Habs Slashed By Sharpened Sabres

The theory that the Canadiens come out flat in the first period because of so many opening ceremonies is one thing. I happen to agree with this theory.

But what about when they stink to high heaven, like tonight in Buffalo? What’s the excuse – Injuries? New players? Not enough pretzels on the flight to Buffalo? Buffalo wings?

And then it became 4-0.

I didn’t pay attention much after that. A Russian friend came over and she told us a little about Vladivostok. I had the TV on in the background, and I saw first Gomez, then Gorges score. But I have no energy to even try and analyse why this player did this and the other did that. Two games in a row, for the most part, it’s a team that has taken to the ice flatter than a pancake.

Why is that, Dr. Phil?

It’s almost done with, and 4-2 seems like a good score, even in defeat. But only when it’s close throughout and the other team ices it with an empty goal. It wasn’t so in this case. Montreal was a team who slept for the most parts of two periods, then got their chances in the third.

And then it became 5-2, and even a remote chance of a miracle comeback are cut quickly at the neck, like a freshly-greased guillotine dropping suddenly.

Hardly acceptable.

It then it became 6-2, and suddenly, Vladivostok seemed like a good place to move to.

Random Notes:

Tomorrow night, let’s celebrate the 100 years and be done with it for another 100 years. It’s been too much – the retro uniforms, the playing around with the CH’s at centre ice, the distractions, the pre-game ceremonies. The end can’t come soon enough. Both fans and non-fans of the Montreal Canadiens want it over with quickly. At least I do.

Boston in town tomorrow for the big night.

12 thoughts on “Habs Slashed By Sharpened Sabres”

  1. I could’nt agree with you more! I have followed the Habs religiously since I was a kid and Montreal and Toronto last played for the Stanley Cup. There have been bad games and bad seasons but this last year has been nothing short of sickening. I am personally so sick of the Centenial year crap that I seriously wonder why I follow the Habs and hockey. Its not the losses that bother me as much as how they loose. I have seen or heard more truly pathetic efforts in just over a years worth of hockey than I can remember. It is beyond excuses anymore. Injuries, small team, coaching, … I look at the prospects that the team has drafted that are not yet playing in the Canadiens system and I see hope but at this point with the team they have very little of that hope.
    On a different note thank you for an excellent site. I appreciate your time and effort.

  2. Well said, Don. There been so much hope for this year and it hasn’t come to pass. Maybe in the new year……maybe.

  3. Also Don, please don’t give up on your Habs. You’ve had a lifetime of Habs memories. Don’t give up on them.

  4. There have been 2 trades recently and some of the injured have come back. The first probably messes with the minds of many of the players who feel less than secure. The second might mess with the chemistry the team had started to develop. Regardless of the reason for the most recent swoon I’m not really looking forward to getting birthday bumps from the Booins who will love nothing more than to shove our faces into the 100 year birthday cake. Doug Risebrough, Mike McPhee, Brian Skrudland, Carbo and a bunch of others would have grabbed this team by the throat by now and demanded some acountability. Where is the jam on this team?

  5. Haven’t seen any jam yet, dishonest john. It'[s a good question. Where is it, and when will we see it? The Bruins game will be either great or a nightmare.

  6. Dishonest John, I also agree about how the trades must mess with the minds. I’ve said all along this team won’t come together until the new year. If they don’t after that, then it’s Gainey’s job we’ll be talking about more seriously.

  7. Why would the league schedule a game tonight in Buffalo the evening before tomorrow’s big celebrations? They’ve had 100 years notice about the upcoming milestone. At least they picked a fitting opponent.

    In addition to being sick and tired of the daily celebrations, I’m also assuming that the Habs have been conserving their effort and energy from the past week for tomorrows game. I’ll watch the festivities, but the best way to honour their past greatness would be to play like a team that has earned 24 Stanley Cups.

  8. Dennis, I turn to your site for therapy lately during these trying times, and I thank God you are still here as my cyber-shoulder to cry on.
    Let’s not give up on the Habs even though, at times, the players are playing as if they were 100 years old.
    Words of inspiration…
    “Never give in–never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”
    Sir Winston Churchill

    Go Habs Go!

  9. Paul, you should’ve taken Dick to some LA nightclub and got drunk. He could have told you some great old stories.

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