Habs Showing Big Signs Of Rounding Into Form

We saw Tomas Plekanec go down late in the frst period, and we thought, here we go again.

But Plekanec came back, and the team is showing more and more that with a relatively healthy lineup, they’re playing some of their best hockey of the year.

It’s even laughable to say healthy. Mike Cammalleri, Paul Mara, and power-play specialist Marc-Andre Bergeron remain on the sidelines. And Maxim Lapierre is in the middle of a four-game suspension.

But they consider themselves a healthy team now, as Glen Metropolit said. And the boys, for the most part, in this game tonight against the Tampa Bay Lightning, had things in control from the outset. Ultimately, it ended as a 5-3 win for the Canadiens, their third straight win, and you can see a confident team arising from the ashes. 

Head for the playoffs as they play their best hockey of the season. What timing.

And anything can happen in the playoffs.

Jaroslav Halak enjoyed a good-yet-unspectacular game. Scott Gomez, with a goal and two assists, and his linemates Brian Gionta and Benoit Pouliot, were a force to be reckoned with. Mathieu Darche notched a pair. And Glen Metropolit scored his fifteenth to match his jersey number.

Good, solid game. I give them a B plus on this night.

Random Notes:

Edmonton is in on Thursday. Habs have to take these two points. It’s crucial, as everyone knows.

9 thoughts on “Habs Showing Big Signs Of Rounding Into Form”

  1. Hey Dennis,Wow a snowplow in Port Alice,could be the Habs kicked ass.I listened to the game and really enjoyed what I heard ( the plow is still passing by).The Habs controlled this game from the start,good for them.I think they may have started the playoff roll,let’s hope eh.

  2. They looked good, Derry. Wait until everyone’s back. Then we’ll see a real good team.

  3. Habs shirt 3 all the bad guys 0. I’m going to have to hang this shirt up and only pull it on at game time until I can sneak in a wash.

  4. Some wise man (or maybe wise guy) had this to say after we lost to San Jose on March 2nd about our demoralizing post-olympic opening game…

    “Dennis, with 17 games remaining the Habs need 24 points or so to make the playoffs. That means they cannot afford to lose any more than five games from here on to the end of the season. Looking at the schedule ahead, there are many tough teams teams to face. It’s starting to looks grim.
    And that is why we will now witness a spectacular turnaround that will silence the doubters. That’s the way it’s been all year on this roller-coaster ride.”

  5. Dishonest John, I’m loving the shirt. It definitely can’t be washed. Even if it means divorce, the shirt can’t be washed. You keep this up and I’m crediting you with the turnaround.

  6. Size matters? Please.
    Except in bed.

    The smalls guys played like bigs again, finished their checks, outplayed them on the boards, and capitalized on chances. Gomez has finally emerged out of his slump and is finally living up to the expectations of his outrageous contract.
    When all the injuries are behind us, the sky is the limit or maybe the sun, maybe even Mars….

  7. They’ve won a few games in a row and now have a comfortable cushion over ninth place. Time to start being confident and cocky. John can even put the shirt away for a game. Save the mojo for the Bruins, the Habs can beat the Oilers all on their own.

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