Canadians not because I truly am but because they believe they are inferior. Their culture and religion is what has held them back. Their church discouraged education and promoted high birth rates. With no education and 10- 14 kids to feed most French men were alcoholics and abusers of their families. They were constantly overwhelmed by their obligations and their failure to meet them. The oldest joke in Quebec was…describe a French Canadian virgin…she’s a 7 year old who can out run her drunken father. They lack logic and that is why they are not good managers or CEOs outside of Quebec where the language laws guarantee that they are the only ones who can be employed in those roles. Building a Cup winner takes logic and not worrying about lining yours and your friends’ pockets with the owner’s money. You fire your friend the coach at the right time. You hold on to good players even if the coach hates them because it’s the players who win you Cups not coaches. You don’t try and build a team from the dumpsters of other teams. With the Bowmans and Quenneville and Dale Tallon, I think Bergevin made photocopies and got the coffees and donuts for the meetings. He is an uneducated clown and thank God he has Dudley and Mellanby behind the scenes doing an excellent job or this team would be in even more trouble. Yet Molson and Savard thought that his language skills were all that was needed to be the GM of the Habs. Bergevin is a joke and without Anglos like Selke or Pollock in charge, Habs fans will only be celebrating the next great underrated player that was picked out of another team’s dumpster like Byron but will never celebrate a Cup.

  16. Zig, you don’t sound any different than a KKK member or deep south plantation owner. Now, not only do the French suffer from inferiority complex but are also not as intelligent? I have a percentage of french blood, so you’ve not only insulted French-Canadians who read my site, but you’ve insulted me as well. Your hockey comments are welcomed, you write well and have strong opinions in that regard, but please keep your personal thoughts about the French to yourself. I have very close French-Canadian friends in the Montreal area, and I feel bad that you’ve come forward and said these things about them. I also have the power to edit or delete comments here.

  17. Well said Dennis. I’m sure many people that visit here have some Francophone heritage, myself included.

  18. The Indigenous People must get a good laugh when they hear loud-mouthed schnooks like Donald Trump or anybody else attacking refugees for crossing THEIR borders and destroying THEIR country.

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