Habs Stick Pin In Caps’ Balloon

They could have done things a little differently, made it a little easier on their fans nerves. The Habs led 5-2 after two periods against the dynamo Washington Ovechkins, and all they needed to do to keep our blood pressure at a more normal rate would be to score a sixth and put the game out of reach.

Instead, three unanswered goals in the third period by Washington and before we knew it, the score was tied at five, it was going into overtime, and I was wishing I had a bottle of whiskey in the house.

I was also ready to copy and paste world cricket standings and Powell River ten-pin bowling results when, like an unexpected sweepstake prize, the Canadiens won it with eight seconds left in overtime as Sergei Kostitsyn made a nice play to Tomas Plekanec. thus making us glorious winners and finally putting to bed the Capitals 14 game winning streak. It also begins Pierre Gauthier’s brand new one-game winning streak.

It was a tough one to watch. So much firepower on the Capitals, with of course Ovechkin leading the charge. Backstrom, Semin, Knuble, Green. But that’s all I’m saying about these guys. I’m not a fan of talking about players on other teams. They lost, the Habs won. Hell, Montreal even outshot Washington 39-38. So all these big shot players Pierre McGuire salivated over all night, and were bettered by the little team that could, the team all beaten up with American league callups and a tornado that has just passed through the inner offices of the Bell Centre.

I’m pretty darn proud of the team tonight, even though they almost blew it.

Random Notes:

Carey Price played tonight and the only reason I was surprised by this decision was that Price hadn’t played in awhile, Halak has been on top of his game, and the opponent was the powerful Washington Capitals. So they threw him into the fire and he came out a winner, even though he allowed five goals. Was this decision pure craziness or pure genius on coach Martin’s part.?

Friday, Canadiens are in Philadelphia, then the same two teams go at it on Saturday back in Montreal. After that, light a fire and settle in for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Canadiens resume play March 2 in Boston.

And last but not least – Josh Gorges, being the honest, blue-collar player he is, blocked a shot with the side of his head and was taken off the ice and didn’t return. Reports say he’s fine, and thank God. What a selfless, heroic, brave play by Gorges, a defenceman any GM in the league would like to have on his team. We’re lucky to have Josh Gorges on our Canadiens.

13 thoughts on “Habs Stick Pin In Caps’ Balloon”

  1. What is this team doing to us? They’re trying to mess with our heads! Lose against Panthers and Lightning but win against the Caps. They’re gonna drive me insane.
    One word to sum them up is: unpredictability

    Price didn’t have a pretty game, but a win is a win.

    Jose Theodore is a COWARD. From what I can remember, the last time he played against us was when he played with The Avalanche and we crushed them 8-5. Ever since then, the other goalies have always played against the Habs.

  2. Pittsburgh plays a wide open type of game. Fast skating, so the Habs who are a fast skating team can play along with them, same for the Caps. Boston on the other hand plays a tough checking game, these type of teams are much more difficult for Montreal to play and to beat. That`s how I see it anyway.
    Great game though, gives a fella some hope for the season.

  3. Yeah, puckgone, Boston just smothered them, they couldn’t move. I think you’ve nailed it. Great game, and we need that hope. Five goals is too much, though.

  4. It’s very simple: Jaro has a problem. He rebounds the puck right down in front of him in the slot/crease instead of freezing it or rebounding it to the boards. On almost every shot, you get at least 5 bonus tries. You can’t do that to the Capitals. Mike Knuble alone would score a hat trick from that. Plus Price was 1-1-1 on them already.

    The Caps looked like they were toying with this team half of the time. But the boys fared better than the Penguins did against them on Sunday in snowy Washington…

    Hal Gill blocked 11 shots. I think 2 with his face… We can’t lose any more defencemen…

  5. Thanks 31. I guess the real surprise for me was putting him in after being out for so long, against a team like Washington. It worked out but I’m still on the fence about this. They won but it was five goals. I don’t know.

  6. I had the the same thought Dennis regarding Price, in the aftergame interview he mentioned it being tough to have sat on the bench so long and then to go in against the best scoring team in the league. I didn’t think that was cricket and he really didn’t sound too impressed either. Good thing they won or that could have really soured him on the organization. Of course it still might have.

  7. I’m with you, John. I really feel Price has been handled wrong from the beginning. Imagine him going in cold against that lineup? But they won so I guess that’s all that matters.

  8. I just hope we face off against the Caps or Pens for the playoffs because I agree with Puckgone. We match up better against fast open-style teams than big physical ones. We very possibly could pull of a first-round upset.
    All in all, we have to be happy with this win. Now, imagine when we get most of our key players back after the Olympic break.

  9. It really doesn’t matter. Most goalies against the Caps hit around .800 so he was actually slightly above the norm. My biggest problem was with a 1-goal lead they allowed the Caps to do whatever they wanted. That should never have happened. The Habs won because they were aggressive and attacked the Caps weakness (defensively they got problems but they tend to not care because they score at will). The minute they went back to that wishy-washy watching mode, the Caps were all over them. You can’t allow that team to have all that space and expect something good to happen. Especially with it being his first game back after a long lay-off.

    But hey he made some tough saves. Way harder than their goalies. Still face 38 shots too.

    Kirk Muller was behind this victory all the way. He was the guy yelling at them, reminding them to keep up the aggressive play. Another problem though was Martin refuses to put Sergei on the powerplay… Could have helped. Markov being snakebitten was another problem…

  10. Good stuff, 31. The Cpas won’t win the Cup if they have imperfections, which the Habs made us aware of.

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