Habs Ruin Old Friend’s Party

It may have been a PK Subban love-in at the Bell, but it never meant the Canadiens would fold up the tent just because they’re gracious hosts.

And although the visitors mostly smothered the bleu, blanc et rouge for much of the night, it was a never-say-die, never stop working display by the Habs, and two guys mired in horrendous slumps, Brendan Gallagher and Paul Byron, finally came through in a huge way.

Now, regardless of a slew of players still not producing, the team has found a way to win their last four, and teams behind them in the standings hoping to catch up, might now realize that it might not happen after all.

Three overtime wins and a regulation win decided with nine seconds left in the third period. You want a character team? I’d say there’s been plenty of character shown lately.

It certainly wasn’t easy against Subban and his Nashville Predators. There was simply no room to move for the home team, and if the Canadiens were going to win, they knew it could take a lucky break to kick start it, which is what happened.

Hard work behind the Preds net resulted in Gally coming out and wrapping around, with the puck bouncing in off a Preds skate, and suddenly, in almost shocking fashion considering the way the night had gone, the game was tied.

Then, with the clock ticking down and overtime looming, Paul Byron fired up the burners, raced in from outside the blueline, and the puck found it’s way past Pekka Rinne with just nine seconds left.

Four straight, with half the team slumping in a big way. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but whatever.

Random Notes:

The pre-game video ceremony in tribute to PK Subban was touching, and tears rolled down his face. Now, is it possible for fans to finally embrace Shea Weber and move on? We’ve got a Cup to win.

Habs outshot the Preds 26-25.

The Canadiens have scored only179 goals so far, with 17 games remaining. Last season, the one we don’t really want to talk about, they scored a total of 221 over 82 games, which was also lousy.

So out with the trusty calculator, which shows they’ll need to score 42 more goals to tie last season’s effort, which comes to almost 2.50 goals per game. The way they’ve been going lately, it doesn’t seem possible. But who knows?

Next up – Saturday in New York to tackle the Rangers.


15 thoughts on “Habs Ruin Old Friend’s Party”

  1. We finally won a game for real, with at least 8 seconds to spare, unlike February in which we didn’t win a single game. I’m not counting the 5 Bettman gimmick points we got for getting lucky in a skills competition, or the Bettman loser point we got when we weren’t so lucky.

    And despite that crappy record, it will still go down as the best February in years. And all it took was getting rid of Therrien. With every game I see the improved promise of what this team can do with a coach who doesn’t panic at the slightest mistake.

  2. Hey Dennis, Boring game to watch except for the last ten minutes. Nashville was trapping and the Habs got lucky on Gallys goal. Still it’s a win and I’m happy with the results.

  3. Was there last night and the ceremony for PK was nice as well as the fans applause (myself included). Fans cheered when he got an assist but they cheered more so when we won. Not happy campers when things don’t go their way but thats Habs fans. Thought PK was trying to hard early and wanted to hit a few Habs players versus playing the game and Habs couldn’t make a pass to save their soul. Nice ending though and thats why you play all 60 minutes and thats why you should always put pucks on the net because you never know.

  4. Hi Derry. Yeah, the trap. It was like watching the Devils from a few years ago. It’s tough sledding when you okay against a team like that and it’s great that they found a way.

  5. Hi Dan. Must’ve been quite a night. Not the most exciting game, but the atmosphere must have been really something. All it took was constant hard work, and like you say, for 60 minutes with pucks on net. I wonder what scalpers were charging outside the Bell.

  6. Is lacklustre …one word or two words …lack lustre?
    Only watched the 1st and 3rd periods…washed my hair and watched some paint dry during the 2nd.
    I can not get excited about this current edition of the Habs.
    Dennis..am i doomed?…save me!..show me the way!

  7. I feel your pain, Ed. I’m the same way. But I think if they start to do well in the playoffs we’ll be whoopin and hollerin. Hang in there. Maybe they’ll become a scoring, fire wagon hockey juggernaut!

  8. Kinda like to think these bigger additions will slow down the other teams’ guys. Ya get thumped a few times in our end or their end , some loose pucks will be there, and opponents will be shell-shocked that a Habs player pasted him. Might slow them up a bit. And Julien gets more outa his guys then Thornbush ever would.We ain’t the Habs of the by-gone decades, but then NO team in any city gonna be good enough to come close. Maybe this summer Bergy can sort out which of the “extras” will fetch us something. I like the switch to bigger bodies and think a few tweaks in the roster will amount to some goals. Very sick of seeing no one standing up for Price as he got slew-footed once again this week. We want Price healthy AND we want Price to want to stay a Hab. Maybe change coaches at St Johns too. Doesn’t seem like too much development going on there either.. Give Weber a few games off so he has something left to give come play-off time.

  9. I’m sure all for a bigger team, Peter. I’ve been whining about that for ages. Yeah, that Price slew foot was bad and nothing came of it. The guy should’ve been pounded into the ice for about ten minutes. Big guys also create scoring in roundabout ways. I also agree with you about giving Weber a rest. Maybe not quite yet, but at some point.

  10. DK, it was nice to see we continue to be a class outfit. PK seemed to be truly moved by the montage. As Daniel said maybe he was trying too hard and it’s one of the reasons he was shipped out, he did that far too often when he was with us. On many occasions it cost us dearly! That said it’s nice to grab 8 pts and put a little separation between us and those that were closing in. The instigator rule stops guys from doing what they should do but when it’s your goalie that hesitation should be tossed out the window!
    les Canadiens sont last!!!

  11. I agree, Mike. When our goalie gets tripped, pile on the guy who did it and make sure he and his teammates never do it again. I just hope now that the love-in is finished and everyone moves on. Players get traded all the time, and it’s not the end of the world. Time to focus on what we have.

  12. If the Habs can win like they have been by scoring just one or two goals a game, imagine what would happen if they actually started scoring three or more a game? I agree Weber needs time off because he’s tired and out of gas. He rarely hits anyone and is real slow. And he coughs up the puck with bad passes. He better turn his game around soon because he is not worth $8M if he keeps trending downward the rest of the season. All I know is the P.K. trade will go down in history as one of the biggest mistakes Habs management has ever made.

  13. That was a pretty good show tonight. Some hits, some goals, some energy, some Price. THANK YOU Marc Bergeron for a coach who can keep it fun, yet get the job done.

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