Habs Spank Sens

It seems there are no normal games when the Canadiens and Senators play each other.

Friday night  in Kanata saw a wild 7-4 win by the Habs over the sinking Sens after spotting Ottawa an early 3-0 lead.

It had been a dismal beginning for the Canadiens to be sure, shockingly finding themselves in a deep hole in under six minutes of play, but soon enough, pucks started finding their way behind a shaky Craig Anderson.

And when the dust had settled, the Canadiens had scored seven straight goals before Ottawa would notch a late one.

This was the same Craig Anderson who stoned the Habs last year in the playoffs. On this night, the Sens might have had better luck with Pamela Anderson.

The DDs burned it up again, with Max getting three plus two assists. Thomas Vanek had three assists and DD two.

I heard recently that some who study advanced stats have decided that because the DD line isn’t great defensively, they could hurt the team and should be broken up.

Talk about throwing water on a beautiful thing.

Guy Lafleur and Steve Shutt weren’t exactly defensive specialists either, but no one was complaining when they were popping 50 or 60 goals a season.

The way this game started, with three goals in under six minutes by Ottawa, it was certainly cause to be concerned. Was it one of those nights for Peter Budaj?

Were the Senators determined to pay back in a big way for being embarrassed at the Bell on March 15th?

Instead, Budaj was great. Tremendously sharp. The DD line would soon catch fire. And it all started when Andrei Markov bounced one in off Anderson from behind the line, near the side of the net.

Then it was off to the races, although the Sens would hit some posts and Budaj had to be sharp as a razor from time to time.

After Markov, the goals just kept coming, almost every second shot went in, and it became Weaver, then Max, Eller, Max, Max and DD, and it’s two big points and the Sens are basically screwed.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – Ottawa 43, Montreal 23.

P.K. Subban rode the bench for most the first period after not being harder on checks during a couple of Sens goals. PK would see a very low 13:39 of ice time.

I truly disagree with Michel Therrien’s methods regarding P.K. A Norris trophy winner being treated like a raw rookie.

There were several scuffles throughout, including Galchenyuk and Karlsson, Tinordi and Gryba, and Gally and Neil, with a player scrum developing from it. But all in all, it could’ve been worse. It could’ve been a Canadiens-Nordiques type of affair.

George Parros played while Rene Bourque watched from the press box, and George not only almost had an assist on the night, but was also sent out to cool things down when characters like Zach Smith and Chris Neil were getting overly obnoxious.

Max scored his 36, 37th, and 38 goals of the season and when one looks at the top four goal scorers in the league, it’s Corey Perry with 41, Joe Pavelski with 39, Max with 38, and Sidney Crosby with 36.

How great is that?

Next up – Detroit at the Bell Saturday night. Should be a beauty, but more about that later.




9 thoughts on “Habs Spank Sens”

  1. Great, great game!

    1- the Tinordi/Gryba dance: why oh why did the refs let it go that long? The guys were spent, hitting knuckles into helmets over and over again (ouch!) and both sorta petered out on their own. Know when to intervene, refs. Simply stupid.

    2-I have a sick feeling PK won’t stay.

  2. Therrien seems determined to drive PK out of town. I honestly don’t understand his rationale. PK is a RFA this coming off-season, I think. If you were him, would you want to re-sign when the head coach seems to single you out every time a bad play is made (and let’s be honest, last night, despite the final score, was not PK’s best game)? Does he do that with ANY other player, other than Lars Eller? Has Frankie Boo ever sat during a game for his occasionally horrid play? How about Douglas Murray? No, it’s only PK. I think that Marjo is right; PK will leave (unless there is a coaching change).

  3. Ian, I can’t imagine that Thereien is the only one behind the bench that feels the way he does about PK. I just can’t imagine MB giving him full reigns on this one. I think MT has the support of the coaching staff and MB as well. Clearly, or maybe I should say IMO, they know something we don’t. It mystifies me as it does so many, why talent like that is consistently benched, but I have to believe that there is more to the picture.

  4. Marjo, I tend to agree with you–if Marc Bergevin really had an issue with this, presumably something would have been said to Michel Therrien and it would have stopped. Then again, Michel Therrien has always been known as been something of a stubborn coach, so who knows?

    My only concern is the success of the team, both short-term and long-term, and I believe that PK Subban is the team’s best player other than Carey Price. They are a better team with him than without him. Does that mean that he doesn’t have off-games and that he doesn’t make bad plays? No, of course not, but it really does seem to me that he gets singled out for punishment.

  5. I can’t see PK ever leaving. Therrien, however, isn’t long-term. It’s been a great closing run, best since 07-08, but coaching coast our team 10 points this season (why was the top line anywhere near the ice the last 7 minutes? The thugs were looking for chances to hurt and we had our best players out there).

    This might have been my favorite game this year, but that maybe due to my intense dislike of the Senators. Watching how cocky they were and then poof! It’s gone!

    Give Vanek the moon… we have a legit #1 line!!!

  6. I wonder if the boys are playing for the coach or for the team and their pride to what ever degree that is. I can’t see them enjoying the time with Thornbush, He quenches their drive misuses the talents,and basically stunts the confidence of the younger guys. Injuries aside; the line juggling got to confuse most of them, use of players at given moments of the game—and I won’t waste time on him and PK!!! It’s easy to criticize someone’s performance—yes, PK does some no-no’s— as the rest of them do—but I’d prefer a coach who can teach/develop a player rather then bench him!!! Seems Thornbush don’t get that part of coaching. On a happy note– I don’t like our boys starting a fist-ti-cuff but oh how I enjoy them standing up for each other when the need arises. We are far from heavy weights, but we’re NOT the softies we used to be

  7. Benching of star players like PK should be for a shift or two, not for full periods or games. It’s like you guys are saying, it’s not a way to keep a guy and he could decide his life would have less headaches elsewhere. At the beginning of the season I wasn’t crazy about it when it happened but I accepted it. As it continued, I began ask why. Now I’m simply angry. Maybe if PK had been treated differently, he might be in the running for the Norris again this year.

  8. I have an intense dislike for the Sens too, Mike. I’m glad Anderson was a bum last night, and I’m happy they’re not making the playoffs. And Vanek has transformed this team. Max and DD must be loving it so much.

  9. I’ve thought too what Bergevin must think about this, and I think Marjo is right. He and the coaches must be on board with Therrien.So it must be something we don’t know. At least Bourque is in his rightful spot.

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