Habs Sort Of………Lost Again

And to think that if the Washington Capitals hadn’t scored five goals, we would’ve won.

5-1 Caps. But it was only the goalie, the defence, and the forwards who were lousy for the Canadiens on this night. Everyone else was fantastic.

Random Notes:

I’m not freaking out. Feeling slightly down, that’s all.  Luci’s quite pissed, though.

Until the team is playing no more, I’m hoping and believing.

Next up – Tuesday in New Jersey.

Going for a beer now.

16 thoughts on “Habs Sort Of………Lost Again”

  1. Hey Denis, Don’t be down on the Habs just yet, although I wasn’t impressed with the goaltending tonite or the last four nites I’ve been able to watch(missed the last game as was in Prince George till late that nite). The Habs played poorly, timing was off, P.K was off , Markov was off, the kids were off , offhand I’d say it was an off nite for the boys in Red. I sure hope the funk they are in will turn into something positive in the next game or so.

  2. That fan-appreciation event where the player’s gave away their sweaters after the game was really awkward.

    All I know is this is not the same team we saw before they clinched the playoffs. And it isn’t only Price. There is plenty of blame to go around.

    But what the hell is going on?

    Therrien has one week to rally the troops for the playoffs.

    Will they rise to the occasion? Will they show up with their lunch pails and work boots, ready to go?

    Stay tuned.

  3. All of us sees the weakness these last few games. If it were one, two, o three–maybe four players–I’d still have confidence. when a WHOLE bench doesn’t put in ANY effort to dominate, is the coach in part OR whole, losing his ability to lead? Just seems odd how they all [ MOST if not all]quit doing what got them this far!!! And at the same time it seems. Like to be a fly on the wall where this gang eats and sleeps– watching them be a practice squad for other teams is kinda boring. “if it’s and buts were candy and spice—–” No I’m NOT a basher when their down, just think some HEART and guts would be in order.Maybe Montreal is a tough town to play in.??? IS some-one scared to call a spade a spade? Truth hurts at times but at times leads to freedom.

  4. All I can say is, the parallels to 2009 are growing ever stronger, even down to the likely matchup in the playoffs with a bitter rival (Boston then, Toronto now).

  5. P.S. my computer skills omitted this question– did they tune out the coach and his system. hence the calling a spade a spade line etc.

  6. The whole team is sucking big time so looking at the coach is a natural thing to do at this point. How can a team go from “appearing they were playing for the coach” to complete mutiny? I just don’t understand what is happening. Some are saying to relax, it’s normal to lose, even a losing streak of 3, 4, maybe 5, but I can’t help feel there’s something more at the core.

    It wax ever since the leafs game. Very bizarre.

  7. When I was a kid and had a cough, my uncle would make me take this god-awful home remedy to cure it. This was a mixture of molasses and mustard. Can’t remember what kind of mustard it was (wasn’t yellow mustard that’s for sure).

    He’d chase me around the house and make me take this awful stuff. It was so awful that when I think about it today I’m still traumatized.

    Watching the Habs now is like taking that medicine. Maybe it’s worse.

  8. The team has not been the same since Marc Bergevin signed David Desharnais to a four-year extension worth $14M.

    Did this cause unrest in the room and translate into players not giving 100% on the ice?

    It could just be a coincidence and I may be totally wrong about this.

    Still, it makes me wonder.

  9. I agree with many comments here and wonder about the question Danno asked as well. I will say that the money he got was only about 1/2 million too high in my opinion though because he didn’t get first center dollars. He does however get first line center minutes much too my dismay and maybe it’s the elephant in the room thing (language issue) but he has no accountability for his actions this year or lack there of. I also wish the contract was only for 3 years. Also what has happened to the Georges we have come expect? Is it the post lockout blues or Parenthood of Gally that has him in this funk or is the system too much for him? He is not the offensive weapon he thinks he is nor is a shot blocker like he used to be. I do wish we had kept the only thing that worked under the last regime the P/K because we have similar personnel and it was the one thing we had that worked and with this year and this slump it may have helped. If we fail to do that early next year then trade Georges and Moen since they do not fit this system. Last thought whats with only giving kids 15 seonds of PP time as they had two chance and the reat of team had none. I could say more but was at game last night and had to tell myself that as unhappy as I was we are in a better place than last year.

  10. Hey Dennis, You know we can all sit and guess at the reason for a slump at the end of the year but nobody can pinpoint the reason (or reasons) for it. This has been happening in hockey for as long as I have been viewing the game. These things go on and they will continue to go on as long as we have a season to watch. Are the Habs tired?, I couldn’t be sure , they sure look tired out there on the ice. Could they be pissed at the coach, don’t know if this is the reason or not, or as Danno says maybe Desharnais’ contract extension, can’t be sure of that one either.I think we all should just let the boy’s figure shit out, ya gotta know that they want to play better and make the post season as much as we want to see them there.

  11. One last thought about DD contract. maybe some players are upset because I am not sure he was entitled to anymore than a bridge since if I recall correctly he was an RFA not a UFA after this year. Please understand I do like DD and am amazed at where he came from and how hard he fought to get here but no one should be able to rest on previous years body of work. I think other forces have conspired to allow this to happen and he is a benefactor of the situations.

  12. I can’t imagine a bunch of grown men parking their asses on the bench and not giving their 100% because they might think a player is overpaid. Price lets all the pucks go by him because DD makes what, more than him?

    Is DD not scoring? Yes. But I also saw him make some pretty nice passes to players who should’ve scored. They are pretty much all sucking. This is the problem.

  13. The comments are excellent as usual.
    My own personal opinion about David Desharnais is that I don’t think other players have stopped playing because of his contract. On the contrary, it’s my belief that he’s one of the more popular guys on the team, and I’m not so sure that players get uptight about this sort of thing anyway. I agree with what Marjo said – that his linemates aren’t getting it done. Desharnais’s one of these players Don Cherry would describe as a sweetheart player. He’s not rough and tumble, he’s a slick player who likes to make nice little set-up passes without too many mistakes thrown in, and for the time being at least, things aren’t working out so well. He needs his linemates in a big way.
    We should really be concerned about guys who are there to make a big impact and aren’t. Ryder’s disappeared. Max isn’t scoring as much as we’d like. Plekanec isn’t nearly as consistent as he was. Eller’s quiet. And the defence has been bad but I think with Diaz back it will help in a big way.
    I’ve said all along that this team needs all hands on deck and it isn’t happening right now. Almost everybody is to blame, but it doesn’t mean they can’t turn it around. They’ve mostly had a wonderful year and are going through hard times right now. But I believe they can turn it around. Sometimes all it takes is one play, or one very dramatic win. If they can win game one, or split the first two games in the opening round, maybe they can build up some steam and get it going.
    I’m much more concerned right now about our goaltending, but having said that, we’ve seen before how badly Price can play and then suddenly he finds his game again. Do you remember several years ago in Vancouver when his parents were there and he absolutely stunk? But he magically recovered, only it took a bunch of games before he did. And then there was the famous “chill out” line, and he turned out to be right about that. He found his game.
    The Canadiens may or may not do well in the postseason, but they’re on the right track overall and are a much nicer team to enjoy than last year. I also think that clinching the playoffs has taken some steam out of them, but who knows, maybe they’ll regroup and find intensity again once things get going.
    It’s hard to watch our team when they’re struggling, and it’s so fantastic to see when they’re playing well. So many highs and lows for us. But most teams throughout the years go through hard times, and now our team is. I just wish we were a bit tougher. That and the goaltending are my main concerns.

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