Habs Start Slow, End Fast, And Lose Game Three

In the end, the Canadiens had made it a game. But it was too late. Because spotting the other team three goals in the first 22 minutes makes it slightly difficult to come back from.

When the dust had settled, Boston owned a 4-2 win and the series now sits at two games to one for the Habs instead of the precious three game to none situation we all wanted the bleu, blanc et rouge to be in.

Montreal lacked fire and intensity in the beginning as the Bruins went up by three, and for the most part the Canadiens were kept off balance and on the outside. The Habs weren’t sharp, and there just weren’t enough quality chances against the visitors who had picked it up a few notches from the previous two games.

Early in the game Boston took a “too many men” penalty which the Habs failed to do anything about, and shortly after, the Bruins scored that big first goal. And early in the second period a Carey Price attempt to clear the puck with his net open was deflected off Doc Recchi’s knee to a teammate, making it 3-0 at this point, and really started me thinking about taking a quick drive to the beer store.

But, in what can be seen as a good sign for upcoming games, Montreal began a charge. Andrei Kostitsyn deked out Chara and fooled Tim Thomas, and dramatically in the third, Tomas Plekanec narrowed it to 3-2. After that it was all Canadiens, with Brian Gionta, (and this is one of the reasons he’s captain), taking it upon himself to lead the charge, and the Canadiens completely dominated as they pushed to tie it and raise the roof at the Bell Centre.

But it wasn’t to be. The Bruins held the fort, scored in the empty net, and now it’s time to regroup, think about not starting so slowly next time, and realize the Bruins had no intentions of going quietly into the night.

But we still hold the hammer.

Random Notes:

Next game – Thursday.

Brad Marchant is such a despicable rat.

Montreal outshot Boston 36-25 on the night, including 15-6 during the BIG PUSH in the third.

Next time, start the BIG PUSH a lot earlier.

13 thoughts on “Habs Start Slow, End Fast, And Lose Game Three”

  1. Except for the ugly score at the top of the screen, most of the third period was incredible. Even when Montreal was short handed they still dominated Boston. Why couldn’t they have done that from the beginning?
    I also don’t understand why do they persist in shooting the puck at Thomas’ belly? He’s given up many weak goals between the skates and big rebounds off his pads. Even Bob Cole picked up on this and he’s still thinking about the Leafs in the playoffs.

  2. We need to play the next game the way we played the 3rd period. We HAVE to win the next game. Have to.

  3. Have you noticed that in each game the team who shot the least won. Is dense key? Get the early shots and keep fort?

  4. did you notice how don cherry kept referring to the bruins with the infamous ” WE ” word? does he always do this?…………… i know local radio broadcasters have been known to do this but they are locals. i have never seen a national broadcast in any sport with their feature guy being so brutally blatant………. does he not know jack outlawed the WE word ages ago? didn’t the bruWEns unceremoniously fire him years ago?

  5. What happened to that awesome forechecking we did in Beantown? We had a trap set in the neutral zone that the Bruins kept getting caught in. Last night we did get physical,( Olivia Newton-John not required ) but we let them through that trap too often. I’m not happy with Gomez because he can set up a play but obviously the net is too small for him to score in. On the bright side, I’m sure we’re gonna pick it up a few notches in game 4 and Subban’s going to score the winning goal. Go Habs Go … Score Habs Score! Cheers everybody.

  6. We are still on top. Getting two in Beantown was gravy and leaving Montreal up 3-1 is stil very possible and we are still favoured. We will play better in game 4. The Habs learned a lesson. Carey cost up the game. He learned a lesson and will come out in his usual ‘ice in his veins’ demeanour. Thomas will suck and fold. Chara is still not 100 % and Lucy and Horton are playing awful because they cannot keep up. I liked it when Subban flattened Lucy mostly because Ssubban is a much better athlete and has stronger leg strength. Lucy crumbled. Horton is invisible because they both are deathly afraid of waking Habs PP. This is not the same bruins regular season team. They do not have the same intensity and their lack of depth is showing. Our fans and last change Thursday will win it for us. It will be good to have Pouliot sit out as he is more a liability. I like Weber but we need Halpern to show or guys how to win a bloody faceoff. Still very confident because we have a great squad, led by a great Captain.

  7. Christopher, doesn’t it always seem like Bob Cole is cheering for the other team? Maybe he’s not, I’m not sure, but it seems like it. And Montreal has to play the whole game on Thursday.

  8. Hobo, Don calls both the Bruins and Leafs “we.” Montreal, it’s “they.” He’s a cartoon.

  9. Mikey D, I hope you’re right about Subban. We want him to continue being a star and show the voters that he should have been at least in the top three for the Calder.

  10. Mayo, Pouliot does this sometimes, this ill-timed penalty stuff, and he’s completely stopped scoring. I can’t see him back next year.

  11. To be honest Dennis, Pouliot has played about as good as Horton and Lucic. Both of them have been almost individual. Boston is paying $4.083 M / year for Lucic and $4M/year for Horton. I guess I can see why we’re getting Benoit for only $1.35M/year and I don’t see him being a priority signing. The Markov story will be very interesting. I predict he’ll take a pay cut to come back (but also understand he recently turned the habs first offer down flat).

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