Habs Snuff Out Sens


The Canadiens snapped their four-game losing streak by besting the Ottawa Senators 3-1 at the Bell, and Sens forward Mark Stone only grimaced in unimaginable pain four or five times during the contest.

Goals by Brian Flynn and Max Pacioretty in the first period (Max’s came with just 33 seconds left), and a Jeff Petry marker in the second did in the obnoxious nation’s capital representatives, and reporters in the Sens room said afterward that Stone could barely put on his street leotards.

Montreal outshot Ottawa 27-8 in the first period, which ties a team record for shots in one frame, but Ottawa would regroup at some point in the second and make a game of it, including a slightly worrisome goal by J-G Pageau after the home team held a 3-0 lead.

But it ended as a 3-1 win by the boys in red, and as Confucius once said when he was coaching the Chinese National Team many years ago, “He who wins feels better than he who loses.”

Twenty-seven shots in one period is a lot, of course. And no one would expect them to put up that sort of shot total in the second and third because in that case, they would’ve had a ridiculous 81 shots in all.

But even 81 shots wouldn’t be a record. Boston fired 83 in a game against Chicago netminder Sam LoPresti in 1941, and barely winning 3-2.

Canadiens ended with a terrific 42 shots to Ottawa’s mediocre 26 on Dustin Tokarski, who started his second straight game.

Next up – Tuesday, when the San Jose Sharks swim in.

4 thoughts on “Habs Snuff Out Sens”

  1. I don’t know whether to laugh at the thought of Pebbles in street leotards or puke. Perhaps both at the same time? Then I’ll grimace four or five times every time someone comes within arm’s reach and fall to the ground screaming about bruises. Errr…. microfractures. Confucius was a wise dude who would have hated Pebbles and been a Habs fan.

  2. Dennis please, I may never be able to look at a candle the same way again! Sure was glad to see that second goal. Coming out of a period like that with only one goal seems to really deflate a team whereas at least getting 2 seems rewarding for the effort. And it was nice to chase Anderson who seems to always play well against Mtl, and lastly it was nice to see Beaulieu have a great game.

  3. It was a nice bounce-back game. The team showed a lot of character and The Toker seems hungry to get more action and to stay in the nets as much as possible in Price’s absence. But I’m greedy and I want to see the Habs play like they did in the first period for every period and for every game. No more letting up in the third period please.

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