Habs Stall Sens

The Canadiens stalled Ottawa’s charge, ruining the Sens’ chance to catch the Boston Bruins in the Northeast Division by winning in a shootout 3-2, and I have to admit, for some reason I’m not feeling bad for the Senators.

Frankly, I could care less where Ottawa sits, or 28 other teams for that matter. All I care about, aside from the fact that the Habs are going to find themselves without that top three draft pick very soon, is that the Canadiens look slightly better now, are playing with some jump and as a team, but they’ve left it too late.

That’s what hurts. They’re showing they can play after being horribly comatose for way too long, and I’d like to know how this new act affects the fallout. Will the team change plenty in the off-season or keep plenty? It scares me. I want plenty, and if the boys keep getting points, ownership and management might be fooled once again, or forget to take their blinders off, and we’d have to endure another tortuous season like this one. And if we do, I’ll be suing the team for a new television after a brick gets lodged in the one I have now.

So the bottom line is, if the Canadiens play well to close it off, we can only hope the brain trust isn’t hoodwinked by the improvement. I don’t trust these guys in suits. Not any more.

Tomas Kaberle had the night off to be with his girlfriend and brand new baby, Scott Gomez is feeling the effects of a concussion compliments of Buffalo’s Tyler Myers, and Alexei Emelin didn’t dress and I’m not sure why. I hate this. We need Emelin.

Erik Cole skated miles tonight against the Senators, and opened the scoring when he grabbed his own rebound and beat 6’7″ Ben Bishop, apparently the tallest goalie to ever play in the league. Tall and slim, the absolute polar opposite of Gump Worsley.

David Desharnais scored Montreal’s second goal just 24 seconds into the third period, and notched the lone goal in the shootout. This guy is a beauty, and an inspiration and example to small guys who might think they don’t have a chance in hell of landing a big-league job.

Andrei Markov took a puck in the face and although pucks in the face hurt, and it’s always good not to lose teeth or have a nose flattened, it still usually means it might not be serious. But Markov looked very upset, the way Brian Gionta did when he tore his bicep, and at that second, my heart stood still. But he was fine, and was back for the third.

Sorry, Ottawa fans. Better luck another time. And if I could give one piece of advice to you, now that your team is doing so well, try not to be so freaking smug like Canucks fans.

Random Notes:

When Cole scored, the referee nearby put his arm up to signal the goal and Cole skated by and high-fived him. One of the funnier things I’ve seen lately.

Shots on goal – Sens 37, Habs 26.

Next game, Friday in Ottawa. If only Montreal still had a chance. It would make things so much more fun.

30 thoughts on “Habs Stall Sens”

  1. It’s good to beat the Sens, gotta keep their fans humble, let’s save our losses for teams without fans. Islanders are in Montreal Saturday. We’ve caught up to them again, and we don’t want them taking the #3 pick from us.

    I don’t think we need a complete overhaul; 3 must haves and 2 nice to haves. Must get rid of $7.4M cap suck, return of 2009 all-star defenceman and healthy scoring captain. It would also be good to undo the panic move to fix the power-play and pick up a top 6 forward. The first 3 are absolutely necessary, year after year I see Toronto deluded into thinking their rebuild is working when they have a too little too late surge prior to golfing.

    Officially Emelin has an upper body injury. Don’t know where he’s hurt or how/when it happened.

    Price was laughing so much at Cole’s high five, he forgot to stop the next puck that came his way.

  2. Chris, I agree with you about the changes. I think it might be considered a major overhaul if we change five players and three men in suits.

  3. I wish they had played with this much spirit the whole season. Dammit. If they could harness this for next year and keep the defence up to par we may be something else. I just pray we don’t get a new coach who preaches defence-first hockey and we’re stuck with another dull system.

    Randy hasn’t been completely successful of course but I have to admit the team has been far more entertaining than they have been for years. If the whole team actually showed up for every game I’d bet we’d be one hell of a team now. It’s aggrivating to see that now everyone seems to be stepping up when for most of the season many of them didn’t care. Well thanks a lot guys.

    DD just amazes me. Pacioretty has a good eye for talent. This guy actually tries to do something all the time. The whole line does. What a refreshing thing to see. I can’t stand floaters.

    Bourque actually looked like he was trying tonight, sadly he’ll disappear now for another few games.

    Even though this messes up our draft pick, I’m glad to see them win and if they actually made the playoffs I’d be happy. I doubt it very much but I’d be happy. I still think it’d be amazing if we did and then went on to win the Cup. I think all of us would have our minds blown by that. I’m dreaming big but sometimes it’s fun to dream.

  4. Dennis

    If DD can teach me how to keep the puck on the boards while someone olds me upside down by the crutch then I’m signing up for Jaques Martin’s Summer Hockey School. Send me the forms.

  5. err that should read “holds”. It’s a problem with us Cockney types dropping our “aitches”

  6. The major overhaul needs to be Bob and his favorite pet MR. GOAT……..”………and before the draft SVP

  7. I’m also worried that if the Habs keep winning, it could save Gauthier’s job.

    “See what happened when the lineup was healthy and Markov came back? We won all our games. It’s a good team, they were just missing their top defenceman. Just give me three more years.”

  8. Cole really looked like he was hurt when he got banged up on the board. Damn if that ever happens.

  9. Someone might want to alert CBC on a couple of major stories: A) Randy Carlyle was fired for a reason; B) don’t look over your beloved Laffs shoulder, our idea of a horrific team is about to pass your idea of a playoff team!

  10. But Blue Bayou, can they teach me how to hold Brad Marchand upside dow and pound him three feet into the ice? Id so, I’ll join you.

  11. Hobo, I agree about those two, and after they do that, they can get rid of Gomez. Very important for our sanity.

  12. It’s true, Tom. He could dodge a very big bullet if they win many of their games from on in. I’m just hoping they do all the right things. Or are they smart enough?

  13. Let’s face facts: Cunney should be playing for a job elsewhere but I believe if he really wants a job someplace else he needs to manage his team better with healthy scratches more often of the CA/KA defense pairing. Who cares about them so scratch them and keep St.Denis up to see what he has. Also try putting a second scoring line together with Pleks, Eller and a motivated Borque or LL. The 3rd and 4th lines are the rest in no particular order. Also I love White and what he brings but would someone please tell him His Stick Needs To Be On The Ice and Not In The Air Like A “Purse” or Handbag. Passes are on the ice not like lacrosse in the air. Good on them for the win and the highlite of the nite is Coles High Five. What a thing to see in person last nite the first time around before replay so others could get it. GO HABS GO!

  14. dra, if they start benching Kaberle it’ll make Gauthier look bad so it’s a delicate situation. I thought Campoli did okay last night, skated the puck out of his end with authority, but of course he’s not a top four D-man. And yes, a second scoring line would be such a bonus and is what all good teams strive for. If we had two good point-getting lines, a third that chipped in in a nice way, and a huge shut-down line, we’re off to the races. But other than DD, Max, and Cole, most of the giuys have been hot and cold and a big reason why we’ve sucked this year. What a dilemma we’ve found ourselves in. It’s so nice to see them play better and win, but like Tom and others say, it might save Gauthier’s job. But we don’t want them to tank either. At least I don’t.
    Did you make it to the game last night?

  15. @hobo,

    There’s a part for you as a Chimmney Sweep when I remake Mary Poppins. You’re definitely channelling Dick Van Dyke.

    To refine your impressive start with the language I prescribe healthy doses of Bob Hoskins and also early Guy Ritchie gangster capers.

  16. Blue Bayou, for decades I felt I had lived in Dickens’ London in some previous life. But I realize now that my cockney accent is so pitiful I probably didn’t.

  17. For sure, Tom. But at least now they’re looking more like a team than at any point previously, which I think is good because it shows with some tweaks, they should be fine. Gauthier’s a big problem, Gomez too, and they’re not the only two. The power play may improve drastically with Markov, and if they can somehow adjust and play a full 60 minutes it would be nice. But I know what you’re saying and I hear it often from others as well. I have to admit, though, that for me, it’s a nice change to see them pick it up a few notches, although it can create problems for sure.

  18. Yes I was there and have tickets for only 2 more games. I will be there cheering them on always. But please get the memo to Ryan White about his stick on the ice. A big pet peeve of mine that somehow starts in peewee hockey and needs to be addressed. As for Cunney and CA/KA pairing if he wants a job someplace then he really needs to make Goat look bad and do the right thing and bench them. What does he really have to lose so play out the string and audition for someone else by playing the players who deserve to be played.

  19. Excellent, dra. I hope you enjoyed the night, which I’m sure you did. Someday I’ll get to the Bell.
    We need Kaberle and Gomez and Campoli and the other guys to play well so some general manager will be fooled into taking them. Is it possible? I suppose not if one is an astute GM, but Gauthier was managed to be fooled so maybe there’s someone out there like him. Keep our fingers crossed.

  20. One can only pray for a sucker to take Kaberle. As for Campoli he is gone anyway. Listened to Tony Marinaro on way home after game last nite and he was all aglow about Campoli (must be the Italian thing) but I don’t see it when he tries to be Bobby Orr (not) and leaves Staubitz to cover for him. Not what we really want to have happen but what he does to his teamates regularly. No wonder Chicago who wanted D-men at trade deadline did not make an offer for him because they knew he stinks.

  21. dra, have you seen Campoli’s girlfriend? Holy smokes. For me, Camploi’s a good skater and is capable of bringing the puck out from his end better than a lot of defencemen. But he’s not dangerous offensively, and his play in own end is isn’t tough enough. But that girlfriend…….

  22. Dennis, your page on Chris Campoli is the second image shown when I Google his name. But I preferred the picture of his girlfriend in this one, especially after seeing the Maxim video of her only in black leather straps.

    Blue, I understand dropping the “aitches”, but do I want to know what’s involved in being ung upside down by the “crutch”?

  23. Christopher, wow. What photos. Frankly, I don’t know what she sees in the guy. He doesn’t even know how to score.

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