Habs Ruin Rangers’ Run

The Rangers’ seven-game win streak, with hopes for an eighth, came to an abrupt end Saturday night as the Canadiens stopped the visitors dead in their tracks and skated away with a solid and convincing 4-0 win at the old (est.1996) Bell Centre.

That’s Carey Price’s second 4-0 shutout in his last two games (Peter Budaj lost 4-3 in between), and the mustachioed one played well, as did Eric Cole and Brian Gionta and in fact, the team as a whole. Cole and Tomas Plekanec both had power play goals, and Gionta found the back of the net twice.

Two power-play goals on the night. It’s like the sun has come up.

I guess now I’ll take a deep breath and get right to what I need to mention…….Scott Gomez played fairly well and had two assists. For the first time since early in preseason, Gomez skated and made plays and set up his teammates and almost got his nose dirty sometimes. He was involved and effective, and he helped his team. That’s the bottom line…he helped his team. When he does that, I’m not mad at him. When he doesn’t, as has been the case up until now, I want to take up a collection and buy him a one-way ticket to Kazakhstan.

Of course, it’s only one game that he’s helped his team so I’m not getting too carried away.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal Habs 31, Blueshirts 17

Monday, it’s the Bruins in town, and if the Habs can play then like they did tonight, we should be absolutely fine against these thugs. It’s just a matter of keeping the power play going, keeping Scott Gomez going, and not getting any necks broken.

And to put to rest all the rumours and speculation flying around, I will not be spending 1.5 billion dollars to buy the Toronto Maple Leafs and other Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment assets. It wouldn’t be right to be the owner of the Leafs and hope the Habs kick their ass. Plus, I’ve only got $123 so I’m a bit short.


17 thoughts on “Habs Ruin Rangers’ Run”

  1. Scott Gomez seems to have a pattern. Get the puck, drive hard to the deep offensive zone, get about two D-men on him behind the net, the put it out front. I don’t think today was much different, except he was able to find his teammates sticks instead of the opponents’. I think he’s a quick hard skater, but his thought process re: making plays is pretty simple and doesn’t see much variety.

    It worked today, but I think it may have been mostly luck. There are other players making much more exciting moves and thinking a lot more clearly.

    Plekky is driving this team right now. Patches is doing great too, but didn’t see much of him tonight. Plekky is setting up great goals, and I think he’s really developing into a first-tier center. He wins face-offs, he makes great places, and he’s so quick a nimble.

    Price’s confidence seems to inspire the whole team. Those young D-men are looking pretty good too. I look forward to Gill and Spacek coming back and maybe even someday Campoli or that mysterious Markov we’ve heard so much about; but I’m not too worried right now. Strong showing from all involved.

    Looking forward to Monday!

  2. Nice to ruin their winning streak. I look forward to ruining Boston’s on Monday!

    A somewhat interesting stat: It took about 58 games before Laraque got his one goal as a Hab and I think that’s a record. Gomez is on his way to beating it. He played pretty good tonight and when he had that little breakaway I honestly thought he may score.

    Even HNIC is going on about him. He’s becoming legendary but sadly for the wrong reasons. He’s had over 1,000 shifts without a goal!

  3. Hi David, that’s right about Gomez. It worked today but he didn’t do much different. But at least he helped create some chances. Usually he’s just a pile of mush. And who is this Markov persone you refer too? You, bet, it was a strong showing. So they show that they can do it when the planets are aligned properly. As long as he helps the team……..then I don’t want to lynch him.
    And along with Pleks and Patches, don’t forget about Cole.

  4. Darth, he played better but I also agree with David. He didn’t do much differenty, but it just seemed to work better for him. But if he’s going to contribute a little and help the team, then fine. But really, I’m not holding my breath. 1000 shifts without a goal. Wow.

  5. Dennis, the surprisingly good young defence – including Emelin, St Denis, Weber and Diaz, were the key to winning this game. Along with “veterans” Subban and Gorges they played great fundamental hockey and were always one step ahead of the Rangers. Their speed complemented our fast forwards and lead to many quick rushes out of zone. In comparison New York looked sluggish and simply could not keep up to our rapid-fire defence/offence punches

    As a result, Carey Price, who only had to face 17 shots on goal,had a relatively easy day at the office to earn his second shutout of the year. And this also indicates the young defence’s solid performance against the Hurricanes – which lead to Price’s first shutout – wasn’t just a fluke.

    It’s impressive to see how they’ve performed so far and worked hard to bounce back from that ugly game against the Islanders. It’s also reassuring to think that maybe we can do quite well with these kids in spite of the absences of Markov, Gill, Spacek and Campoli.

    Just one more thing…

    Sit on it Fonzie! (Tortorella)

  6. i say gomez helps the team by not being in the lineup. just because he shows up for one game and mildly contributes, of course it is huge along side his regular contribution, he is showered with praise, for just showing up…… until his goal per dollar ratio reaches 1 goal = $200,000 or is relieved of his duties with les habitant i shan’t even type his name in further post on this fine blog.

  7. I agree with Danno. Defense looked strong despite numerous setbacks.

    And I’d also like to just remind everyone that there was a lot of laughter last week when Martin said a good offense is the best defense. Worked tonight. Worked for Carolina.

    Anyone still thinking we need a new coach?

  8. Danno, Josg Gorges said Diaz has impressed him the most from the new guys. And yes, he’s been great. But Emelin’s coming on, and Cole, of course, is fantastic and can’t really be considered a new guy. All the new faces have contributed. Even St-Denis hasn’t looked out of place. Now we need Eller to step it up a little, and Darche to get a few more points. Even though we’re on a roller coaster ride, I think things are coming little by little.

  9. David, I think there are lots who are thinking about a new coach. Lots of readers here for sure want him gone as fast as possible.

  10. David, I think there are lots who are thinking about a new coach. Lots of readers here for sure want him gone as fast as possible.

  11. people did indeed laugh when martin uttered those wise words and it was not the wise words at which they snickered but the person espousing that tried and true theory as if it be a brilliant new idea he has recently come up with. it certainly goes against what he has practiced, except maybe 2 of the last three games. besides, he has no choice considering the depleted, inexperienced defense at the present time………. when a certain overpaid individual, who hasn’t bulged the twine since the bronze age finally does so, will the same be said of the well deserved laughter he brought upon himself for his incompetence and ineffectiveness before the historic event occurred?

    i cast my vote for a NEW COACH

  12. I’ll give Eller a break because Martin keeps taking him out of his position that he thrives in – Centre – in order to accomodate that hard working and high scoring Gomez. Notice that when Gomez came back Eller’s production dropped?

    So instead of developing our future properly, Martin sticks with Mr Non-Production. I’d be really discouraged if I were on the team sometimes.

  13. darth
    u make an excellent point……….. we i was a very young boy my old man acquired 4 tickets for a game at the gardens between the habs and the leafs. he brought along his friend and his friend’s son who were both big hab fans. my dad’s friend was also very knowledgeable about the habs and hockey in general. at one point in the game the habs were rewarded a penalty shot. toe blake, chose the rosy cheek rookie yvan cournoyer to take the shot instead of big jean beliveau. the reason for that particular choice eludes me now but unfortunately cournoyer missed. after the game i was questioning what i thought was a no brainer and blake’s decision not to go with the le gros bill. he explained to me cournoyer was a very young future star and blake was trying to get him going and instill confidence by showing his faith in the young lad and putting him in what was at that point in the game a very urgent situation and beliveau needed no such boost being who he was. a gamble for sure but with an eye to the future………………. not that the players involved in your scenario are of the same caliber but it is the same general premise.

  14. Great comment Hobo. Eller and Gomez are leagues behind those two but the idea of what Blake did is outstanding. I hate that Gomez is rewarded no matter what he does but a rookie who tries pays the price. What kind of a message does that send?

    Sadly Martin is no Toe Blake. 🙁

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