Habs Steamroll Along

It seems like only yesterday the Habs were on the bubble for a playoff spot, playing poorly, winning some, losing too many.

For Habs fans, it was more than depressing. Because these are fans who are tired of mediocrity. It’s been too long.

How things can change. With Montreal controlling the game in Manhattan against the Rangers, winning 3-1, they now find themselves racking up six straight and moving within just one point of the Ottawa Senators.

And part two of “how things can change”, it was only a few weeks ago when the Sens were on a serious roll, that hockey panelists and newspaper writers throughout the land were declaring Ottawa a major contender.

Now, like I said, the Habs are within just one point of this team from the Nation’s Capital. Suddenly, like magic, hockey people everywhere are amazed at what’s happened with the Canadiens and the way they’ve come together while still missing key guys Mike Cammalleri and Marc-Andre Bergeron.

But I think Habs fans knew all along that the team was a good team. It’s only because the Canadiens have been riddled with injuries since day one, and it’s a team almost completely different from last year’s lineup. It’s taken this long to get it together, but it’s happened.

Bob Gainey should be proud for sticking with his convictions and not signing Alex Kovalev and others and bringing in skaters most experts felt were too small. And Pierre Gauthier should be applauded for doing nothing at the trade deadline and believing in what he had, along with having the foresight to grab Dominic Moore.

Random Notes:

Time off now until Saturday when the Leafs do battle with the good guys in Toronto. I don’t have to say anything more about this game.

Habs goals were scored by Glen Metropolit, Sergie Kostitsyn, who is is contributing in a big way now at this all-important time, and Tomas Plekanec who is back on track.

Driving back from Nelson today I was listening to Vancouver Canucks talk radio, and believe me, the radio guys and fans out here are thinking that the Canucks are a bonafide Stanley Cup contender and Henrik Sedin has a chance of winning the Art Ross trophy for league MVP. We’ll see about all that.

22 thoughts on “Habs Steamroll Along”

  1. Bad news, we can’t catch the Capitals for top spot in the East. Good news, if we keep this up, the Sabres and the #3 seed is still possible. It’s not my fault I’m cocky and overconfident, the Habs just keep winning.

  2. Rack up another one for the shirt! Have to confess though that I took a chance and washed it the other day fortunately its mojo is stronger than Tide! With the team finally playing well I feel bad that Bob Gainey isn’t still at the helm. Obviously I’m sure he feels vindicated and everyone is giving him the credit for putting the players in place but had this happened 3 months ago he might not have felt the need to step down. The man oozed integrity, how many guys would rip their own fans like he did for Brisebois? The team will miss him and so will I.

  3. I agree, John. I believed in Gainey and this is his team that is doing so well right now. I think he had the most stressful job in hockey – running the Canadiens when they weren’t doing well. It doesn’t get any harder than that. And the shirt….whew! So it seems that washing it isn’t a problem. That took a lot of guts to wash it but it came through with flying colours. I’m proud of the shirt, and when I’m owner, I’m going to find a job in the front office for it.

  4. Dennis, keep your beloved Habs going! So happy Metropolit is winning. He’s my favorite. Heart, grit and nice guy, too.

    It’s doubtful the B’s will make it in to playoffs, so Go Habs Go! If we do, I hope we meet and our teams have a spirited playoff series.

  5. Chris and Dennis: Not only can we catch the Sabres, we’re only 4 points behind. Good, tough hockey + Halak solid between the pipes + John’s shirt = a solid backend of the 09-10 season. I think things are looking up. Go Habs Go!

  6. Dennis, I totally agree with you on your comments about Bob Gainey. The man went through a living hell rebuilding this team and being criticized from all sides for all kinds of things including bad weather and the recession. The reality is the roller-coaster ride was due mostly to things beyond his control – like the rash of non-stop injuries.
    I hope the Habs plan to honour Bob in a significant way. He soldiered on even when his own life appeared to be falling apart. Never a guy to chase the spotlight he always did what he thought was best for the team he loved. I often wonder how people could be so ungrateful and mean-spirited to such an honest, hard-working, dedicated and sincere man.
    If the Habs go as far as I think and hope this year, I hope and believe that this classy organization reserves a special place of honour for Bob during the Stanley Cup festivities and the parade to follow.
    Stay tuned. The best is yet to come.

  7. DK, I feel vindicated after reading the posts today,re Bob Gainey. My opinions I expressed the day he stepped down are as strong as ever & always will be! He gave his heart & soul through out his career for Bleu,Blanc et Rouge.
    Les Canadiens Sont La !!!!

  8. David, things are loking up for sure. But we have to demolish the Leafs on Saturday. I was listening to Canucks radio in the car and they kept talking about how the Islanders were going to be easy pickings and in the end the Islanders won 5-2. So we have to bear down on the Leafs. Crush ’em.

  9. Diane, we finally have something to be happy about. It took most of the year, but we’re happy. They just have to keep it going. You’d be a great Habs fan.

  10. Dennis, I’m going to root for the B’s if they make the playoffs. However, their lackluster play will guarantee a very quick exit.

    So, in the event they get the boot, I will cheer for the Habs. Yes, I don’t feel guilty in the least. I like to see exciting, emotional, well played hockey and my men are not showing me any.

    Consider me on the open market and not in a committed hockey relationship. 🙂

  11. But Diane, what if you moved to say, a bordertown in upstate Vermont? Would you becoema Habs fan then?

  12. The Bruins suck so bad, they’ve driven Diane into the waiting embrace of Les Canadiens.

  13. Dennis and Christopher, consider me a Habs fan as of today. (That is if you’ll have me in your group.) I’m a relative new comer to hockey (7 years since I went to my first game and became hooked on this great sport.) Anyway, after last night’s disgusting, heartless hockey from the Bruins, I’m renouncing my team. Yes, I divorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee.

    I have Center Ice and will now watch Habs games and cheer them loudly and with great gusto.

    From now on, I will only go to minor league hockey games and only Bruins when they play Les Canadiens.

    I believe champagne is in order for my baptism this weekend, eh?!

  14. Welcome aboard the SS Habs Diane! If Champagne is unavailable a Molson’s Export Ale will do. We’ll all be toasting you as we crush the Leafs like little bugs Saturday night. (Hugs)

  15. Ah Danno, I feel like family already. You, Dennis, Christopher, all fine hockey men. I still have to consider Bobby Orr as #1 though. He’s a great player, a fine man and he helps the new NHL plays avoid getting the shaft.

    A round of drinks on me!!!!

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