Habs Score Five In New Jersey

Nice to see a 5-1 game for a change. Even though though the Devils didn’t have their usual Habs-killer – Martin Brodeur in nets, and were also missing their best player, Zach Parise.

But we were also without Andrei Markov, and PK Subban was having a rest, and it’s a win we’ll take. Gladly. A loss on this night would have …..(please insert several obscenities here).

I would have preferred a few goals in the third period to really complete the demolishing, but 5-1 is just fine, thank you very much.

Lars Eller played with more command in his game, and contributed a goal and an assist, and I’m hoping this young Dane’s best games are still ahead of him in 2011.

Scott Gomez scored a power play goal and almost notched another later on, and thinking back, I don’t know if could handle a two-goal game from Gomez at this point. It just seems too much to absorb at this stage.

Two goals…….nope, too much.

Tomas Plekanec was stopped on a first period penalty shot, which is too bad. But at least he had a point in the game, an assist on Brian Gionta’s opening marker. And Tom Pyatt managed his first goal of the year and there’s another monkey off someone’s back who must have been sick and tired of this smelly ape breathing down his back.

Benoit Pouliot rounded out the night with his sixth of the season and his 14th point in 26 games, and if you’re still comparing Pouliot to Guillaume Latendresse from the Minnesota trade, Latendresse has 3 goals and 3 assists in 8 games with the Wild. But of course, none of that matters anymore. I don’t even know why I brought it up.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – 32-28 Habs.

Next Up: Saturday when the San Jose Sharks pay a visit. This should be a good test for both clubs.

7 thoughts on “Habs Score Five In New Jersey”

  1. Hey Dennis, Well I think the Habs had a good game,not that they played all that well,as they should have alienated them badly but what they did was good enough.Carey should have had another shutout,I wonder if they keep stats on how many shutout periods a goalie has.I wonder as well if PK will learn from a benching,not because of his cockiness,because he made some mistakes that cost his team the game.

  2. Dennis, will it be an afternoon delight when the puck drops at 2:00 in Montreal on Saturday?
    Or will it be a feeding frenzy for the Sharks?
    The Habs’ win-one-lose-one pattern suggests the latter.

    Hope PK is back in the lineup. I missed his triple low-five celebration with Price last night.

  3. By the way, that alternating win-lose pattern is nine games long now.

    It started when we beat the Flyers 3-0 on Nov. 16th.

  4. How did you guys feel about Yannick Weber? I thought he looked pretty darn good. Physical and quick. He looks like he will be able to fill some D men that will likely not be resigned (Hammer’s $5.5 M; Gill’s $2.25 M; Markov’s $5.7 M.) I hope Markov re-signs but for less as he owes us a season; Gill is good on the PK and leadership-wise. We do need to get younger and faster back there and Weber looks to fit the bill.

  5. Mayo-naldo I too was encouraged by Weber’s solid performance, and most especially him breaking up that 3 on 1. He kept his head, played a simple and effective game and had fantastic aim at the opposing net which he took 6 shots on. He even managed an assist. Not too shabby.

    Prior to his game last night, I was thinking that if Markov’s cap space clears we needed to trade for another young D-man. If Weber keeps up this kind of play tho, it would be better to spend the money on a winger for the 2nd line and keep Weber as the 7th man. Then Hamr, Spaco, Gill could rest prior to April’s festivities.

    Problem for Jacques is – who do ya sit? Picard? He’s been holding his own, playing solid hockey. Subban? He’s been chewing up the minutes and contributing well for a rookie. Does Jacques have the cojones to rotate out the veterans during the December spread that has them playing some tough opponents?

    I will say that I expect Subban to sit vs. the Sharks. JM does not like to mess with a winning formula, and the Habs just won versus one of their many archenemies.

  6. Good comments Tyg. This cap-space stuff is tough. The boys are playing well. I am usually critical of JM but I have to take my hat off to him for getting the guys to play like this. Just some consistency. I am hoping for some size and toughness up front. Moen isn’t a heavyweight and he needs help. Still pissed at Georges Laraque for quitting on us. I know he was let go but I think if he did what was expected, he would still be with us. He was too busy thinking of life after hockey and he lost his edge as an enforcer. I expect JM to wait until the trade deadline to do something. Can’t believe we are playing this well without Markov.

  7. JM is making controversial decision that turn out to be smart moves. That’s what separates the good coaches from those who listen too much to the fans. Like me.

    I thought it was a big mistake to bench PK. Well, it didn’ turn out so bad after all. Now a whole variety of possibilities have opened up including those mentioned by Tyg and Mayo.

    Maybe Max Pacioretty will wind up being part of those options, in spite of his poorly-chosen words earlier this year.

    He was named AHL player of the month for November and is playing like his hair’s on fire…


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