Habs Stick Lightning In A Jar


Three goals in the third period for the hometown heroes, and the Lightning are stuffed in a mason jar and the lid shut tight.

The beat goes on for the wild and crazy Montreal Canadiens as they win their sixth straight and remain almost undefeated (a shootout loss to Ottawa) thus far this season.

And they did it by taking out a talented Tampa squad after falling behind 1-0 late in the second, but in surprising fashion finding a second wind in the third.

Surprising because they played in Brooklyn the night before and should’ve had their tongues hanging out as the game wore down.

But they kept it going , they win 3-1, and all that’s left between them and a near-perfect October are the smelly and disease-ridden Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday, a team that no matter how pathetic they are season after season, somehow play like champs against the Habs.

Thursday against the Lightning was a tight checking, cautious affair for the most part, and not even close to perfect, as Max Pacioretty admitted in his post-game interview.

In fact, until Tampa scored at the 16:08 mark of the middle frame, the only things worth mentioning was Nathan Beaulieu pummeling Cedric Paquette, along with a lovely two-on-one between Alex Galchenyuk and Alex Radulov that came up short, and Pacioretty bouncing the puck off the crossbar with his skate.

But it was the third period that got the joint jumping, with several whoops and hollers from my living room.

Galchenyuk tied things on the power play after a great pass from Andre Markov. Then Max put his team ahead with a nice wrist shot at the top of the circle. And Torrey Mitchell notched the insurance marker with an empty netter.

They scratched out a fine win against a good team, and they had some serious help from Carey Price, who was once again as solid as some of the steaks I try to barbeque.

Price has allowed just six goals in his four games played, while backup Al Montoya has given up just seven in his four games. Stingy, beautiful bastards.

It was another set of heroes (Max, Mitchell, Galchenyuk, Pateryn, Markov, Shaw), who stepped up on this fine night, and team continues to spread the wealth. All four lines are firing on all cylinders, which translates into wins, baby!

And speaking of Andrew Shaw, he played what might have been his best game so far for the CH by skating miles, getting his nose dirty, and even being a scoring threat at times.

It’s all fine and dandy, but like I said, it’s time to throttle the Leafs on Saturday.

Random Notes:

Tampa outshot Montreal 31-26.

Habs were 1/3 on the power play (Galchenyuk).

Shea Weber was pointless, which is unusual at this point, and young Mikhail Sergachev once again sat in the press box, which isn’t unusual.



9 thoughts on “Habs Stick Lightning In A Jar”

  1. That was an important win for the team, they need to get into the Lightning heads for the playoffs. Make them think like the Bruins, that they haven’t got a shot against us.

    Against the Laffs, it’s mostly about pride; especially mine. Gotta keep all those Leaf fans in their place.

  2. Don’t get the feeling ‘les gars’ are missing the P.K.
    Glad to see them play with a lot of vigor and win.
    Go Habs Go!

  3. “…who was once again as solid as some of the steaks I try to barbeque.”

    This is why I keep coming back here.

  4. DK, great to sow the seeds of doubt in their minds!
    Tried to Google who the ref was that penalized us with a minute to go and then a minute into the next period. Shaw’s empty netter was good, no holding, was Lee up to his usual bs and the sixth man on the ice for Tampa? Oh well time to stomp the Laffs!
    GO HABS GO !! : )

  5. I’d like to comment, but I’m hold out until Plek scores a goal. I’m afraid I won’t be posting until March…

  6. Mike, sorry I’m late getting to this. Absolutely, Shaw’s goal should’ve been good. I didn’t understand, especially after seeing the replay. Oh well, they still won. And they beat the Laffs on Saturday!

  7. Hi Ed. Nope, they’re not missing PK. And I heard last night that he fell down again and gave up a 2-on-1. I prefer what Weber brings.

  8. Christopher, Leaf Fans are excited, but as long as their goaltending is mediocre, the team will stay that way.

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