Habs Save Their Energy For The Bruins. You Got A Better Excuse?

PJ Stock, Kelly Hrudey, Jordy, the Queen of England, the mob, various trapese artists, out-of-work reality stars, some tanned surfers in Australia, and several dancing bears all are in complete agreement that the Habs have absolutely no chance in the playoffs.

And yes, the team was fairly dozy tonight against the Pittsburgh Penguins, being outshot 41-30, and giving up two inexcusable shorthanded goals in a lacklustre 3-1 loss. But Carey Price, several times, was spectacular, and that has to count for something. Isn’t it a hot goaltender who takes a team to the promised land? Roger Crozier? Terry Sawchuk? Ken Dryden? Patrick Roy? Never count out any team with a goalie who can stand on his head.

The Habs will play Boston in the opening round and that’s fine. Because when they take them down, it’s going to be sweet music. No one will give them a chance. Not the great guru, PJ Stock, or the dancing bears, or the Australian surfer dudes. Do you think it’s never happened before that a team expected to fall flat on their faces digs deep down and pulls it out? That’s what hockey is. Bring on the Bruins.

Random Notes:

Kelly Hrudey says it should be too easy for the Bruins against the Habs.

Bob Gainey sat Alex Tanguay out tonight, saying he wasn’t hurt, he just needed a rest. The guy was on the shelf for two months, only came back recently, and now he needs a rest?

13 thoughts on “Habs Save Their Energy For The Bruins. You Got A Better Excuse?”

  1. ya your right thats the best excuse you could come up with, I say start losing now……..get used to it

  2. Dennis,

    Your absolutely right when you say all you need is a hot goaltender to go far in the playoffs, history seems to prove it every year. And when the habs are being counted out by everybody thats going to take a whole lot of weight off there shoulders, and when a teams playing with nothing to lose that also makes them dangerous. I look forward to seeing the habs and bruins square off in the first round, theirs lots of bad blood between the two teams and even if montreal bows out early it will still be (in the words of the hanson brothers) some good old time hockey to watch.

  3. Habs/Bruins playoffs is a rite of Spring.

    Actually, I think every matchup is pretty good. (For the East anyway, the West doesn’t interest me as much, though I’ll cheer for those Blues to do what they can ’cause good on them for finally breaking in it after so long).

    Pens/Flyers — A series that will be just like the Habs/Bruins
    Caps/Rags — I think a Rags/Bruins one would have been just as fun, but this one could be interesting.
    Devils/Whalicanes — zzzz…. What? At least it knocks one of them out…

    And I don’t take much stock in what HNIC says about our team. They’re all ex-Bruins (and a goalie who got owned in ’93 even with the Great One on his team) anyway, so why would they say anything good…

  4. Number31,

    just out of curiosity how do the west match ups not interest you? Do you even watch those teams?. And it hasnt been that long since the Blues were in the playoffs, it was 4 years ago, and they were on 25 consecutive year playoff streak previous to there last playoff birth (1980-2004 3rd longest in NHL history)

  5. Jordy– I’m sure glad we’re on the same team!! Dennis–you’d better be mixin’ up a large bucket of that concoction of yours…and pull out that crapper for Gaston again. Come on, knock the #@$% out of those “spokey bean boys” and I mean it! I truly do not want to be playing these guys down the road…………

  6. Jordy – I watch Western games sometimes but usually fall asleep mid-second period. Also my Western team (the Stars) died of massive injuritis and flaming lack of depthitis…

    Western teams: Ducks are going to be annoying for the Sharks, Blues are probably in way over their heads but might make it hard for the Canucks (a friend of mine was in the Blues organization apparently but I’ve no idea where he is now), Columbus could give the Wings a run for their money (depends on who’s goalie is going to stand on his head better) but the more experienced squad could prevail–also depends on how Hitchcock’s system will work with them in playoff mode, and the Hawks can really own the injury depleted Canucks.

    All and all, I’m an Eastern girl. That’s the bottom line of why the West barely interests me, really…

  7. Number31 was a girl from the East
    Who luuuved Western boys the least
    For me, said she, to care
    They’ve gotta play bare
    And show me their bottom-line beast

  8. Number31

    Theres definitely no shame in falling asleep with some of the teams that play in the west haha, anybody who is having troubles sleeping, a quick solution would be to watch the Minnesota Wild play. I sure hope your right about the Wings getting a good run for there money with facing off against the Blue Jackets, I would love nothing more to see them go out in the first round. I was unaware you were a girl, Its awsome to see girls like yourself and Jan and Sandy know as much about hockey as you girls do.

  9. There you go, DK, typical canuckleheaded contradiction: chauvinist pig canucklehead jordy posing as an open-minded liberated mature male anti-sexist. jordy, if the Red Queen ever laid eyes on you she’d shout: Off with his head! And this time I have no doubt that Alice would guillotine you with alacrity. I mean, dood, why should girls knowing their hockey be so awesome. Canuckleheads, yes, albeit impossible.

    p.s. jordy, we are liberated by central heating and the electric blanket not by female fans.

  10. lol Jim your off your rocker my friend, I was not intending to be chauvinistic and im sorry to any of the girls on here if it came off that way. But alot of girls dont follow hockey and stay on top of stats like the girls on here do, If anything it was meant as a compliment to them because they raise great points, they aren’t afraid to mix it up with there opinions and they know there hockey just as well as anybody I know. Thats all that was meant by what I said. Jim im really not to sure where you were going with your rant there either.

  11. Thanx for reaffirming my point, jordy. Personally, I think it’s `awesome’ that short people – such as DK – know their hockey. And, I suppose, if a large enuf sample was taken, we would learn that not all short people know their hockey just as not all `girls’ don’t. Of course, Sandy and jan’scanuckleheadedhouse are proof of this. Mind you, Number31 is a stellar hockey maven and, I would bet, very likely short, altho probably not as short as DK. I also know that canuckleheads of any kind – short/tall, boy/girl, bearded/moustachioed, etc etc – do not know their hockey.

    p.s. jordy, I don’t have a rocker.

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