Habs Sit At 30-1

My advice is, plunk down some serious coin on the Habs and pay your mortgage off when they go all the way.

The following is from Tim Wharnsby’s column.

The odds for the Vancouver Canucks and the other 27 teams were not altered, but we should note that, based on the success of their regular-season campaign, the Canucks currently are the Stanley Cup favourites at 4-1 after beginning the season at 9-1. Here are the odds with five weeks to go in the regular season:

Vancouver 4-1
Philadelphia 5-1
Detroit 6-1
Pittsburgh 9-1
Boston 10-1
Washington 10-1
San Jose 12-1
Tampa Bay 12-1
Los Angeles 18-1
Chicago 20-1
Nashville 28-1
Montreal 30-1
Phoenix 30-1
Dallas 35-1
Anaheim 40-1
N.Y. Rangers 40-1
Calgary 50-1
Minnesota 60-1
New Jersey 60-1
Carolina 70-1
Buffalo 75-1
St. Louis 80-1
Columbus 100-1
Atlanta 125-1
Toronto 150-1
Colorado 200-1
Florida 300-1
N.Y. Islanders 400-1
Edmonton 500-1
Ottawa 500-1

3 thoughts on “Habs Sit At 30-1”

  1. “The oddsmaker felt two teams specifically improved its chances due to trades. The Washington Capitals, in acquiring Jason Arnott and Dennis Wideman as well as waiver-wire pickup Marco Sturm, went from 12-1 to 10-1. The Los Angeles Kings improved from 25/1 to 18/1 with the trade for Dustin Penner.”

    By ignoring the fact we’re unbeaten since the Sopel trade leads me to question how these people have stayed in business this long.

    Were I a man who betted on my own team, I would as they say “lump on”.

  2. Blue Bayou, in my mind some of these choices are very unusual. Los Angeles at 18-1 for instance. The Kings may or may not make the playoffs. And Dustin Penner is the guy to put them over the top? Highly unlikely. Pittsburgh at 9-1? Crosby and might not even play and Malkin won’t, and their goaltending is suspect. Best of all though, are some of the teams at the top. Vancouver is a nice team except they bow out every year in the post-season. Same with Washington and San Jose. Teams like these are picked every year to go very deep and win it all. But they never do. I’ll take Montreal at 30-1 and be the underdog. I like it like that.

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