Habs Sleep For Half, Sort Of Play For Half

A game needed, a game lost. The Canadiens fall 3-1 to the New Jersey Devils, and once again, for too many nights to fathom, not everyone wearing the CH seemed to give their all. The hole the boys are sinking into is inching closer to China.

The New Jersey Devils, for the most part, threw a big, thick, damp, heavy blanket over the Canadiens, which is what the Devils do, and it was only after half of the game had been played that the Habs began to get shots, began to put pressure on, and began to find themselves with scoring chances. But it was never enough. New Jersey was just too disciplined, too workmanlike, and as usual, it makes for boring hockey but often successful for this team, and Montreal needed, but couldn’t, find a way to find a crucial crack in the armour.

It’s very disappointing and very frustrating, and once again we didn’t see everyone show up and play their rich little hearts out. Guys like Kostitsyn and Eller and Bourque can be as ineffective as can be, and of course it was too much to ask of Scott Gomez to play above and beyond as he did the other night. It was peace and love for Gomez for 24 hours – now things are back to normal. It was just expecting too much I guess.

And then there’s Kaberle and Campoli…….

I should have learned a long time ago not to get my hopes up too high. Not with this bunch. They win, they lose, they look good, they stink, they play with heart, they come out flat. It’s just too hard for my little pea brain to comprehend.

Random Notes:

Montreal managed just four shots in the first period, at a time when you’d expect them to be breathing fire. Tell me how that could be. Is there a lack of leadership? Is it because there’s no Mark Messier-type to look you in the eyes and say you’d better not float, without even really having to say it?

I ask myself this often. Do we not have enough forceful leaders to will everyone around them to give their all and bust their balls? It just doesn’t seem like it. So to me, it’s more than just not playing well. It’s the lack of fortitude and strength and burning desire to fight through traps and whatever else is thrown at them, and simply do what has to be done.

Another disappointing night in a season of disappointments. Fours shots in the first period is as inexcusable as it gets and they don’t deserve to somehow find their way magically up the ladder.

Even the Erik Cole, Max Pacioretty, David Desharnais line smoldered instead of blazed. At this time of year, if injuries can be kept quiet, they are. And it’s what might be the case with Erik Cole right now.

Next up – Tuesday, when Dallas pays a visit.

There was a heart-wrenching tribute to Gary Carter before the game, and I don’t mind admitting that I got a huge lump in my throat when Youppi came out in his Expos shirt and hat. For those possibly unaware, Youppi was the Expos mascot for years, and only joined the Canadiens after the Expos so sadly left town


3 thoughts on “Habs Sleep For Half, Sort Of Play For Half”

  1. Hey Dennis,It was the Devils,smothering their opponents in smoke and fire while pitchforking them in the ass.Whenever the Devils play the Habs(and alot of teams)they play the almighty trap,you couldnt push a bucket of shit through their defense as they were jumping on everything.I expected no less from these guys,the Habs always have trouble with them.I too had a lump forming when we watched the tribute to Gary Carter,so young to go.

  2. Well, so much for my magic powers. Guess that’s why I don’t win the lottery.

    Here Toronto kindly loses and we don’t seize the chance to gain serious ground. God this team annoys the hell out of me sometimes. I didn’t even bother watching the whole game. When it became 2-0 I knew it was over. They looked flat and played flat. What a pisser of a game.

    Ryder is with the Stars now so watch him net 2 or 3 on Tuesday. Sigh.

    So another trade is likely. Next up will be Andre K I guess. Too bad he and his brother never really became something. Imagine if they were like the Sedins?

    Geoffrion got 2 assists today. He’s not doing too bad.

  3. Trading Gill makes it obvious Gauthier has shut the teams “serious” playoff run down (they may still catch the Leafs) and yes next to go is Andre K…

    Meanwhile all this talk in Toronto about Burke sending half the Leafs youth to get Rick Nash….Kind of scares me as a Leaf Fan and I have been scared a lot through the years…

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