Habs Rumour Compliments Of My Doctor

I was at the doctor’s office today because I’ve blown my back out and will be off work for at least three weeks because of, as he describes, “monster back spasms.” He wasn’t my regular doctor because mine was booked solid, but I liked this guy very much.

A nice, friendly doctor.

Just as I was about to leave, he said to hold on a second and he brought out a Habs hat, as he couldn’t help but notice I was wearing one. He told me he’s been a Habs fan all his life and we got talking about the team and then he asked me if I’d heard the latest rumour. Actually, he pointed out, it might not have even hit the rumour stage yet.

Tell me, I said.

“Roberto Luongo for Carey Price.”

29 thoughts on “Habs Rumour Compliments Of My Doctor”

  1. I’ve dreamed of this… more as a temporary change though. I absolutely love both Luongo and Price, and I like the Canucks enough, so if ever it happened for a day, I’d be very okay with it.

  2. Lawrence, too bad Georges Laraque wasn’t still on the team. I’d ask him to pay you a visit.

  3. Rookie and Hobo. That’s a tough one. Maybe Price is going to be great and Luongo average, or vice versa. Hockey can be so complicated.

  4. I doubt habs would be dense enough to take on Lou’s $5.33 Million per year til 2022. That would be insane, especially after his lacklustre performance this year. He was being boo-ed in the 7th game. Please NO!! Would rather pay Price $3 M per year for 3 years instead.

  5. DK, was the name of this new Doctor, Doctor Summeroff ?????
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  6. Message to your doctor Dennis: “Physician heal thyself!”

    Seriously, is this guy the Doctor Kervokian of hockey rumours?

    Or maybe he’s a Leaf fan with a Canadiens hat trying to screw with your head…

    Please tell Doctor Pet Vet to stop smoking so much catnip!

    P.S. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery.

    The 2012 Canadian Olympic gymnastic team needs you — you’re the guy on the rings remember?

  7. Danno, I’m so worried now about the gymnast thing. I had planned on starting training maybe next year and now I’m not sure. It was my dream with the rings. Is my Olympic dream dead now?

  8. The dream’s not dead Dennis, just a minor setback.

    We’ll just put you on a steady diet of this stuff and you’ll be a medal contender in no time…


    BC Ferry’s loss is our gain. We’re looking forward to more good stories as you convalesce.

    Did you know there is an wonderful all-natural product which is an excellent muscle relaxant?

    It’s not hard to take. It’s called beer.

    Personally, I much prefer it to Robaxicet.

  9. Thanks a lot, Danno. For a couple of hours now I’ve been sitting here thinking about beer and think you’ve just put me over top on this. So I’m out to buy some very soon. And if I’m going to drink beer before I start gymnastics training next year, I’d better get going on the beer now.

  10. Hey Dennis, Sorry,Carey Price is going to be better this year,will go around three million and would be a greater fit.I’d rather not bring along a Loungo sized ego into the Habs dressing room.I think the Price is right to keep Carey.Roberto is having his own confidense problems,lets not try to complicate the begining of a new season by trading away our best asset in goal right now.Go Habs Go

  11. I know there have been a few new doctors arriving in Powell River over the last month or two. This must be the Dr. Quack they have been taking about.

  12. This makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Price is a BC boy and Luongo is from Montreal and we know how Quebec players all really want to play for the habs and this would put Price back in his home province where he has had some of his best games. Luongo kind of helps with the french quota on the team simply because he is native to the city much like a previous player the habs should never have let go, Mike Riberio, what a gaff that was! Luongo’s natural leadership would compliment that of the habs who have also won big in their careers. Finally, Price would be given the chance to develop in front of some of the most patient and knowledgeable fans in the country. “Wait, who’s in my shower? Bobby? Oh I just had the strangest dream.”

  13. Sorry to hear about the bum back. My suggestion is settle yourself in front of the TV with a notebook and blog away. And if you can get your wife to bring you beers, you’ll be up and dancing in no time.

    Throw me into the no deal camp. Price still has his potential. Luongo is good, but has never lived up to potential and its too late for improvement. The clincher for me was how after yet another poor playoff game he claimed he was stopping the pucks and blamed his defence for not clearing the rebounds. Even if it were true, it’s very uncaptainlike and destroys team morale. I knew they were out after that.

  14. Jeez that storie sounds like something “Sugar” Kane might have dreamed after a hard night of Old Sailor and purple doubles in the Hobo jungle. Really a bum for another bum? Rumour here is J.S.Giguere goin in to help Carey get his life and career straightened out yaknow get his mind off the bronze poles.They’re Deathly afraid of another Jose Theodore debacle

  15. Rugger! Miss those Hobo jungle days. Lost my false tooth in there one night. Giguere would help. They should have done something like that in the first place. Hope you’re doing well. Some day we’ll get together again.

  16. ya I Know WE stumbled back and you lit a match in the middle of the jungle and there was your tooth what a friggin miracle that was

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