Habs Slowly But Surely Get Down To Business

What does a guy do when he has a Habs blog and is 3000 miles from Montreal with training camp now picking up steam, and he can’t be there to go to the rink and look at the prospects and keep an eye on the regulars and watch carefully as Carey Price stops pucks?

He reads stories from those who are there, from the mainstream guys. And what is he reading? Pretty darn postive stuff, that’s what.

Carey Price is stopping pucks left and right, looking confident and happy in his new role as the go-to-guy, and slowly I’m beginning to feel slightly more relaxed about our number one guy.

Ian Schultz is banging everyone in sight, and although the young fellow probably won’t crack this year’s lineup, he surely will in the near future. And who knows, maybe he’ll force the coaching staff to keep him if he continues to impress. As we all understand, a thumping power forward who can put the puck in the net is a magical and spiritual being.

Ryan O’Byrne scored a goal in scrimmage the other day, and it would be nice if he could pop about eight this season.

The usual suspects, like Mike Cammalleri and Tomas Plekanec, show that their hands remain soft and dangerous, like a scorned woman threatening to strangle her husband.

We need to watch or read carefully how things unfold. The Canadiens, by all accounts, are a nice-looking team, but several things need to be tweaked, like toughness and a few select players being all they can be. Players like Benoit Pouliot and Andre Kostitsyn need to pick it up by a country mile, as we all know. Travis Moen and O’Byrne could stand to be much nastier. I’m hoping to read soon that Jeff Halpern, Dustin Boyd, and Lars Eller are making a huge impact.

And I’ll take fights on the ice from young guys lobbying for jobs, any day of the week.

Naturally, of course, as the real season unfolds, Scott Gomez could score a few more goals and Andre Markov must get back soon and never get injured again. Is that asking too much?

Once again, and most importantly, Carey Price needs to be, and will be, a great goaltender this year. I feel it. It’s in the air. Maybe it’s that smile on his face that tells me.

Also, it seems by looking around at the usual prediction stories, the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins are once again considered the darlings of the east, and that’s fine because we’ve seen how the Habs can shove the darlings off the cliff. Bring ’em on. Bring ’em all on. We’ll just keep pushing them off.

Sept. 22nd, pre-season games open with the Bruins in town and then it’s Ottawa with a home and home, and then Guillaume Latendresse  (if he plays) and his Minnesota Wild come to Montreal, followed by Florida, Buffalo, and ending with what should be an interesting evening in Quebec at the Colisee with the Habs taking on the Islanders.

Let’s go, Habs. Fight, hit, score, stop pucks, laugh, get angry, have fun, sweat, smell, win jobs, and get ready. We’re expecting everything..

2 thoughts on “Habs Slowly But Surely Get Down To Business”

  1. Dennis, you deserve the quote of the day for this beautiful, and poetically descriptive line…

    “The usual suspects, like Mike Cammalleri and Tomas Plekanec, show that their hands remain soft and dangerous, like a scorned woman threatening to strangle her husband.”

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