Habs Slay Orangemen

Below, the Philadelphia Flyers congratulate the Montreal Canadiens for being so freaking fantastic.

Bell Centre

Canadiens hand the Philadelphia Flyers a 4-1 loss in game #2, with just 80 more left. The EGG line collects a bunch of points. Carey Price allows just one goal.

I think I’ll just get out the old yellow highlighter and mark a big solid win on my ultra-scientific Habs tracker.

A goal and an assist from Brian Gionta, Lars Eller, Brendan Gallagher, and Rene Bourque. Two assists from Alex Galchenyuk, and singles from Pleks and P.K.

A bunch of guys chipping in. I love that.

Eller has three goals now. Alex Ovechkin has four. Scott Gomez has one.

Carey Price played well, and if I was really picky I’d mention the couple of times he juggled easy shots but I’m not.

It’s a fine win before they climb into the big silver bird and head west for four games. A solid win. Except they went 2 for 9 on the power play.

But I’m in a forgiving mood because they earned two points, which is what it’s all about. It doesn’t have to be pretty, just successful. Like Phyllis Diller bearing a dozen cute and healthy kids.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – Montreal 34, Flyers 23.

Max Pacioretty sat it out due to the wrist injury he received while playing the Leafs. Hopefully it’s just one game for Max.

A road roller is parked near our place and I’d like to hot wire it and roll over P.J. Stock. I have such a hard time listening to this person. Tonight he said the Canadiens tried to play the Leafs tough the other night but they shouldn’t because they’re not.

The Habs won most, if not all the fights in that Leafs game, right? Or was it just an acid flashback?

Next up – Wednesday in Cowtown. 8 p.m. eastern. Hope the Saddledome’s dried out.

The Canadiens head out on a winning note. Look out Flames, the Habs are coming. And that goes for the Oilers, Canucks, and Jets too. Try valium if you’re experiencing stress and anxiety.

Luci and I were at the Bell today, but it was for a 2 o’clock game between the St. Hubert Gouverneurs and Toronto Bulldogs. The guys are eight years old, can shoot over the net from above the slot, and the Gouverneurs handled the Torontonians 4-1, just like the Habs over Philly.

Eight years old – they got to play at the Bell, they were introduced player at a time by the P.A. announcer, the game was shown live on the scoreboard, and two zambonis cleaned the ice for them.

Awesome – and slightly different from when I was eight years old.






10 thoughts on “Habs Slay Orangemen”

  1. Dennis, tonight my heart is soaring like a Blackpoll Warbler. Great bounce-back game. Price, Eller, Gallagher, Galchenyuk were fantastic. Things are looking up again!

  2. The “EGG” line looks great through two games!

    You should hear the whining and (pardon my language) bitching from Flyers fans–“The refs screwed us”, etc., etc. Waah, waah, waah………

  3. Yes, those poor, misunderstood, hard done by, saintly Flyers fans. I’m feeling just terrible that they’re in the dumps like that. 🙂 Maybe we should forfeit the game and give their team two points so they’ll feel better.

  4. It’s amazing–there are Flyers fans who truly believe that the NHL is engaged in a massive conspiracy to keep the team from succeeding. Trust me, Dennis, I lived in or just outside Philadelphia for over 19 years. You have no idea how many of them genuinely believe this. Of late, I respond as follows to them when they start screeching about the officiating: “I can’t think of two worse officiating calls (both of which were beyond incompetent) which altered a whole playoff series than the ones in the Mtl-Ott series. First, there was icing call, when icing is by the rule not supposed to be called when the player makes no effort to skate after the puck. Erik Karlsson was moving so slowly, one of my dogs could have beaten him down the ice. That should have negated the icing. Period. That icing call led directly to horrible call number two, which was the blatantly kicked-in, game-tying goal. It wasn’t even close, either. Worse yet, that play also resulted in Carey Price (who has been playing well in that game) being injured, so the Habs had to put in a stage-fright, cold Peter Budaj, who not surprisingly let alone the game-winning goal early in the first overtime period. Series over. Don’t whine to me about bad officiating calls………..”

  5. Exactly, Ian. Those Ottawa calls were blatant. But yes, there’s a conspiracy to keep the Flyers from doing well. Five or six years ago, when there weren’t so many blogs out there, I used to hear from the odd Flyers fan, and their comments were as low-life as can be. Really really immature. I’ve never had any use for that team since they joined the league. And it might be because of their fans.

  6. Hey Dennis, Missed the game my friend but was enjoying dinner in Beautiful Victoria and had a great time in doing so. I was happy to hear the score though and Mr. Price was very close to the big goose egg. I guess the Flyers think they still have to beat the shit out of everybody to get a shot at the cup.

  7. TV tip – There is a free preview on for NHL Centre Ice for Rogers and Cogeco subscribers and possibly others. On now is Flyers vs Canes. Later at 8:00, Vancouver at Calgary and Anaheim at Winnipeg

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