Habs Squeak Out Win Over Leafs


It was tight, that’s for sure. Tighter than Richard Simmons’ tights. A game that could’ve gone either way.

Except Montreal has Shea Weber on their power play and the Leafs don’t.

Weber let go a rocket in the third period that broke a 1-1 deadlock and crushed the hearts of Leaf fans, who thought maybe, just maybe, their team might actually do it.

You know how silly Leaf fans can get sometimes.

Just joking. Seriously.

It wasn’t to be, Leaf fans, although your team played well and almost came through.

And these same fans can now focus on November 19th, when the two teams clash again. But they have to always keep in mind one thing. The Canadiens have Carey Price or Al Montoya. And Weber. And Radulov and a whack of other beautiful bastards.

But again, your team played well if it’s any consolation. And there’s some real nice young players on that Leafs squad and could be a force in the near future.

I’ve said for years that a winner in Toronto is good for the game. It’s just the Toronto media that might be insufferable. And maybe a few million fans.

The Leafs were the better team in the first period of Saturday’s contest, but the second frame would see Alex Galchenyuk finish off a great pass from Alex Radulov, and the Canadiens regrouped slightly after that.

In the third period, Toronto would score with the man advantage, but Weber, on a 4-on-3 power play, wound up and that was that. And Price stuck out his pad with about half a second left to save the win.

An 8-0-1 October for the Canadiens, and try as you may to compare it to a perfect 9-0 last year that went south in no time, you just won’t be able to. Because Carey Price is playing. And those other guys.

Last year went like this: Montreal won their first nine, then lost to the Canucks and Oilers on their western swing, where Carey Price suffered his then-mysterious injury.

Into November, with Mike Condon in nets on most nights, and they’d win a few and lose a few. But in December, January, February, and March, they fell off the cliff and fell out of the race. Simple as that.

Price even managed to get back in nets for three games in late November last season, but that was all, and Condon,  Dustin Tokarski, and Ben Scrivens manned the nets for the remainder.

I’m hoping to stop talking about it. I just thought it was interesting for you. And it’s all about you!

Random Notes:

Next up – The Vancouver Canucks visit the Bell next Wednesday.

Radulov assisted on both goals, and Weber leads his team with four goals and six assists.




16 thoughts on “Habs Squeak Out Win Over Leafs”

  1. Always nice to beat the Laffs especially on a Saturday night . The boys gutted out a win and I like the new additions to the team so far . Hopefully they stay healthy and keep things going . Go Habs Go !

  2. It’s all about staying healthy, Joe. Especially the goalie. They’re a better team this year, that’s for sure, and I saw somewhere last night that they’re looking for a top four defenceman.

  3. Hi Dennis, it’s good to be back at it and with each win last season becomes more and more a bad memory. It was Kypreos in the second intermission who said the Habs were looking for a top 4 d-man. I don’t know where he gets this insider information to be so sure but my question is where is the depth needed to acquire such a player?

  4. Great to hear from you, D-John. Yes, what the heck would they have to give up to get a top four guy? Plenty I think. If Bergevin pulled that off without taking a big hit, then he’s a magic man. This Trouba fellow would be good, but at what cost? We’ll see, and so far so good. How’s Kenora?

  5. Dennis…I believe the Leafs make the playoffs this year. They are fast and have a good coach and by default a solid system. I have watched a couple of their games now and they look quite impressive to my eyes.

    It was a good win last night and a very close game. CP was the x factor I thought. He is very, very good.

  6. Well DK thank goodness for the big man and the dude who shuts the door! If not I may have become a very poor host and dumped crab dip on my Laff fan guest. I don’t know what it is but you can go back to the Lafleur teams and we always seem to have a tough time dispatching them. Oh well a wins a win! :<{ )

  7. With last night’s result I can see a light from the end of the tunnel of Leaf futility. If the Cleveland Indians can win, it means only another 20 or so more years of losing.

    Hmm, over priced tickets to watch your team lose. What team, city, fan base does that sound like? So the Laffs are a better comparison to the Cubbies, in which case their drought is not even half way done.

  8. Price was great, Mike, and Weber makes such a difference. And yep, Toronto has always given them trouble. It must be adrenaline or something. Wednesday they need to win again. All the Canucks fans out here, they’d be hard to take if their team ended the Habs run. At least I assume they’d be hard to take. I don’t talk to a lot of people all that often.

  9. I’m hoping the Leaf drought continues for years, Christopher. It’s okay if they’re more competitive and even make the playoffs, but it’s definitely not okay to see them go all the way. Anyway, Leaf fans shouldn’t even bother to consider the notion, at least until they get some goaltending. Which they haven’t had since Johnny Bower.

  10. How that would suck, Marjo. Habs need this game because of that. Every game is interesting for different reasons. Plus I’ve never liked the Canucks.

  11. DK, are you implying there are actually people out there that like the Canuckle heads. Really what’s the world coming to!

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