Habs Still Getting No Respect

I was talking to a guy I used to work with, a Canucks fan, and during our brief chat I mentioned to him that the Habs had a pretty good playoff run.

He gave me the thumbs down.

So I asked him how come, because they went farther than many expected.

He said he was quite impressed with them until they were shut out three times in four games by the Flyers, and that cancelled out any good thoughts he had about them.

I had no idea people are thinking this way. I thought the Habs earned respect from pretty well everyone.

6 thoughts on “Habs Still Getting No Respect”

  1. Habs never get any respect. Heck, watching CBC and Bob Cole root for every single team NOT the Habs has been going on all season, and who knows how many impressionable minds he’s corrupted as a result?

    Currently it seems that even most of the Habs fanbase is trying to re-gut this team that made it into the ECF for the first time in 17 years, instead of just trying to augment the obvious weaknesses. If the so-called critics and a lot of their own fans don’t respect them, the last people I expect to respect the Habs are fans of other teams.

    That said, I don’t respect a lot of the other teams either, so I guess it’s only fair. I mean, until recently I really liked the Hawks. Now they’re swiftly working their way into the #3 slot on my Teams I Totally Hate List, behind the #1 Leafs and the perpetually tied #2 Bruins/Flyers.

  2. Tyg – Bob Cole showed no respect every time he did the Habs. It drove me crazy. And I haven’t been reading Habs Inside/Out or other forums so this is the first I’ve heard that fans want to re-gut the team. I sure don’t agree with that. A little tweaking here and there – they definitely have to change a few things, but an overhaul. I also have no other fav team, never have. I feel nothing for all of them, not the slightest bit of affection for anybody but the Habs. They’re all bottom-feeders in my book.

  3. It was nice you expected some respect and did get a little from the guy. He does have a good point in the 3 game shut-out tho. Pretty lame finish to a great season. It does take some away but not all. I am happy with the season and who cares what some fans think. I don;t really think about how some teams did this playoffs (kinda tunnel-visioned that way) either. I only care about a good draft this summer, some smart management off-season moves.

  4. Dennis, that’s why you have this great blog – keeping the faithful together! He’s just jealous. History, 24 Stanley Cups (25 Cups truth be told) and heart. GO HABS GO!!!!

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