Habs Shock Beantowners And The Rest Of Us Too

I didn’t expect that. Who did?

I was getting ready to talk about lack of heart, about how Jacques Martin should be fired, about how Scott Gomez looked like a little girl on Patrice Bergeron’s second goal, and then……..

Canadiens pull off a stirring comeback and win in overtime 3-2. 


And by stirrring, I mean stirring. Down 2-0 with just over two minutes to go in the game. Boston was almost in command, Bruins fans were probably raising their glasses in toasts, and I was ready to blast those crazy Habs on these pages.

But they won the thing! Scott Gomez scored first to make it 2-1 with a fluke goal at 17:38  of the third. Then, with Carey Price pulled, Brian Gionta tied it at the 19:12 mark.

And in overtime Max Pacioretty fired it home and Montreal shocks you, me, the Bruins, Bruins fans, Bob Cole, Mike Milbury, the Pope, and themselves, and are now tied with Boston for first place in the Northeast division.

The night went from bad to good, just like that. At the snap of a finger. Magical, like me doing the Rubik’s Cube!

Thank you Habs. You just made my graveyard shift coming up shortly a whole lot better. Now I won’t pose any threat to innocent ferry travelers.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – 42-29 Montreal but that’s quite deceiving. The Canadiens weren’t really dangerous for most of the night and the lack of goal production is really bugging me. The team has scored 105 goals in 42 games. In comparison, Pittsburgh has notched 136 goals, and Philadelphia and Atlanta both have 137. To name a few. 

PK Subban played almost 26 minutes. Getting serious minutes like this because of injuries (Markov, Gorges) can only be good for the young fellow’s confidence, which had suffered a setback lately as we all know.

Mike Cammalleri left with some sort of problem. Sure, why not?

Next up – Tuesday in Manhattan to take on the New York Averys.

24 thoughts on “Habs Shock Beantowners And The Rest Of Us Too”

  1. TSN reporting Cammy left because of sickness. Which could be better than an injury. Maybe watching himself play on video caused the sickness. He’ll come out of his funk. wow, 2 in a row over two tough teams. I thank the Lord Hal didn’t teach Chara a lesson at the end of the game there.

  2. Well, a few exciting games we’ve had, haven’t we?

    A win tonight, and it only took 58 minutes for them to start actually playing like the team they can be.

    Pair with that with the heart wrenching win over Pittsburgh in our first shootout of the season, along with the win in OT over Florida. Sure, there was the heart-wrenching loss to Atlanta, however, I cannot say that game disappointed me. I was lucky enough to make me first trip into the Bell Center, and it was as good a game as any to have as my first of [hopefully] many Habs home games.

    Far from out of the slump, but this could be a start to the upswing we’ve been waiting for. I think they’ve patched up the holes in the lineup well, assuming Cammie comes back. The Wiz has been a huge presence so far, and PK is earning every minute of ice time. And Carey… Well, he’s Carey.

  3. David, you were at the game tonight? You lucky guy! For most of it they didn’t play all that great but in the end, the roof must have been coming off. I agree with you about the Atlanta game It was disappointing but they played pretty well that night. And no, they’re really out of their slump because they’re not scoring goals. Every game is tough and it’s about time they won in easy fashion. Wouldn’t that be nice? A nice rout for a change? I envy you so much for being there. It’s a big dream of mine to get back east and see them live again. It’s been way too long.

  4. I was building part of a closet during this game and only turned on the TV to check out the score. It was the end of the second and they were losing. So I yelled at them to suck less, not get shutout and come from behind to win this thing like those Russians. If the World Juniors taught us anything it’s that teams who fight to the end win. And it looks like the Habs did just that. Though I feared that they’d go to OT and let Boston get that point to stay atop the division, I’m just glad our team won.

    Carey said he needed a game or a save that would bring back his confidence. I think the shootout did that. In my opinion this team has begun to believe in itself after losing so much. Now, I hope they continue to put shots on net, Carey continues to play like a fifth overall draft pick, and we kick some butt. And of course, we make it to the playoffs, even if it’s in 8th place. A repeat of the 2010 playoff without the exit from the conference finals would be swell.

  5. Probably not the prettiest or most decisive win yet. But they made it happen!
    They got some really lucky bounces, but I’m hoping that the team’s will gain some confidence and maybe they’ll start to get the ball rolling and dominate the NHL once again!

  6. Good comments, Habby. It’s never over till it’s over. This really helps in their climbing out of their big slump, and you’re right, it’s a confidence thing for Price and PK and others. But Kostitsyn isn’t doing much and this has to be addressed soon. But what a great win and it surely must irk Bruins fans to no end.

  7. Hey Phil, good teams get lucky bounces and breaks and it’s Montreal’s turn. You’re right, this can only help.

  8. When we were down 2-0 with hardly any time left on the clock things were looking pretty grim.

    I was saying stuff that should never be said in church and had pretty much given up on the Habs. But not my wife. She said “there’s still time left, they can still win.” And lo and behold Gomez got his beautiful garbage goal which was not denied like they did to Darche’s. Then came Gionta’s. Then after some nail biting happy days were here again..

    The agony turned to ecstacy and we had a nice little celebration when Patches finally put the biscuit in the basket.

    Which only goes to show, sometimes, you just got to have faith.


    We all know how hard it can be to be a Habs fan but imagine being a Bruins fan for a moment.

    Think about how hard it is to see your team blow a lead like that.

    Think back to last season’s playoffs and how Boston lead Philly three games to nothing. Then Philly rallied back to force a seventh and deciding game.

    The Bruins lead 3-0 in that final game only to lose it 4-3 after the Flyers rallied back to beat them and to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals…


    Bruins fans must be going nuts about how their team cannot hold a lead.

    We are Boston’s kryptonite.

    Just out of curiosity Dennis, can we see the first story you wrote when it seemed obvious to everyone that we were going to lose?

  9. Danno, do you mean the story I was about to write? Funny how two minutes can change things. And thanks for that Boston Globe link with upset Bruins fans. I love it. A couple of years ago when the Bruins were better their fans were very tough on the Habs. I remember clearly. So it’s nice to see them tough on their own team now. And good for your wife. She had a feeling. A sixth sense?

  10. It’s funny Dennis. Earlier this morning you didn’t need to register to view the comments on Boston.com, but now you do. I guess they are taking advantage of the increased traffic, or maybe just trying to keep the Habs fiff raff out of their sandbox.

    Anyways, it’s not hard to register and it’s well worth it. It’s really funny to read the comments which are very similar to the kind of stuff you hear after the Habs lose badly. All you have to do is replace the word Bruins with Habs and Julien with Martin and it all seems familiar.

  11. My wife is a beautiful, wonderful and smart woman just like yours Dennis. Proof – she picked me.

    Buster, a blogger from HIO just posted this gem from a disenchanted Bruins fan posting on NESN…

    “We’re not a bad team; we’re just Montreal’s bitches, that’s all.
    Sooner we all accept that, better off we’ll be. I mean, what, 85 years now? It’s time we accept it and just concentrate on other teams cause we’re never gonna beat these guys. They punk us every time and it’s gettin kinda monotonous so to hell with’em. Just bend over and let’em do it to ya cause that’s all the Bruins are good for in this “rivalry”, it looks like.”

  12. Love it, Danno. Love to hear the Bruins fans taking it hard. Like I said earlier, they were sure different a couple of years back when they had a better team and we were struggling. I’m really enjoying their misery. I wonder how Diane feels.

  13. Danno, when you first sent the link it went through my mind that it sounds like us when we blow games and slump. Just change the names, that’s all. This win sure made my night. I was in a good mood all shift. Later on this afternoon when I’m up and at ’em I’m going to click on your link again and read more. Such great fun. I never realized the misery of others could cause such great joy!

  14. Hey look what I found on the NESN site…

    Danno said…

    We might as well face it. We’ll always be owned by the Habs. They just seem to have us figured out and we can never put together a sustained solid 60 minutes against them. They just don’t match up with us very well with their superior speed and better passing. Plus Martin is way smarter than Julien and always seems to pull a rabbit out of his hat. We might as well face it. Habs are our kryptonite.
    Every team has one. We just have to hope and pray we don’t face off against Montreal in the playoffs. If we even get there this year.

  15. Of particular enjoyment to me is the number of players on the team that played all or part of the season in Hamilton last year. Seven of this years current roster played there and granted some of them wouldn’t have gotten the chance if it weren’t for injuries but still its nice to see. I think that it will give PG an opportunity to see how these players can or will perform and opens up the doors to make the trades to firm up this team. Maybe DD doesn’t push Gomez out this year but if he performs well and continues to get better it gives the team options in the future. Hopefully Montreal can pick some-one up defensively who can be that physical presence they require to make people think twice about crowding the Montreal crease.

  16. i was enjoying all the wo is me, bruin, self bashing until the part about martin being way smarter than julien which proves these idiots don’t know anything about hockey anyway………. did anyone see a rabbit?

  17. Hi Don. Gomez was so soft on the Bruins second goal last night I wanted to throw a brick at my TV. Not just the play where he was outworked and the guy scored, but the play before that when he just waved at it and it was the beginning of the sequences that led to the goal. I’m not a fan of Gomez and of course he’s vastly overpaid. This is no Henri Richard we’re talking about here.

  18. Hi Dennis: Here’s how Diane feels, happy the Habs captured the win. I’m once again disguisted with the Bruins and barely watching their games. As a matter of fact, I only learned about the lose from reading your blog. Yes, team with no coach, no heart and no motivation.

    So, I’m a half-baked fan at the very least. I’m going to put my efforts into restoring my new home, unpacking and cheering on the Habs.

    If you ever decide to visit Salem, MA (the Witch City) around Halloween, you’ll have friend who will welcome you.

  19. I feel your pain, Diane. Hope your house is nice and comfortable and has a good roof etc. Enjoy.
    When you’re walking down the steeet there, do you watch people in Salem and try to guess who are witches and who aren’t?
    I’d love to see that area of the world. But I wouldn’t wear a Habs jersey.

  20. Well, Dennis, when I went to a Halloween Ball this past year, there was a man dressed as a Canadiens fan and no one bothered him. Really, truly a civilized city. So come on down!

  21. Diane, I feel Salem is world’s apart from Boston. I’m just worried about all those descendants of those burned at the stake. They’re walking the streets, late at night.

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